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Pineapple Dance Studios – Is It For Real?

After seeing Louie cracking jokes and doing back flips on Pineapple Dance Studio, the new reality show on Fox 8, there will be gay guys all over Sydney pitching a show to Foxtel this week.

Pineapple Dance Studio follows the main player in what is the most famous dance studio in London. Former model Debbie Moore is the owner, but the more entertaining cast members are Louie and wannabe pop star Andrew Stone.

In fact when wannabe pop star Andrew Stone was talking to camera you wonder whether iconic mockumentary director Christopher Guest was behind the camera. This mockumentary tone was helped by having a former newsreader being he narrator.

Louie did give me quite a few laugh out loud moments and is the star of the show, though I am not sure how good a dancer he is however he is still extremely flexible.

Andrew Stone wants to become the next George Michael, but to me he seems more like Marilyn.

The show will find a cult following here, particularly with the smart programming by Fox 8 by having Glee showing before it. However parents should be aware that it is a bit more adult then Glee if the close up shot of the guys crotch in knickers in the final dance routine was anything to go by.

Pineapple Dance Studios on at 8.30pm on Fox 8, Monday night.

August 3, 2010   3 Comments