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Chris Badenoch and Julie Jenkins On A Media Rehabilitation Campaign

In this week’s New Idea, there was a three page spread on the romance between last year’s Masterchef Australia’s contestant’s Chris Badenoch and Julia Jenkins.

Both must be clearing the decks to address the more salacious issues prior to going on media drives for their new projects.

For Julia it is the premiere of her new show on 7TWO on Friday nights at 7pm commencing the 21 May. And for Chris it is new cookbook which will be out later in the year.

In the article Chris Badenoch confirms that he was cast as the bad boy of the series.

He said “…Every time I smiled or was seen laughing or mucking around the producers cut that out because they needed me to be a villain. I didn’t cry or wobble or become flustered so my confidence got mistaken for arrogance which is not the case.”

The article then goes on to address his private life which imploded while he was on the show.

His image wasn’t helped when news of his relationship with Julia was followed by claims from other girls that they’d enjoyed a romance with him when he was reportedly in a long-term relationship with another woman.

Chris fumes as he recalls that time: ‘People said they were my girlfriend when they never were, never had been and never would be. When Julia and I got together we were both single and even though she trusted me, we both found it frustrating.’

So why did he not come out and dispel the rumours? ‘I was advised not to get involved and my friends knew the truth and were supportive so I left it to people to make up their own opinion,’

Julie says ‘I could understand someone claiming they were Brad Pitt’s love child and, no offence to Chris, but he had just come off a reality TV show and some people obviously wanted their 15 minutes of fame. It wasn’t true and I completely trust him.’

Clearly I must be living in some parallel universe I personally have evidence of two possibly three women. Now who is the women who was never nor going to be his girlfriend. I am confused.

1. Homaxi who was presented as his long term girlfriend in NW I presume must not be the “non-girlfriend”. Also in an email to me she described Chris as her partner. So we can tick her off the list.

2. The other person he could be referring to could be Gemma Pritchard who also had a long term relationship with him. She also spoke to New Idea last year about their relationship. Now Chris had been with her the night of his elimination, given her a masterchef apron, and there were 100’s of text messages from him to her. In fact New Idea in their article indicated they had seen them. Was this the girl that Julia was implying was seeking their 15 minutes of fame?

3. Or is it the not so mysterious third person, who has stated they had an affair with him.

I don’t know but it appears Chris Badenoch is rewriting history.


1 skye { 05.01.10 at 12:38 pm }

I was wondering when you’d post about this article – the plot thickens!

2 Kate M { 05.01.10 at 1:16 pm }

Hello, I read this article and was really insulted when Chris said he wanted to teach kids to cook and eat.
Why would I want tips from an overweight, failed businessman who has no kids himself.
I was really offended and so were my girlfriends, all mothers

3 New Drinking Game { 05.01.10 at 6:37 pm }

Upfront, I am proud to say that Gemma, one of the ‘non-girlfiend’s’ is a friend of mine. I have posted here twice before, and have always noted my association.

As a group of friend’s we don’t really give Chris much talk time any more, but last night at a dinner party it was bought up following the release of the above mentioned New Idea article where he said “She was never my girlfiend ect” and “His friend’s know the truth”, well Chris, collectively as Gemma’s friends we also know the truth. And there was certainly very little of it in that article.

Be it if you were referring to eiter Homaxi or Gemma in that article, it was insulting to both of them. Not only did you lie and cheat on them, but now you choose to dismiss them also. Classy guy.

As most guests had not read the article, a collection was raised and hubby was dispensed to the local service station to buy a copy of the magazine. We were going to buy a copy of Ralph Magazine also, so that we could read Chris’ latest column and recipe, but as the last one was was for meat pies to eat while you watch the ‘footy’ (cause THATS how you spend your spare times Chris. Not.) We decided that we didn’t want to spend an extra $2.00 and stuck with just the New Idea.

Hubby returned victorious and a drinking game was decided on. Now as Gemma thought that she could be accused of bias and her new partner disqualified himself as he has never met Chris, the rules were determined to be as follows;

*Article is read out loud to the group
*Every time something is said that we know to be an out and out lie, we skull.
*More than one person must be able to verify the lie for skolling to happen

Lets just say that there are a lot of sore heads today after THAT particular game.

There were two particular comments made last night that were of most note;

Gemma- “Oh darlings, if Chris can re-write history, I think I will have a go at it myself. And let me tell you it CERTAINLY wouldn’t have Chris Badenoch in it!!”

When asked what he thought about all of this, her partner said “I love it, the more this idiot speaks the better it makes me look”

All the hillarity aside, we don’t normally discuss Chris as it is a no-go topic of discussion with Gemma. We all saw what she had to live through last year at the hands of the media, whilst also dealing with Chris’ manipulation. It was like watching an animal being abused.

Last night is the first time I have ever seen her laugh about that time in her life.

I can understand that Chris is trying to rebuild his image in the public’s eye, but I don’t think that accusing ex’s of making up long periods of time in their lives is fair or the way to go. Not only is it not true, it just makes him look even dodgier.

We were there. If Gemma was ever going to try and seek her ’15 minutes of fame”, as discribed by Julia, I think she would have found faster and easier and more self preserving ways than dating someone for 4 1/2 years on the off chance that they would go on a reality tv show.

On a final note, Gemma isn’t a total fool. As the months went on on Masterchef questions were being raised about Chris’ relationships. She even ran into his best mate at the pub one night who was suprised to discover that Gemma was still seeing him, as he thought that Chris and Homaxi were back together agian. Chris was in Hong Kong at the time for filming and she was frantic to get hold of him to get to the bottom of it. The next day when He assured her that there was a ‘mistake’ and he had ‘no idea’ why his friend’s would tell her such a thing. He said he thought they were probably jealous of the fact he was on tv and were trying to make a bit of trouble as he has always disliked the mates girlfiend ect ect ect. After this night alarm bells were clanging loud and clear, but Chris kept on assuring that Gemma was the only one, and that he had been faithful the entire time they had been together. She had a choice at this point, go BALLISTIC while he is locked in a pressure cooker reality tv show, or believe him and address it when he got home. She chose the latter. She believed him, wanted to believe him, and didn’t want to upset him in the final weeks of the competition. In explaining the other women he always said they were “crazy, or that he felt ‘sorry for them”. As Gem bought into his bullshit lies, she even ran into another contestant that had been eliminated that told him that SHE had become friend’s with his ‘girlfriend’. As Gemma believed all the things Chris had told her, she also felt sorry for what she thought was some kind of nut job and just went along with what this contestant said. The irony is that she was feeling sorry for a girl, that she was not aware was in exactly the same situation as her.

4 Dakota { 05.01.10 at 7:55 pm }

Hey RR, great article as always :) What show does Julia have on 7Two? I haven’t heard much about it… :o)

5 reality raver { 05.02.10 at 2:23 pm }

Skye – Sorry it took so long to get up

Kate M – maybe they are planning kids in the future.

New Drinking Game – Thanks for the insight

Dakota – the show is called Delish and is described as garden to kitchen type show, there is a gardening segment and then Julia does the cooking.

6 Wurstsemmel { 05.02.10 at 3:10 pm }

Chris said he wanted to teach kids to cook and eat.

Jamie Oliver, eat your heart out. First there was Sandra, then the contestant this year….Seriously, is there anyone on Masterchef who doesn’t buy into the childhood obesity angle?

BYW Julie’s book is now being heavily discounted.

7 Ang { 05.02.10 at 7:51 pm }

The thing about Chris B is that he can be incredibly charming and smooth when he wants to be. If he has an agenda or something to sell he can be as smooth as a babys bottom.
You don’t work in advertising for 20 years without having learnt how to hone your craft. You don’t have a string of failed businesses and people willing to invest in you time and time again without having learnt a thing or two. You don’t get a string of women to trust you without being veryt crafty.
This is just Chris B doing what he does best. The person I feel sorry for in all of this is Julia. She will learn the hard way

8 Anon { 05.02.10 at 9:55 pm }

Chris stated in his last ‘fluff’ piece in The Age a few weeks ago that his relationship status was no-ones business and that people had made a lot of money out of selling their stories.
Chris does this mean that the only reason that you sold this story to New Idea is so that you are going to give the $42,ooo that you were paid by New Idea to the creditors that you owe?
No one has had any interest in you or your relationship status in more than 6 months, so clearly you did this just for the money.

9 aka cream bun { 05.04.10 at 10:15 pm }

what about the women Chris has slept with since Masterchef finished?
Late last year, he slept with a friend of mine.
Why does Julia trust him? It’s the saddest bit of writing. The writing is on the wall with this loser

10 Anon { 05.05.10 at 11:17 am }

So ‘Ginger’ isn’t doing research on this piece?

11 Rita { 12.06.12 at 8:55 am }

Who cares! So he has girlfriends, big deal, let the man cook. I liked him a lot on masterchef because he has a specific view on food and cooking