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Ruby Rose May Have A Record Contract But Can She Sing?

People bitch and moan about the reality TV shows like Idol and The X Factor being the ‘easy’ way of getting a singing career and how it ki

However it appears now you don’t even have to know how to sing to get a recording contract, you just have to have the right look and profile. Rumours were circulating at last night’s ARIA’s that Ruby Rose, she who used to be the host of the fairly dull High School Musical – Fame has signed a record contract.

The Daily Telegraph reports:

Insiders revealed theMTV presenter is keen to take “the next step” in her career and become a full-time musician.

Confidentialunderstands Sony hopes Rose can mirror the success of spunky blonde Havana Brown, mixing and releasing mainstream songs into dance tracks and releasing them as CDs under a Ruby Rose brand.

There’s even a chance to segue into singing, as Brown did this year.

“She’s already got a name for herself that people will recognise and the right ‘look’,” an insider said.

“She dresses like she already is (an artist). Now it’s just about coming up with the right material and a market. Like house, R’n’B.”

While there was no confirmation to be had yesterday, an announcement is expected tomorrow.

Back in 2008, when Rose first appeared on the scene, she spoke about wanting to be a rock star but admitted being unable to sing.

There will be some starving muso’s out there becoming bitter and twisted if this rumour happens to be true.


November 29, 2011   Comments Off on Ruby Rose May Have A Record Contract But Can She Sing?

Ruby Rose Is Vexed At Julia Gillard’s Stance On Gay Marriage

This is not a political blog, and I avoid it except when Anna Bligh goes on Masterchef Australia or when a former pollie might turn up on Dancing With The Stars. I am still upset that Belinda Neal is not on this season, as I reckon she would scare the crap out of Todd McKenny.

However I was bemused by the tweets of Ruby Rose host of the Ultimate High School Musical (if that gets a second season I will be surprised ).  She was tweeting her frustration with Julia Gillard and that at this stage she has ruled out legalising gay marriage.

The Daily Telegraph said:

An angry Rose ranted: “This morning Julia Gillard said there will be no changes to the marriage act as it is only appropriate a man and woman get married. When asked her personal opinion she stated yes, she also believes this and it reflects community views.. she has not asked the community for their views _ we didn’t even elect her!

Ruby is engaged to model Catherine McNeil, so if they get married they will need to wed overseas. I would love to know her views on Tony Abbott as I don’t think she is going to get any joy from him either on this issue.

July 1, 2010   8 Comments