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Masterchef Australia – A Debacle – This Was TheCWA What Will They Do With Zumbo?

Seriously just as well they didn’t include an Amazing Race twist on this challenge like having to milk a cow to get a bucket of it to put in their cakes otherwise they would still be there.

This is the first time we have seen that they got an extra 15 minutes to complete a challenge. Clearly the whole challenge was a semi-disaster. The only person who fitted the challenge well was Squire Matt Preston whose look is that of landed Gentry. If they could have got him a double barrel shot gun slung over his shoulder and a few pigeons (clay ones, I don’t want PETA hacking in to my blog) it would have been perfect.

Also there is no one in the top ten of the top amateur cooks that did bake. Very disappointing. Poh, and Julie would have rocked this challenge. If they freaked out at this challenge which was all Commonsense Cookery Book. They will immediately get into the foetal position if Adrian Zumbo walks through those doors.

But first they had to pick the teams which always indicates who is “in or out” to quote Kate Perry.

Courtney picked Marion, Alvin, Jonathan and Callum. Whereas Peter picked Adam, Claire, Aaron and Jimmy. I thought it interesting that Jonathan was picked middle of the pack and obviously Callum is out of favour.

The challenge was to cook for 100 members of the Country Women’s Association. Each person of had to take responsibility for an iconic Australian recipe. Thankfully chiko rolls were not on the menu again.

I though it interesting who got which recipe. Peter thinking the scones were the easiest and gave them to Aaron. Also the fruit cake was thought to be one of the harder ones so Claire and Jonathan did it. Marion who has never baked before took the neopolitan cake.

It was ugly from the start, but at least they were not fighting over ovens like at the kids birthday challenge. The first batches of scones were thrown out by both teams.  Aaron was kneading the dough like it was bread. By the way what does Aaron actually cook. I have been back from my holiday for five weeks and I have yet to see him produce a good dish.

Claire was the only one in her comfort zone and even declared “I’m happy”. For the record this euphoric state did not last long.

What was the point of the CWA ladies eating it if they did not get to vote on the dishes, this could have counted as a percentage of the votes.

The special guest judge was Alison Mutton a long time member of the CWA. I liked her and if Donna Hay breaks an ankle because of those stilettos she wears, bring her in again.

First for judging were the scones. Aaron’s scone crunched like a biscuit. “It’s wrong,” said George. Courtney’s was better. Alison said “Not as buttery as I like it to be, but not a bad”.

Claire good mood had dissipated by the time she stood before the judges and she had adopted normal stance where her shoulders  were hunched and head bent forward. Claire’s cake burnt on the bottom, whereas Jonathan’s was undercooked though not as bad as one of his cakes which was raw.

However the judges did like the flavour.

Of course Claire immediately admits defeat saying to camera  “I think they would have thought Jono’s was better”.

Adam’s lamingtons are quite a good size. Callum’s were uneven. Even though George thought Callum’s were moist, presentation was more important.

Peter went head to head with Marion. Peter’s  icing was running down the side and the batter was uneven. Marion’s layers were much more even but Alison thought the flavour was disappointing.

Matt Preston immediately appeased her. He said to bake in the conditions you have been baking in is very hard so I am impressed you have go anything up at all. I wonder if he said it to the other contestants.

The last to be judged was Jimmy whose  jam was a disaster with water seeping out. Ironic considering he is a food scientist that he turned out this disaster. Alvin’s jam got a very positive response.

Back in the Masterchef kitchen to hear the result Courtney was wearing some sort of snuff necklace. Maybe it was how she was feeling as Gary gave them a lecture on how crap they performed.

He said “close to a disaster”  and Matt chimed in with “Today we were looking at whose is actually the worse not the best.”

Also I thought it ironic that Gary said “These dishes are all part of our Australian identity.” I bet he had to google neopolitan cake.

Aaron who in recent weeks has been crying a river again welled up again as he was told his scones were worse then Courtneys.  “I tried and I tried” he wailed.

Adam took out the lamingtons over Callum.

Neither side won the fruit cake or the Neapolitan cake. Therefore it was down to the jam and Alvin’s won. Therefore the red team won the lunch at Bilsons.

Aaron and Jimmy  were deemed to have had the two worse dishes and will be up for elimination tomorrow night in a save the dish challenge.

And to end I will let readers ponder Aaron’s last comment “I really think I have something to offer the food industry, and I really think I have something to offer that people would like.”

June 30, 2010   66 Comments

More Stuff On Masterchef Australia

It appears everyone has an opinion on Masterchef Australia and wants to express them in different ways. Here is some kid who is giving his take on the Masterchef Australia theme song. I wonder if this is his revenge for not getting on Junior Masterchef?

Though I must confess I this cartoon made me laugh more:

Also here are a few of the articles that have emerged over the last couple of days:

  • Tim Brunero writing for says we should feel sorry for the Masterchef contestants who now have seen three come back into the competition.

Personally I think they must of had to have expected it.

  • Ben Pobjie on The Punch talks about why he is addicted to Masterchef.

June 30, 2010   10 Comments

Ajay Rochester May Avoid I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here

Former The Biggest Loser host Ajay Rochester is pitching for the latest big game in town – to be host of Your Own Show: Oprah’s Search for the Next TV Star, Winfrey’s new cable network reality show.

When she moved to the US, her dream was to make it onto Oprah’s couch, but this won’t be occurring due to the show finishing. However being a talk show host would be a role that Ajay would think she would perfect at. In fact I am surprised she has not pitched herself as the the Australia Chelsea Lately.

In yesterday’s Daily Telegraph it says she is looking for people to vote for her.

It states:

With her votes currently wallowing at four figures, into Confidential‘s email basket at the weekend lobbed an appeal from Rochester.

“I have till the 3rd of July to get a few million votes in order to be a finalist … easy for some … eeeek … who knows, maybe I still have some loyal followers in Oz?” she confided.

The former host of The Biggest Loser has called her concept show Been There Done Fat.

“Hi, my name is Ajay Rochester,” the pitch starts.

“I want to do a show where I inspire others to step up and keep fighting the battle. They say you have to walk a mile in someone’s shoes to know how they feel, well let me tell you I have walked a thousand miles in those shoes.”

Rochester’s main rivals yesterday were disabled Texan Zach with 8,816,576 votes, a wheelchair-bound man with plans for a travel show, and black teacher Dr Phyllis with 6,795,538.

This leaves Rochester, with 1105 votes, way off the pace.

Click here to vote for her.

Her chances of winning are looking slim at this stage. However if this turns pear shaped she can always pitch to Channel Nine for a spot on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

Funnily enough commenters have been on the money for people who may be in the running to be on the rumour reality show. Sophie Monk and Rob Mills have also been mentioned as people who may be try and improve their media profiles by going into the jungles of South America and allowing all sorts of indignities to happen to them.

Thanks Paul and Culinary Boner for sending me the article.

June 30, 2010   3 Comments

Masterchef Australia – The Risotto Challenge

Well if there was any resentment from the top seven contestants to the three who re-entered the Masterchef Australia competition well it must now be magnified even more with Courtney and Peter performing well in tonight’s beat the chef challenge.

Tonight the 10 contestants were up against Young Chef  Mitchell Orr cooking Saffron and Bone Marrow risotto, with prawn reduction, and liquorice dust. They had an hour and 20 mins, which was a 10 minute head start on the celebrity chef.

Mitchell was working at Sepia but he is now working with Adriano Zumbo on a savoury menu.

It was to be a blind tasting, with an opportunity for one of the contestants to get an immunity pin.

Jonathan  went down a couple of pegs in my estimation when he confessed to never making risotto. Anyone with half a brain once they hit the top 50 would have at least practiced the dish. His was a disaster as he tipped two much saffron into it, and once he plated up it looked like spew albeit without carrots.

Claire was having an up  day as she said I am cooking risotto and I am having an awesome day. But then plateaued out with this is a “trainwreck” comment. Also weepiness occurred later as she was waiting for her dish to be judged.

I think the resentment from the contestants has occurred because they are exhausted, whereas Jimmy, Peter, and Courtney have a real energy about them.

Donna Hay, Matt Preston and George Calombaris are judging. I thought Donna showed much more confidence and personality tonight he is she getting over her nerves?

This is what they had to say:

  • Marion’s had crunchy rice , but Donna said it had good flavour. Matt thought it was 2 minutes off being a good risotto.
  • Callum’s not as good as plate one
  • Aaron – “Not one of my favourites” said Donna
  • Alvin – Not bad said Donna.
  • Courtney – “This is aldente” said George and Matt said it  “has set the bench mark”.
  • Claire  – “a really good attempt at that dish” said Donna
  • Adam – “Risotto has good flavour, but that prawn is impeccable” said George.
  • Jonathan – ” It would be impossibel for it to taste worse then it looks,” said Matt. But by the looks on the judges faces it did.
  • Jimmy – silence
  • Mitchell Orr – “Taste fresh parmasen and butter, absolutely delicious,” gushed George.
  • Peter – by the presentation they thought it was Mitchell’s, however I think that was just to create suspense.

Courtney, Peter and Mitchell were the top three, with Mitchell winning, so there was no immunity pin for anyone.

June 29, 2010   25 Comments

Courtney Reckons Jonothan Was Not Happy About The Contestant’s Returning

Before I canonise Jonothan Daddia for being a nice guy and welcoming the three contestants back into the house (see yesterday’s blog post), Courtney Roulston has a different view.

In the Daily Telegraph she states:

“I don’t think they were annoyed at us. I think they were just annoyed at the fact that they thought the show was coming to an end but then realised maybe it wasn’t,” Roulston told Confidential.

“Jonathan [Daddia] especially because he has not long been married and I think he was looking forward to seeing his wife again.”

Courtney apparently makes the most of her re-entry into the competition.

By the way I think any of the contestant’s are going to have a hard time from taking the title from Marion, if my poll is anything to go by. She is by far and away the most popular contestant.

June 29, 2010   12 Comments