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So You Think You Can Dance Australia – The Top 6

Tonight it was top six and one thing I thought was lacking was the choreography. There were just a few too many routines which were just not going to get me to pick up the phone.

The Anthony Ikin/Paul White routine was one example of an uninspiring routine, and got me wondering why Marko Panzic only got to choreograph one dance this season. I thinkt his work to be quite strong and original.

The other thing that annoys me is the judges gushing over how pretty Ivy is. What are they subliminally saying to the other girls that they are unattractive. It made me feel very uncomfortable when the three girls were standing on stage together.

Speaking of the girls routine by Juliet Verne it was a bit disappointing. Just like something out of Β video clip. It did not extend them, and was a great routine for Jess S. I thought Jessie was the weakest. Β Bonus points given for the fabulous fake eyelashes.

I think Ivy and Jessie will be the two girls going through to the top four, even though I thought Jessie was not fabulous in two of her three routines.

But with the boys it will be a bit more difficult. I would like it to be Robbie and Phillipe. Watching Nick tonight I feel his technique is not as strong, even in his own genre. In all of his routines tonight I noticed flaws. And really it should have been Keiran in the top six. But obviously he is popular, and Phillipe will be struggling to survive.

Ivy and NIck – Contemporary – Debbie Ellis – The Flower Duet

Who would have thought live Opera on TV playing to one million viewers, what do you think of that Meryl Tankard? Considering previously she thought So You Think You Can Dance Australia as the MacDonald’s of dance, maybe this routine could be considered the more upmarket Angus range.

I thought it was stunning, and particularly loved Ivy’s costume.

Jess S and Robbie – Jesse Rasmussen – hip hop

The move where Robbie’s head landed in her clevage was hilarious due to the height difference between the pair.

Matt Lee liked it but wanted a bit more groove.

Jason Coleman thought he would have liked more light and shade.

Jessie and Phillipe – Tango – Fabio Robles

Phillipe did not expect to get this far, but funny where a good six pack can take you. Having said that I do think he is one of the better performers in competition. However I must say it was a just competent tango with no great highlights or low lights. I thought the footwork was a bit off at times, and Jessie was a tad stiff.

Jason Colman was underwhelmed by it.

Ivy and Nick – Lyrical Contemporary – Paul White and Anthony Ikin – The Soul Sister – Train

I thought Nick struggled a bit with this routine, a few of his jumps (later found out it was called a corkscrew, thanks Matt) were sloppy, as was one of his lifts. I thought the choreography was not ground breaking. Does it make me want to pick up the phone? No.

Jason did not like it all due to a skipping phobia

Robbie and Jess S – Project Moda – Hearts A Mess

The clown routine was original, engaging and evocative. At first when I heard it was going to be Project Moda and clowns my head screamed NOOOOOO. Thankfully I was proven wrong. I think I have to agree with some of my readers when they write Robbie makes any partner look good. I think Jess got lucky this week to be dancing with him, as she was looking the best I had seen her in the show.

Phillipe and Jessie – Contemporary – Jason Winters – Tori Amos – Total Eclipse of the Heart

My favourite of the couples tonight. Jessie is a beautiful dancer, and Phillipe wins the 2010 So You Think You Can Dance Australia transformation award. I agree with Jason you would not be able to tell he was a hip hop dancer.

The final routine of the night was the three boys dancing to a Sarah Boulter piece. It was sensational, and I am not just saying that because I loved their costumes or the lack of them.

Overall I hope the routines are stronger in the top four week so the season ends with a bang rather than a whimper.


1 Gabriel { 04.08.10 at 12:06 am }

“Jason did not like it all due to a skipping phobia” – classic!

I thought the routines were really underwhelming – it was partly the music – I’m less inclined to like a routine if I don’t like the music, and Total Eclipse of the Heart? Give me a break. There was too much contemporary/lyrical or whatever – most of them left me cold.
I agree that the boys’ routine was excellent. I was surprised. I feel like I should vote but I’m torn. I still like Ivy the best, but if she really is safe, I should probably save my vote for Phillipe. I do like Jessie too though.

2 heartfelt { 04.08.10 at 12:33 am }

Hmmm…. what can I say? A very underwhelming show, to quote Gabriel, only punctuated by the loveliness of Robbie and Jess S’s clown routine and the beautiful sexiness of the boys group routine. Everything else was very ho hum. I felt let down for Ivy as I don’t think she was given material worthy of her talent. Nor were Robbie and Jess given anything exceptional with their first routine, although Robbie made Jess look good. He makes anyone look good. The girls routine was crap. Phillipe did exceptionally well, even though his routines were stock-standard, because, as a hip hop dancer, he had the opportunity to extend himself and do something different even though the material was sub-standard. Jessie did not do justice to the dances, especially the tango, and I feel this was because of Phillipe. As good as he was, he is still a hip hop dancer and Jessie would have done much better without the clunkiness. She is a potential winner but tonight she didn’t look like one. Come on SYTYCD!!! You expect the best from these dancers at this late stage in the show, so give them the best choreographers! They are all capable of so much more! You are letting down the viewing public by getting all arty farty with the opera and the cellos……… just give them some bloody good music and some awesome choreographers and let them SHINE!!!!!!!!!!! My prediction for Top 4 is Ivy, Jessie, Robbie and Phillipe. Jessie and Robbie Top 2. Robbie to win. But please PLEASE let them show us why they are there.

3 dmc { 04.08.10 at 8:03 am }

Where’s Jason Gilkinson when you need him.

4 alicat { 04.08.10 at 8:54 am }

LMAO@Jason’s skipping phobia… BEST! πŸ˜€

I only came in at the end of the tango, but from the sounds of things I didn’t miss much. I loved the concept and emotion of the clowns routine but wish there’d been more dancing in it. I’m sick of characterisation; they’ve shown they can act or they wouldn’t be in the top 6, now I want to see some world class dancing. The Sarah Boulter routine for the guys was perfect, my favourite routine of the season possibly. Although I was getting serious Twilight wolfpack vibes, that’s not really a bad thing πŸ˜›

I think Nick has to go, he and Robbie are both trained contemporary dancers but Robbie is so far out of his league it isn’t funny. Phillipe I am consistently impressed with, and think he deserves to be in the top 4 because he represents what this competition is about – diversity. That said, I think Robbie is incredibly diverse as well, goodness knows his hip hop has improved tremendously since the first time he did it… clearly still my pick to win.

I think Jess S and Nick to go this week. Jessie and Robbie for final 2, Robbie to win. Although there might be an upset with the girls as Jessie wasn’t great this week… could be interesting :)

5 akris { 04.08.10 at 9:52 am }

Routine of the night was the boys routine… wowie wowie!! I watched it so many times.. both for the dancing and the umm.. form :) even my dad was perving on Philippe.. haha.

I also loved the contemporary piece with Jessie and Philippe and Ivy and Nick.

I’m hoping Jessie H, Ivy and Robbie to top 4. I think I’d prefer Philippe in top 4, but he might be more of a threat to Robbie simple for the “disability” factor that Jason talked about in combination with the Hotness factor.

Conspiracy theorist in me thinks it’s a bit dodgy (suss?) that Jess S got 2 hip hop numbers, and a contemporary number that had close to zero dancing.. plus combine that with the speech that Matt gave to Jess S last week.

6 Vic { 04.08.10 at 10:15 am }

So disappointed with the girls routine. Can we not have women dance together without making them act like hookers or music video extras?

The boys routine was incredible because it was simple, strong and showcased the dancing. The women had that uncomfortable mix of cutesy and sexy. Ug.

Imagine if the show had been started with a homage to empowerment and finished like it did.

7 Reality Raver { 04.08.10 at 10:30 am }

Vic – you have a good point and made me realise WHY I was not enamoured with the girls routine. Also your right last year the girls routine was hoochie as well. Very much double standards.

Yes it should have been a homage to empowerment.

Gabriel, Heartfelt, Akris, and Alicat – here’s a prediction I would not be shocked if either Robbie or Jessie goes tonight. I think people are presuming they are a shoe and are voting for the second tier dancers. I know I am thinking of flinging a vote to Phillipe as I want him in the top four ahead of Nick. But I have not even thought about voting for Robbie or Jessie my two fave dancers. Maybe I need to rethink my strategy.

DMC – Agree where is the Gilk. I should say I just realised where Marko Panzic is – rehearsing for Fame, as is every other former SYTYCDA contestant.

8 alicat { 04.08.10 at 11:37 am }

RR – just voted for Robbie 6 times πŸ˜€ I think the Sarah Boulter and clown routines were enough of a standout in last night’s show for Robbie to get his usual swag of votes. Particularly as he was front and centre in the boys routine.

Your comment about voting for second tier dancers is interesting. Personally, if the unthinkable happens and Robbie isn’t selected as the boy dancer for the top 2, I’d much (MUCH) rather it be Phillipe than Nick who goes through, as I think Phillipe deserves it a lot more. That said… Phillipe obviously has a very strong fan base, so I’m not going to risk bumping Robbie out of the top 2 boys by casting any votes Phillipe’s way.

Akris the Conspiracy Theorist – YES I have to agree! How dodgy is it that they got hip hop… especially since Robbie’s final routine last week was hip hop?? DODGYYYY… it’s back to Jess S the Endangered Species. Le sigh.

One thing I forgot to mention earlier… I absolutely love the cello. I thought it was so cool having cellos playing the accomp to the clowns routine; props to the cellists. I am now motivated to go learn how to play one.

9 robbie { 04.14.10 at 6:38 pm }

just wondering what robbies last name is?