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Posts from — October 2010

Beauty and the Geek – It Is Only Episode 2, But the Second Season Is Ordinary

The thing I find offensive about Beauty and the Geek is that is says what supposedly intelligent guys really want dumb and attractive girls. Banal utterances from these girls are seen as riveting conversation by these guys.

Last season I quite enjoyed the show, tonight I was mildly amused but irritated. It all seemed so set up, to the lines the “beauty’s” were spouting, to the cabana scene around the pool at Star City. It is all a bit fake.

Tamika had breakfast in bed by Thomas. Thomas is an Hawaiian shirt enthusiast,  I don’t know why that makes you a geek.

He has a crush on her.Of course.

But then Tamika, a cocktail waitress, is the “star” of the show. She combines Jessica Simpson looks, and her Anna-Nicole Smith’s personality. As@nesski46 tweeted to me if we don’t see her at next years brownlow, words won’t be able to express my disappointment. Neither will tamika…

I suggested Brynne Edelsten could be her mentor.

Tonight the geeks had to make cocktails, whilst the girls had to work on their arithmetic.  The producers know how to make the beauties to look stupid they just used a four syllable word. Of course someone took the bait and asked what arithmetic is.

The girls challenge was to add up bugs and creatures that each had a different points value, and the boys challenge was to be cabana guys by the pool.

Cue to girls squealing, and guys being geeky when interacting with people.

What I would love to know is how to the girls like being pawed by the guys. As there is a fair bit of hugging going on.

Daniel is a little cutie, and also smoother them most, and Michael is funny maybe they should have applied for Dating in the Dark instead.

Derek and Lynette were nominated, as were Daniel and Donna. Derek and Lynette were eliminated. Did I care? No.

October 28, 2010   10 Comments

The Amazing Race – Does Phil’s Eyebrow Need To Be Insured?

Phil Keoghans amazing eyebrow raise

The doctors were both facing their demons on this leg of the race. One was scared of heights, and had to go on a gondolier, and the other was a vegetarian who had to eat a sheep’s head. Lucky for her her friend ate the meat, as the acrophobic would have another height issue at the Roadblock if she had been the one rapel off the bridge.

But on the bright side they took the fast forward and were at the pit stop first, with a good time lead for the next leg of the race.

I am loving the episodes in Scandinavia, it is just such a stunning part of the world, however living there must be tough in winter.

Brooke the home shopping host is really irritating me as she does not shut up. Is anyone else having this issue with her?

And if she says “Girl you’ve got this again” when she flicks yet another difficult roadblock to her partner I am going to scream. I cannot wait until Brook has to take a s**t sandwich on a roadblock. (By the way I had written that prior to seeing the preview of next week’s episode).

Vicki and Nick are so dumb what do they think it “Fast Forward Taken” means? She did the rapel but then she is so stupid she probably does not have the neurones to feel fear. Also this team cannot do numbers for reason Nick thought they were going to come in second but they were sixth.

The Asian father/son team chose the boats in the detour and finished quickly, but the bike detour was quicker and Gary & Mallory were second to the pitstop.

Jill and Thomas a dating couple were starting to fracture,  as as soon as anything goes wrong they start screaming  at each other.

I don’t know why the beach volleyball girls did the boat over the bikes as they could have made up time. However they were the last team to arrive, and they were eliminated from the race, which was a pity as I thought they were contenders.

Maybe Phil needs to insure his eyebrow as it is a major part of his appeal it will be asking for its own dressing room soon.

October 28, 2010   6 Comments

The Morning Show – Are Reality Talent Shows Not Nurturing Talent?

I was lucky enough to be on a panel this morning on The Morning Show for a discussion on whether reality shows are the only way to get a break in the music industry. Think Australian Idol, The X Factor and Australia’s Got Talent. The segment came from an article in the Daily Telegraph where Tina Arena said these shows put making a dollar ahead of nurturing talent. A tad ironic considering she was a guest judge on Australian Idol a couple of years ago.
Maz Compton from Nova, and Glenn A Baker rock historian also joined in on the debate.
My view is that these shows actually gives the opportunity for people who would not normally be able to be noticed by the people that matter.
People from lower socio economic backgrounds and regional areas who would find it difficult to start or sustain a music career have been given this level playing field of these shows. It takes money to go to the Brent Street’s or to get singing lessons, make demos etc or even just move to the city.
But also prior to Idol in Australia, the music industry was pretty anglo focused and this program showcased the depth of talent from people in this multicultural country.
Would Guy Sebastian a Sri Lankan/Malaysian been able to get noticed by a record executive? I think not.
Also it gives opportunity for people outside of the box to gain a fan base. Would Sally Chatfield be able to break through the traditional way, and Altiyan Childs would not be given this final opportunity to become a rock star.
I agree with Maz Compton when she said there is still a variety of ways to break into the industry and this is just one of them.
Glenn A Baker who was positive about some of the talent from these show, quoted Elton John who said he would not have made it on those shows, as he was fat and pudgy piano player.
I actually disagree, I think an audience is discerning when it comes to talent. Also Elton would have found it far more difficult to break through in the ’80’s and ’90’s with the start of MTV, and video clips, this was when pop and rock stars had to come out of the cookie cutter mould.
Reality TV talent shows broke away from this stereotype.
Your thoughts?

October 28, 2010   8 Comments

Rachel Zoe Parody About Her Pregnancy

This is hilarious for people who watch The Rachel Zoe Project. It is a satire about her being pregnant, and she has captured her perfectly.

Season three is starting on Arena in November, but by all accounts it is not as good as previous seasons.

October 27, 2010   5 Comments

The Apprentice – No Standout Candidates As Yet

I know it is unfashionable but I love Donald Trump he is just ballsy with a wicked sense of humour. In the latest edition of TV Week he proclaims he is good in bed, but then says maybe his wife wouldn’t think so, and he was certainly in a chipper mood in the board room this episode.

There are no standout candidates yet, it is just the usual selection of aggressive personalities and varying degrees of intelligence.

The challenge tonight was to be the team to sell the most icecream. Poppy was the girls project manager, and and Dave headed up the guy’s team.

I know Dave was a bit strange last week, but I thought he was OK in this task. He was amusing, and did some good strategic thinking. However I think he thinks he is more of an alpha male then he is.

I love the way Donald Jr tries to get the same facial expressions as his father, but I disagreed with him that the girls were losing sales opportunities by not harassing people going in and out of the subway station. People normally don’t want to be stopped when they are going somewhere.

I am sure both teams were told they had to be in a certain location in New York, and wear something to stand out. Maybe it helps create drama if the teams are in similar locations.

Stephanie was full on, I would have hated to work for her, as she is so aggressive, however Poppy threw Lisa under the bus as her weakest player.

Dave named Alex and James as his weakest players. Dave said James over thinks every item given to him. James was getting heat because he has no sale experience, but he did take them to Father Demo square on the first day where they made good sales.

The girls won making $1800 of profit, the guys only  made $1500.

Dave kept James and Alex into the boardroom with him. James was throwing Alex under the bus, whereas Dave was throwing both James and Alex to the wall.

In the end Alex was fired.

October 27, 2010   3 Comments