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The Amazing Race – Still in Ghana

Nat and Kat just had one of those hideous days on The Amazing Race, they had cab drivers who got lost going to both the destinations plus one taxi had a breakdown. Surprisingly they did not.

This leg was again in Ghana, and it was OK, not the most exciting episode, nor the most boring. The home shopping hosts were the first to leave the pitstop, the market in Accra to got to the roadblock which was a boxing training challenge.

And most people left in the order they arrived, however Mallory and her father managed to work there way up the pack. I actually quite like Mallory she is quite sweet, and what she said about the kids in Ghana was true. She said this is the life they know, and my life is the one I know.

The best part of the detour was seeing the American’s try and identify where Ghana actually was. To be fair I didn’t have a clue, but if I was flying there I would have ducked into the airport bookship to look at a map.

As predicted the tattooed pair from LA struggled with the geography quiz, but then the Princeton Glee boys did as well. They said “Princeton really is a good school”. They ran a great leg and came in first on the pitstop.

The other highlights of the episode:

  • The number of teams that did not read the clue correctly and had to go back and get the building supplies was at least over 50% of the teams;
  • All the teams who could not work out the language detour with the code and had to go off and do the bicycle wheel challenge;
  • The beach volleyball girls are a class act, as are the doctors they don’t get upset with each other; and
  • The fact the at this pitstop they will stop for over 24 hours to do some work on the school.

It was a non-elimination round, lucky for the asian father and son team. Next week the Arctic.


1 par3182 { 10.15.10 at 1:49 am }

Mallory said “We don’t know anything different except for freedom and luxury and justice” which sounded as condescending as her “I hope I get to hold an African baby” last week. I doubt she meant it with any malice; she’s full of pageant statements with no real thought behind them.

The tasks this week were all so simple; thank goodness so many of the teams made mistakes to make it slightly interesting.

The only team I like are are the choir boys (and maybe the doctors).

2 Reality Raver { 10.15.10 at 9:00 am }

par3182 – I quite like her (and I normally dislike the beauty pageant girls), nice relationship with her dad etc. At least she acknowledged that her life is luxury compared to those kids. Anyway will see how she is shown in the next few episodes, as you know it is all in the editing, they could go either way with her. You don’t like the beach volleyball girls?

3 par3182 { 10.15.10 at 10:40 am }

Mallory also busted out the Jeebus talk and nothing makes me go off a contestant faster.

Volleyballers have made no impression whatsoever.

Normally I have everyone’s name down by episode three, but this bunch isn’t inspiring me to commit them to memory.

4 Culinary Boner { 10.15.10 at 1:05 pm }

Will be interesting to see if next week’s episode is better.

Hey raver, now that the Queen’s swimming and athletics carnival is over, does this mean 10 will return to MCA Jnr? Or are we going to be stuck with further crap about how we rock coz we won a shitload of medals… against some of the lamest competition in the world?

5 sourkraut { 10.15.10 at 1:52 pm }

Yay The big breasted bouncing beautiful beach volleyBall belles. Bringon the Bikinis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wot you blathering about mon? we dun beat Barbados in the Swimming. Wot more UN-lame international competition you want ?
I know…. we can have the empire games masterchef french artistic no food on a fancy big plate decorating competition

6 Reality Raver { 10.15.10 at 2:09 pm }

par3182 – as you might realise I am having the same problem with the names.

CB- Jnr Masterchef starts up again on Sunday

Sour -LOL -you are predictable with your blonds

7 Sourkraut { 10.16.10 at 12:18 pm }

Its their branes I love them 4