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Conviction Kitchen – Contestant Back In The Clink

Reality TV show Conviction Kitchen has not been the life changing experience for all contestants on the show. The Courier Mail reports contestant Jared Gibson is back behind bars after being charged  with entering a dwelling and committing an indictable offence and possessing tainted property.

He appears to have been caught after filming of the show has been completed.

Jared on the show who has been in prison three times has been struggling with life on the straight and narrow.

March 28, 2011   4 Comments

Conviction Kitchen – Fresh Basil Is Not On The Centrelink Diet

When talkback callers were saying they wouldn’t want to be served by people with criminal backgrounds I thought it bizarre. Daily we are probably interacting with people who have criminal records.

Channel Seven probably won’t give us the full catastrophe of their backgrounds, however I bet high percentage of them would have been victims of physical, sexual or emotional abuse.

Also chances of someone pinching your bag with three cameras on you are slim. However, former escort and drug trafficker Mirjana was about to take a swig of wine which was in breach of her parole conditions with a camera right in her face.

Anyway these guys deserve a break,  they have not had great childhoods, and have battled with mental illness. Let’s hope they make the most of it.

Quite frankly I found their stories heart wrenching and teared up a few times, particularly when Jared’s boy said to him “daddy stay?”.  I am really hoping Jared can pull it together, but I do get the vibe that he could go off the rails at any time. I think put him with his mates add in some alcohol and things could get very ugly indeed.

Josh also seems very young and emotionally immature, but I feel for him as he is living in a homeless shelter with 32 other men. So imagine the dysfunction in there, and he does not appear to have much family support.

Ian Curley was surprised that most of his charges had not eaten  fresh produce. Why is that a surprise fresh basil, camebert cheese and oysters are not really on the Centrelink diet, and most of these people are not doing break and enters to eat lobster.

Also thought it was a bit naughty that Ian gave the letters of Queensland Probation and Parole to read, considering their is a high rate of literacy in the Australian prison population. Talk about being put on the spot.

The show is riveting and will definitely gain an audience particularly now it is going to follow My Kitchen Rules on a Monday night. It is much watch TV, and Ian Curley and Lisa Parker a perfect in their roles – tough but compassionate.

The people who will be working in Conviction Kitchen are:

Belinda 35 –

A former private school girl and police officer, Belinda turned to drugs as a way of dealing with depression. She recently completed an 18-month probation period for drug and fraud charges.

Silene 37 –

Silene was jailed twice for the production of amphetamines. A former drug addict, Silene has been completely clean for over one year.

David 22 –

David served time in the Australian Army – while in the army, he was imprisoned for dangerous driving and fraud.

Adrian 27 –

Adrian was imprisoned three times for drug and stealing offences, varying from 21 days to one year. Adrian’s brother passed away while he was in prison – Adrian was escorted by prison guards to his brother’s funeral.

Mirjana 45 –

Recently imprisoned for heroin trafficking, Mirjana has been incarcerated for an approximate period of six years and eight months in total since 1990. A former madame running several brothels, Mirjana applied for CONVICTION KITCHEN to gain experience in a regular career.

Lisa 27 –

Lisa gave birth to her youngest son while in jail, serving a nine-month sentence for fraud after she stole approximately $30,000 from her employers while working as a accounts officer.

Troy 40 –

A former prison cook, Troy has repeatedly spent time in jail over the last 14 years for stealing, driving and drug-related offences. He decided to apply for CONVICTION KITCHEN as the first step in rebuilding his relationship with his 17-year-old daughter.

Josh 25 –

Formerly a severe drug addict, Josh served three prison sentences for stealing and drug-related offences – his longest sentence was one year and two months with court- ordered parole. Josh is currently living in a homeless shelter.

Anastasia 19 –

After running away from a troubled home life in her early teens, Anastasia spent several years living on the streets. She was convicted for stealing and spent six months in jail.

Kristy 25 –

A former hotel manager charged with four counts of fraud and ordered by the court to repay $26,000 worth of debt. At the start of filming, Kristy was broke and living in a homeless shelter.

Jared 27 –

Found from inside the Woodford Correctional Centre, Jared has 277 charges of stealing due to numerous break and enters.

Anthony 19 –

A young expectant father, Anthony robbed a service station at knifepoint to raise funds for his brother’s funeral. After family and friends rallied to his cause, Anthony was sentenced to 18 months probation and 80 hours community service.

I am looking forward to watching their journey on the way to redemption. Fingers crossed all of them make it.

March 2, 2011   15 Comments

Conviction Kitchen Not Starting Tonight As Scheduled

Channel Seven has rescheduled the start of Conviction Kitchen to later in February. It was scheduled to start tonight  after the debut of My Kitchen Rules. Rumour has it was moved because it did not want to go head to head with Underbelly.

By the way I am half way through the preview disc, and it is riveting.

January 31, 2011   1 Comment

Conviction Kitchen Premieres Monday 31st January at 8.30pm

It is the festival of the food reality TV shows on Channel Seven on Monday nights with Conviction Kitchen following on from My Kitchen Rules which starts at 7.30pm.

Conviction Kitchen will screen at 8.30pm, and I think Seven are on a winner with this show. Ian Curley is great TV and won’t be patronising to the cast who have all previously been incarcerated.

The show follows the redemptive journey of the trainees as they are taught the skills to staff a high-end a la carte restaurant. Six trainees will join Ian behind- the-scenes in the kitchen while six wait front- of-house under restaurant manager Lisa Parker.

Ian Curley is currently Executive Chef for the European Group ventures. Lisa Parker has her own hospitality consulting company, Lisa Parker Management. Jean-Vitel Syverin used to work with Ian Curley and will be his sous chef.

Check out the ad, I think there is definately going to be tears both from the cast and the viewer. Check out the ad here

January 24, 2011   Comments Off on Conviction Kitchen Premieres Monday 31st January at 8.30pm

My Kitchen Rules Will Kick Off The 2011 Ratings Season For Seven

Channel Seven can expect a strong start to the 2011 ratings season as My Kitchen Rules will be starting late January/early February. This show debut this year to solid ratings, but any food show in Australia who does not get Masterchef Australia viewer figures is automatically called a flop. Teams from each State compete to win the title. This time around a team from Tasmainia is involved.

If cannot wait to see Manu Feidel and Pete Evans check out the new promo above.

Hopefully the much anticipated Conviction Kitchen also gets screened early in the new year. The show hosted by Ian Curley is about training former criminals in the hospitality industry, either in the kitchen or front of house in a restaurant in Brisbane just opened for the show. The official press release calls in a documentary series, but I call it reality TV.

Other shows on Seven will be the Australian version on The Amazing Race hosted by Grant Bowler. This is currently being filmed.

No news on whether The X Factor will return, however no one is bothering to ask if Iron Chef Australia will be making a second season. With its poor ratings there is no way it will be renewed.

Other shows that will be seen on the small screen next year are Dancing With The Stars, Beauty And The Geek, Four Weddings, Australia’s Got Talent,World’s Strictest Parents, Border Security and RPA.

December 12, 2010   7 Comments