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OPEN POST: MasterChef Australia – The Finale – Poh v Julie

Well it is the final episode of MasterChef Australia, and first of all I just want to say a huge thank you to Injera for all her assistance with blogging on the show. She really kicked it off as I was away for a few weeks when it started, and has stepped in with her brilliant writing when there were nights when I was unable to post.  Also her psychological support both during the series, and even prior to it has assisted in keeping this blog going.  The coverage of MasterChef Australia on this blog would have been nothing without her.

Injera will also be blogging on the next series of MasterChef UK on Reality Ravings. A series she thinks is far more about cooking then the Australian version. We will advise when that is on once  a date is announced.

Also I would like to thank all those people who have come onto my site to either lurk and/or comment. I hope some of you will continue to visit and chat about other up coming reality TV shows or if not hopefully we will meet again when Celebrity MasterChef commences in October.

The next series of MasterChef Australia applications are now open, go here to apply. If you apply and do get on please tell us as we will ensure we barrack for you, unless you serve up Champagne and Strawberry Risotto, then I am afraid you will be fed to the lions.

Hopefully this will be a cracker episode, and the best person wins. My heart says Julie, my head says Poh.


1 janine { 07.19.09 at 11:35 pm }

I was disappointed at the final scores between Julie and Poh. Julie got some help from Gary and George on pastry and sorbet, whilst Poh did not get any help. Secondly it is not possible all 4 judges voted Julie on 9/10. That was never done before and seems surprising that they would do at final round. It seems very biased and the judges in favour of Julie at win in the end.

2 Injera { 07.19.09 at 11:39 pm }

Have just read through all this again with a glass of wine – so much more fun than watching the actual show! Still, there will be a gap in the TV schedule where Masterchef was. Guess I’ll be able to keep up with Project Runway in real time now.

sourkraut – nearly lost the TV when Poh answered “What would be your worst nightmare core ingredient?” with MEAT.

CG – There were a couple of really good chicken rice places in JB when we were there. Singaporeans used to come over for it (might not have been as good as the best Sing CR, but it was half price for them given the currency difference!).

3 BB { 07.19.09 at 11:43 pm }

Here is the photo of Poh that TDT used, announcing her as winner!

4 janine { 07.19.09 at 11:47 pm }

I was not satisifed with finale of masterchef. It was unfair and disappointing

5 Kaylen { 07.20.09 at 12:00 am }

With the article by the DT… they still have it up on their website, and it’s referenced in Google News, which is where I found it. You would think they’d have taken it down, no? :p

6 BB { 07.20.09 at 12:15 am }

It has been taken down off the TDT website, but the original link is still showing the article.

7 lara { 07.20.09 at 10:24 pm }

The finale was a complete let down. So was the first series. The winner is a _____. I hope next time, they improve on the judging and their bogus decisions. Ratings are high but their credibility is low.