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Beauty And The Geek – Emma Says She Was Not Attracted To Corin


The latest edition of TV Week has an interview with Emma from Beauty and The Geek  where she say Corin and her are just good friends but she had a crush on another geek – Peter.

The interview said:

“Corin and I were just really good friends,” says Emma firmly. “No romance there. We had a lot in common, past relationships – we had advice for one another. As well, if I was struggling, he was always there to support me. I guess that brings you together.”

So why did she talk about Corin as being “definitely dateable”?

“I think he is dateable,” she says. “It doesn’t necessarily mean that I would date him but but I do think that there are girls out there who would find him attractive and funny and charismatic.”

She admits that she was never physically attracted to the geek. “Not really, if I’m going to be completely honest. I guess I just didn’t see Corin in that way.

“When I said the date was a nine out of 10, I really do think that it was,”  she adds. “He’s very polite, he pulled my chair out for me, he ordered my meal – he was just very charismatic and did all the right sort of stuff you do on a date.”

As for that emotional farewell they had when they thought Emma was going to be sent home, she insists there was nothing more than friendship behind it  on her part. “It’s really sad to be leaving people,” she says. “You’re thinking ‘Will I ever see them again?'”

The promtions model says her boyfriends have tended to be “tall, dark and handsome”. “It’s just something I think all girls are attracted to.”

Emma wasn’t attracted to any of the geeks at first, but later changed her mind. “I must admit, after Peter had his makeover, he looked incredible!” she confesses. “He’s tall, dark and handsome.”

But will anything develop between Emma  and the fungal scientist? It doesn’t look good. “Peter lives in Perth – too far away”, says the Sydney girl. “Besides, I’ve seen so many women want Peter. I don’t think I could compete with that!”

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1 Muzza { 12.03.09 at 5:19 pm }

I heard from a friend in Sydney that Corin and Emma are now dating, he said he say them out in a bar and asked them.