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Come Dine With Me – Amber Petty’s Ex Makes An Appearance

“I know all the boys” says Mark Alexander Erber, insinuating that he knew all the bikie guys. But then maybe he was just still in his role from Underbelly. But if you think you recognise him from the small screen think again, as you probably know him as Amber Petty’s former boyfriend.

He is a publican and entrepeneur with all the ups and downs if this article from Crikey is accurate.

It is a diverse mix this week on Come Dine With Me Australia, with Season 2 continuing where the first season left off with clever casting, great editing, and the snarkilicious voice overs by James Valentine.

Apart from Mark there is Megan, a straight talking 29 year old, Kate Downing a stay at home mum of four, David a gay guy whose secret ingredient in savoury dishes in chocolate and he was not cooking mexican, and Karen an office worker who is a quieter one of the bunch.

Megan did an asian type diner party with chinese chicken pancakes, san choi bow, swordfish skewers with Asian Coleslaw and peach tart.

Generally it was well received and everyone was polite to each other as it was the first night. Also I am going to have to back Mark in when he was horrified that Megan did not have any beer to serve.

The next night was David’s turn, and by this stage I am questioning the motivation of three of the people about why they want to be on the show. Considering David cannot cook why did he want to be on the show? Having said that I think he looked like a lot of fun.

He set a good tone to his evening as he had drag queen Sheila Oblige, but his entree of seafood  chowder and main of beef curry vol au vents,  were nearly inedible. However his dessert of lime pie did get the thumbs up from everyone bar Mark.

I think the dead goldfish in the bowl in one of the final scenes was a metaphor for David’s night, at the moment he has the lowest score of the contestants.

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1 deirdre smith { 09.18.10 at 2:22 am }

Dave does wear some really nice shirts. If I was a gay man is want to dress like him. He seems like a really nice person too,shit cook but a great host and heaps of fun.