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Masterchef Australia – Two People Through To The Top 24

It’s official we now have proof that if you have boobs and no dangly bits you will have an advantage on Masterchef Australia.

Judge Gary Mehigan tells Bel that 200gms of mustard is a lot to put in her beef wellington, which prompts her to go and check the recipe and make her realise she has made a serious mistake. However, when Jimmy is confused about the order of the layers Gary just shrugs and says “that’s for you to figure out”, and walks off.

But then maybe Bel’s mustard stuff up was a subliminal way of trying to avoiding being slobbered on by the judges as George Calombaris had said in his opening motivation speech “Give us great food, and we want to hug you and kiss you,”.

But to get to the beef wellington first the remaining 45 had to cook their signature dish. Which they had 90 minutes to complete.  The twist? The other contestants were going to judge each other , girls tasted the boys dishes, and vice versa. The top three girls and guys would be in a cook off with the best of each gender going through to claim the first spots in the top 24.

Adele from Adelaide went from the depths of despair after nearly being eliminated in the previous episode to get through with her stuffed eggplant with current and pine nut dressing.

Marion twice baked snail souffle was a bold move, but it did not secure her a place in the cook off. I suspect she gets into the top 24 with the amount of air time she is getting.

Skye Craig signature dish chocolate wattleseed avocado mousse got her enough votes to get through disproving George’s musing whether the blokes were going to like it. By the way who is writing the lines as they really must be wanting to present George as lecherous with this line by Gary “The other one you quite fancy George is Skye”….

Claire the redhead lawyer, was put through with her well cooked meat, as was Bel with her fig and mastic bavarois.

Jimmy’s curry was very memorable and probably stood out  from the rest of the meat, and pasta dishes.

Alvin’s twice cooked duck with peking duck also looked delicious and got him through to the pressure test.

Conversely Justin’s beetroot pasta with the mussel and white wine sauce, was a weird combination even with out the over cooked pasta.

Unsurprising Jimmy was through, and Jonathan’s saddle of lamb with morrocan sauce got him a place.

They then had to do a pressure test and cook beef wellington which was one of Gary Mehigan’s signature dishes.

They had 2 and 1/2 hours to complete it.

“I didn’t even know you had crepes in beef wellington” said Jonathan who was barely raising a sweat. Oh snap.  Maybe I have been watching to much Hell’s Kitchen where Gordon Ramsay gets his charges to cook. But I thought it was beef, pate and pastry. This must be Gary’s twist on the dish.

Alvin was having a disaster wrapping, and Jonathan who is meticulous appeared to have the challenge completely in the bag.

After the challenge had finished did anyone notice in the shots of the wellingtons that some of them did not have the jus jugs on the plates?

At judging Jonathan was confident with his dish, but Gary soon bought him down to earth saying his mushrooms were a bit pasty.

When it was the girls turn to be judged George snarled at Claire “Who would have thought a lawyer could cook?” he continued the insults “Most lawyers are boring, would you go to a lawyer party or a chef party?” Sorry George I’d go to the lawyer’s party to ensure getting some decent conversation. Unless it was a key swapping party with Matt Moran and then I would hang out with the chefs.

It was a no brainer that Claire Winton Burn was in the top 24. But Jonathan was shocked when Jimmy’s name was called for the guys.

Claire’s colleagues at the law firm she works for  will be vying for her very nice office, as she declared about three times to camera how she was ready to move on.


1 Kyvyny { 04.21.10 at 2:36 am }

That guy with the big floppy hat and glasses seriously looks like a Sam Simmons. Not to mention Alvin kind of looks like comedian Hung Le.

2 Wurstsemmel { 04.21.10 at 8:46 am }

I like Alvin. I’m not sure he’ll win it but he’s getting my support.
I think Johnathon is a little too full of himself. He didn’t look happy when he didn’r get the feedback he wanted. I have to say the lawyer gal is looking pretty much the Masterchef dream at the moment: smart, attractive and a decent cook. Could be a C10 dream. I hope so for her sake to as she’s made it quite clear she’s over the law.

3 themolk { 04.21.10 at 9:10 am }

We’ll see many more tears from AsianAlvin & SYTYCAdele before the Top24 is finalised. Both are great characters, but not what I’m expecting of the Top24.

RangaClaire I’m *positive* has either been on TV or auditioned last year and missed out. She’s very familiar. Would be consistent with her “I’m ready for a change” statements too (She’s so fired anyway).

Whilst I’m amazed at the support for Irmgard, there is NO WAY that woman should be allowed back near MasterChef. If you can’t tell the difference between pork and lamb, love, ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU’RE COOKING IT, stay away from the hotplate.

Jonathan getting his comeuppance in the Pressure Test was divine. Too much smug, too little result. Much is obviously expected from him, as CuddlyGary was quite sharp with his analysis of his Beef Wellington compared to the others. He’ll be one to watch.

I appreciate it’s onlyEp2, however some are starting to get more camera time. We’re starting to learn who they are. We’re starting to be gobsmacked at their “skills” in the kitchen (seriously, Skye, put the hippychick thing on hold, huh? Uncooked food specialist? As I said last night, all I need is for you to be into molecular gastronomy & my feelings will be solidified).

The producers already are delivering a pacey show, on par with the last few weeks of Season1. They’ve got this down to a fine art, so the rollercoaster ups and downs will only be bigger and longer. I don’t think my heart (or my tweeting fingers) will be able to control themselves…

4 Kirsten { 04.21.10 at 9:37 am }

I love this line…

“Unless it was a key swapping party with Matt Moran and then I would hang out with the chefs.”


5 akris { 04.21.10 at 10:41 am }

I noticed the sauce not being on the plates as well.. but I also was kind of expecting someone to have a disaster beef wellington because they showed two oven temperatures, one was at 200 and the other (lawyer Claire, who is looking to be the obvious favourite) was at 150. Did anyone else notice this? Maybe it didn’t really matter? I don’t cook, so i wouldn’t know, but i figured if they were following the recipe they would be most likely be all the same.

6 TDK { 04.21.10 at 11:41 am }

I hate the recaps, it’s annoying, just show me the stuff, I’m not a child, don’t have to remind me after every commercial break!!

7 Jenny { 04.21.10 at 12:43 pm }

Oh spot on reality raver with calling out Gary’s inconsistencies with helping contestants. Gary helps mustard girl with her obvious overdose of the mustard (in fact he points it out to her without her even asking – from memory), but when poor Jimmy asks for help with the folding of the layers he gets ignored. Maybe the layering was a special no limits zone because it was the main part of the recipe and technique. Also what is with all the touchy feely thing with contestants this year especially the attractive females. Mmm. Also one last thing Matt Preston looks huge next to Gary and George this year. Did the producers last year try to hide Matt’s height and frame? Anyhow still love Masterchef and these are just tiny things I have noticed this season (due to my overactive brain!).

8 Culinary Boner { 04.21.10 at 1:35 pm }

Raver, spot on with the observation about Gary’s different approaches to ‘helping’ Bel and Jimmy. He might as well have said to Jimmy – “You haven’t got a vagina, mate, so you’re outta luck”.

Is Claire this show’s jnr Julia Gillard?
Red head? *tick* From Victoria? *tick* Lawyer? *tick* Tallish with an obvious physical presence? *tick* Strangely alluring, some apparent geeky ‘shyness’, but clearly holding something back? *tick* Always watching, ready to pounce, preparing to coldly annilate the opposition? *tick*

Also, why is Matt channelling Noel Ferrier in the fashion stakes this year? Is there are design chain called The House du Pastel I haven’t heard of?

9 TDK { 04.21.10 at 1:44 pm }

Culinary Boner – LOL @ your first paragraph.

10 dmc { 04.21.10 at 8:46 pm }

Memo to Producers: We are not morons and do not need bombastic music every three minutes signalling everything. Ditto on the recaps.

And memo to Claire: you’d better win, because bridges are burning.

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