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Beauty And The Geek – Is There A Romance In The House Or A Publicity Stunt?

beauty and the geek

TV Week are whipping up a yarn that beauty queen Emma is in a love triangle in the house.

The article states that one of the beauties, Kate revealed “Emma and Jeremy obviously had some kind of bond because they were paired together, and they definitely got along better than the other couples. They hugged quite a bit, and it definitely looked as if it could’ve been something more than friendship.”

But also there was speculation that 21 year old Emma may have  a thing for Corin.

“Corin told me he wasn’t attracted to Emma, but I think she was little bit attracted to him – he was like, the alpha geek of the house, the one all the other boys followed and the only one who could really talk to girls easily, so it’s not a surprise,” said Elise.

Another article indicates there was a non-filmed fight between air hostie Jenna, and Kim, because Jenna swigged apple juice straight out of the container. It all seems a bit banal, and appears that Channel Seven is trying to whip up some interest in the show.

I think the show was pretty amusing last week and will be tuning in again tomorrow night at 8.30pm.

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1 TDK { 10.15.09 at 1:30 pm }

My god, why would these guys put themselves up on TV to be laughed at like this?
They’re not helping the stereotype.
It is quite funny to watch the geeks though, the girls a boring, bar one, I don’t know her name, any links to their pictures and names?