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The Jackie Frank Show Is Off And Running

It looks like it is going to be the battle of the magazines on our TV screens this year. As I have blogged previously Jackie Frank the editor of Marie Claire magazine will have her own reality show.

This follows on from the soon to premiere The Park on Arena TV, which is covering ACP magazines Dolly and Cleo.

The camera’s have started to roll on the show with no air day as yet.

The Daily Telegraph had slightly snarky piece, saying the show was given the green light so Pacific Magazines could compete with the ACP magazines.

Frank denies this and said it will be more like the movie/doco The September Issue.

On Thursday I bumbled into the shooting of the show when I spotted Jackie waiting to go on Sunrise and I quickly introduced myself as I think the show sounds great and then I look around and ask what are those camera’s for. Oh for the reality show. Duh!

Anyway I think Seven have the opportunity to do something really great with this series if they use the Bravo TV editing style. That is warts and all but with a positive side. However if Seven use it as an advertorial for Seven and Pacific Magazines, which will be tempting,  it may not be quite as entertaining.

February 12, 2011   2 Comments

Marie Claire Editor Jackie Frank To Have Her Own Reality Show

Australia TV channel’s appear to commissioning more semi-scripted reality TV shows, which is a positive thing.

In exciting news the Sun Herald has reported Seven has commissioned a series following the formidable Jackie Frank, the Marie Claire Editor.

Magazine’s in reality shows appear to be the new black, with Fox 8 premiering The Park later this month. That show is set in ACP magazines offices.

I think Jackie Frank will make interesting TV. She was one of the only memorable judges on Make Me a Supermodel. In fact who were the other judges? Also it will be good to see an older, intelligent and funny woman on TV. Apparently she is a bit zany, but hey she has a pretty good track record with Marie Claire.

The other thing that is interesting about these shows are the unknowns that have the opportunity to shine. Remember Jamie Oliver got his start in the background on TV show about The River Cafe, where he worked.

It should be noted that Marie Claire is in the same media group as Seven, so perfect cross promotion for both businesses.

February 7, 2011   2 Comments

Terry Bivano Is The First WAG To Be Cast in WAGs

I am loving that Australia is starting to produce more semi-scripted reality TV.

Ok Freshwater Blue was a dog, but The Park the series that will be set in the magazine world of Park St, looks like it has legs.

Foxtel have also commissioned a 10 part series called WAGs. It will be about the girlfriends and wives of professional sportsmen.

The first confirmed signing according to is Terry Bivano, Anthony Minichiello partner. Terry also has her own shoe range, so expect to see a lot of that in the show.

The article also reveals:

There is speculation that Liz Cantor, girlfriend of Roosters bad-boy Todd Carney, will also feature, along with Home And Away starlet Tessa James, who is engaged to Nate Myles, also a Rooster.

The show will run for 10 episodes and spies say some candidates are receiving some “on-air” training.

“A few of the girls are a bit raw and are being helped along with some TV ‘polishing’,” said a spy.

February 2, 2011   6 Comments

Reality TV Set In Australian Magazine Land – This Could Be Awesome

Australian TV channels have been a bit late in getting on the semi-scripted reality TV bandwagon, but in the last 12 months a few TV shows have been commissioned.

Channel 7 commissioned a show set in Roxy Jacenko’s public relation’s firm Sweaty Betty. No news when it will be shown, but filming has been finished.

But the show I am most excited about is the new series that has been commissioned by Foxtel called The Park.

It is to be set in ACP headquarters in their magazine section examining the putting together of the mags and how they compete with each other for stories.

“It will focus on editors, primarily, and the conflicts they have within their own group in competing for the covers and stories and the gossip that goes into making those magazines what they are,” Brian Walsh told the Sunday Telegraph.

“There has been a lot of discussion between Foxtel and ACP about the tonality of the show – I wasn’t interested in an advertorial; it had to be gripping television.”

This could be compulsive viewing and I expect some stars to emerge from the show. Take note mag hags – the ones that create some drama will be the ones to get the most air time.

Channel Ten is the first one to screen a “real” life reality TV show with Keeping Up With The Jones set on an outback station. The show premieres next week at 9pm on Thursday 14 October on Channel Ten. For a review of the show is on TV Tonight.

Finally no news on the reality show that was going to be called The East, to be set in the Eastern Suburbs following around some bright, young things.

October 7, 2010   5 Comments