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The X Factor – The Top 12 Performance Show

The first show of The X Factor was interesting as it had a bit of everything controversy, great singing, redemption, but no train wrecks, something the producers must be giving thanks to the reality TV gods for.

Tonight the show was judges choice, therefore the judges got to pick the songs their acts were going to perform. This was a good indicator on how good these mentors would be at showcasing the singers talents, and obviously some did better than others.

Just a few quick thoughts before we discuss the performances:

  • Guy Sebastian is showing he is worth every penny that Channel Seven are paying him. He is giving great mentoring and also insightful judging comments. And no I am not a signed up member of the Guy Sebastian fan club.
  • Kyle Sandilands who has the youngest singers in the competition to mentor, but by the sounds of it has not been giving them a lot of loving. He said he missed one day because he was sick, but I got the feeling it was more then that.
  • Also clearly Kyle has a Rhianna fetish as both Andrew Lawson and Mitchell both were given her songs to perform.
  • Was the friction between Natalie Imbruglia and Kyle Sandilands real? As he seemed to treat her with contempt.
  • Amanda Grafanakis will not be taking out the Miss Congeniality award if what Kyle said about her pissing a lot of people off over the past two weeks is true.
  • Holy moly Alytian Childs just might find a fan base after tonight’s performance.
  • Who is dressing Ronan Keating his clothes are sensational and he appears to really care about the contestants.
  • By the way Natalie Garonzi rocked on The Xtra Factor, live TV with a few technical issues, and she just kept on catching that hot potato with style and wit. But why didn’t Alytian, James McNally, and Amanda stick around to sing the group song at the end of the show?

Luke and Joel – Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous  by Good Charlotte

These guys are going to struggle to stay in the competition after tonight. They were in the lethal first position which means people who are late to tune in miss them and therefore don’t vote for them. They were really pitchy and lacked charisma.

And to confirm that I didn’t just think that Ronan and Natalie said the polite “it looked like you were having a good time”. Which is code for you sucked.

Kyle confirmed this by saying he “Spent more time looking at the backing singers”.

Hayley Teal – Bust Your Windows by Jazmine Sullivan

Well she certainly can sing and showed the audience just how lacking in those skills the previous act were. I thought the 8 hours at the hairdressers to change the colour of her hair was worth it as she looked gorgeous. However I am not sure about the latex pants  but maybe the show is being sponsored by House Of Fetish.

Ronan Keating thought it was a “strange  choice of song by Nat”.

Guy also put the knife into Natalie saying the judges choice show was how they saw them as a performer and he saw her more as soul singer.

However Kyle said “You nailed it”.

Chris Doe  – Already Gone by Kelly Clarkson

This is the one other act tonight that I thought was shaky. I thought he was straining, and he lacked stage presence.

And just maybe Kyle who thinks he is a bit of style king could take some clippers to his hairs, it looks like an overblown rats nest.

Ronan put the boot into Kyle and said he had not been around and looked rather fatherly and said ” he was getting better and better with each performance”

Guy “thought it was lacklustre, you had a blank look on your face….. I thought you were not really thinking about the lyrics”

Kyle then justified why he was not holding their hands said he preferred to deal with people over the phone. These boys are at a disadvantage having Kyle, as he is the most inexperienced one in regard to the craft of singing and performance.

Amanda Grafanakis – Closer by Ne-Yo

Did Kyle give Amanda the kiss of death tonight with his pretty nasty rant at her after she had finished performing. He said the reason she had not made it so far was she had the voice but not the personality. He said ” you’ve pissed a lot of people off in the past fortnight. Don’t waste an opportunity…”

She responded that she will pull the cheeky in.

None of the other judges bought into this debate.

Ronan was worried that she would need the girl vote and I am not sure she will get it. She was previously in the top 24 on Australia Idol but did not get voted into the top 12. I think she will stick around a few weeks but I will be astounded if she gets to the pointy end of the competition.

Ronan finished off by said “Luckily it is not a personality contest this is the X Factor, and you have The X Factor”.

Kharizma – Empire State Of Mind by Alicia Keys

Now this is why in previous posts I have said the mentor you would want is Guy as Kharizma’s  brilliant performance had his fingerprints all over it. It was one of the best acts of the night, and I now think of them as contenders.

Kyle said he would prefer if they kept on wearing the hoodies, and not the groovy gear they were wearing. And that was the only criticism they received.

Mitchell Brown – Umbrella by Rhianna

Yes another one of Kyle’s bizarre song choices, Mitchell just looked like he was struggling with it. However I do think he did enough to keep his place in the competition. I like him but as Guy Sebastian said as he cleverly took the piss out of Kyle that it was the wrong song choice.

James McNally –  With A Little Help With My Friend by Joe Cocker

Well I thought Ronan was talking out of his ‘proverbial’ when he said  James had the potential to  winning The X Factor, but hell he certainly lifted the roof off the arena.

Guy thought there was too much going on, however didn’t he see Adam Lambert  on American Idol.

Natalie was positive and said ” Loved this vibe for you, but thought getting on the floor was a bit much.

Kyle  kept up his nasty image by saying “Great performance ……but still hate you.” Now that is harsh.

Sally Chatfield – Red – Daniel Merriwether

She is a front runner, but the three guy judges again bagged out Natalie’s song choice. Not that it matters her girls can sing and that is where she is very lucky.

Sally however has such a great voice, but this song did not hit the heights that her audition song did. But hopefully she will hit it out of the ball park next week.

Mahogany – What Do You Want From Me – Adam Lambert

Now the problem for this sister group, is the thing about reality TV talent shows is it is all about growth, and as Ronan Keating pointed out they are the finished product. Yes we will get reliable high quality singing from them week after week, but will they be able to motivate people to pick up the phones to vote?

Ronan said “you are awesome the finished package”

Natalie said ” don’t listen to all that media stuff you deserve to be here”.

Kyle just said “Brilliant”.

Andrew Lawson – Rhianna – Please Don’t Stop The Music

Now this guy has a  star vibe or  what the judges would call the X Factor. Kyle’s bizarre song choice worked for me in this instance.

Ronan said “the world needs an artist like you”.

Nat said ” I am in two minds… ” and Kyle asked for clarification. And she said started muttering something about song choice.

Guy  was much more articulate and said ” you were lucky the song only went for a minute and half as it peaked early”

Brave of Andrew to say “who are you?” to Kyle in reference to his sparodic mentoring, and brought back memories of those slappers on the UK version of the show who said that to Natalie Imbruglia and then started fighting.

Clip is here:

India-Rose Madderom – Battlefield by Jordan Sparks

I thought she was good, and looked sensational. However she needs to stop being pigeon toed when singing as it was distracting. I am going to hang onto my theory that she is a favourite of the judges due to media coverage.

Alytian Childs – Soul Sister – Train

Holy crapola I actually liked Alytian tonight. It was like the live audience brought him out. He still looks like he could cry at any moment. Also I did not quite buy his reason for moving back home at the age of 35. He said it was because of his father’s heart condition I did not quite buy.

Nat didn’t like the styling. I actually liked it, and thought it helped his performance, and he did remember his lyrics. Will be able to keep it together for the next few months if he remains on the show? Now that will be interesting to see.

Prediction of the one to go will be Luke and Joel


1 TB { 09.20.10 at 1:38 am }

I thought India-Rose was seriously overrated and was surprised at the muted praise for Hayley.

The first two boys were a trainwreck! I think they’ll be the ones to go, or any of Kyle’s boys – they all seem so young and frightened.

2 Kaylen { 09.20.10 at 1:51 am }

I enjoyed tonight’s show, and really enjoyed the X-tra factor after it. :)

Re: India-Rose and media coverage – it’s pretty state based, I think. All I’ve been hearing about is the two (I think) from Queensland. Haven’t heard anything about India-Rose until I saw it mentioned on this blog.

But then I could have missed it. 😛

Be interesting to watch tomorrow, as well as the X-tra factor after. I think as things go along, the technical difficulties will work themselves out. Am loving Natalie G. in her role – a real hoot. 😛

I honestly don’t see the appeal with Andrew. *shrugs* But I do agree with your prediction on who will go.

3 Jay { 09.20.10 at 4:12 am }

Did anyone notice on the Xtra Factor while Kyle was giving his excuse for being absent, the cameras cut away and managed to catch Natalie turning to Ronan and quietly mouthing “good cover”.

4 Lea { 09.20.10 at 11:03 am }

Totally agree with your assessment on who will go, also on Guy Sebastian’s value as a judge and mentor. Kyle’s song choices were dodgy and it’s a shame for his guys that he’s the only non-singing judge so his mentoring would be fairly useless. The heated exchange between him and Natalie I seemed real and rather uncomfortable, not the usual bantering that judges do to try to get ratings.

Mahogany were the standouts last night and I do think India-Rose was overrated. I was surprised more of the judges didn’t mention that she went totally off in one part, and her performance felt a bit forced – probably due to song not having been her choice.

5 Jen { 09.20.10 at 11:53 am }

I am not normally a Guy Sebastian fan – I find his songs too soppy – but wow what a mentor – especially with Kharizma – they were the act of the night. I actually stopped and listened to their song when normally I flick between stations. Kudos Guy.

6 Laura { 09.20.10 at 12:17 pm }

I agree, I love Guy as a mentor. I remember that he used to be a music teacher before he won Idol, he seems to have great instinct. I have to say that his song choice for the boys was LAME, but I guess that their aesthetic is not his forte. The other two were genius though.

I think Ronan’s song choices were the best, actually, especially Alytian. Very clever. Amanda’s dancers looked ridiculous though. Notbthat Hayley’s were any better!

Kyle did not do a good job mentoring. Andrew was brilliant but the other two fell flat. I don’t think they are at a disadvantage because Kyle is not a singer; I would have thought that he had good instincts (I usually agree with his critiques, if not the delivery). In this case the boys just needed more guidance and confidence, which he could have provided them had he been there.

I think Nat did the worst job, to be honest. Her girls have the most potential but I barely remember their performances. India-Rose was screechy. I did like Hayley’s hair.

7 Sooty { 09.20.10 at 12:54 pm }

I thought Ronan did the best job in song-choice, mentoring, and styling his three.

Natalie made her girls look suburban and boring. She transformed Sally into a middle-aged woman. Hayley without red hair was nondescript. And screechy India-Rose in that too short frock – ye gods.

I thought Kyle was foul the way he looked India up and down as if sizing her up for a lapdance as he ‘assessed her performance’.

Guy’s styling was rank, I thought. Ditto Kyle’s non-styling. Those poor young guys!

Luke did a good job hosting, and was kind and sweet to the scared contestants. I can’t imagine Mathew Newton being that good at handling the rift between the judges meaner comments and the contestant’s hopes for how they went.

I was surprised how enjoyable I found the show, after all. Even more surprised at James, who I’ve not liked vocally etc before.

And finally! I always knew Alytian Childs was a star. So pleased to see him shine. If InXS or however you spell it need (another) new frontman he’d be perfect. Hope he’s a bit less stressed, next time. I thought his head was going to explode.

8 brain dead dave { 09.20.10 at 1:39 pm }

Those Mahogany sistas are packing awesomely big saddlebags. Those leggings got to have the XFacta.

Mahogany have invented a new genre….Hippo Hop.

9 Sally { 09.20.10 at 6:19 pm }

Altiyan (correct spelling) did great, but most can’t be bothered getting his name right, so I doubt he’ll be with us long. I was seriously underwhelmed by India-Rose after her being an early favorite of mine. Perhaps you’re confusing Mahogany with others, Brain Dead. Some of Mahogany are quite slim. But there are certainly a few big girls on the show. (Do we hear ‘I’m a real woman and love my body’ closely followed by a serious diet?)

10 Reality Raver { 09.20.10 at 6:19 pm }

Jay – I missed Natalie Imbruglia mouthing that to Ronan, apparently Kyle clarified things on his radio show this morning, but since I don’t listen to it I don’t know what he said.

TB – I will be surprised if they survive, and if they do will we have a new hillsong conspiracy.

Kaylen – I wish I could get to know more about other contestants as well. Yes I thought for the first show Nat G reminded me a bit of Cat Deeley.

Lea – I think India-Rose will get a lot of judges loving I suspect.

Jen – yes agree Guy is the big surprise package of the show. though I did like him when he mentored on Idol last year.

Laura – good point about Guy being a music teacher. Also I think Ronan did great with his group which is the hardest to sell to the audience.

sooty – I thought James was at least confident and entertaining.

Brain dead dave – you are evil.

11 Megan { 09.20.10 at 8:35 pm }

For those knocking Kyle’s song choice for Andrew Please Dont Stop the Music, I was actually surpised that fellow judge Guy Sebastian hadn’t done his homework, I thought for a minute he had when he mentioned Jamie Callum because Jamie (the maestro of Jazz, and a perfect model for Andrew) actually covered Rhianna’s Please Don’t Stop the Music… and thought it was a great performance by Andrew.

I thought James was also a standout kookiness and all, and agree with RR they can’t have watched Adam Lamberts performances if they thought James was over the top. Kharizma was great and really enjoyed Altiyan’s performance, as well as Sally and Hayley.

I don’t really buy the Judges fueding as genuine either, I think its all to boost ratings, they do these type things on UK Xfactor as well. Its a pity the ratings have been so poor.

12 brain dead dave { 09.20.10 at 9:37 pm }

Thanks Sally. I am getting Mahogany confused with Kharizma after all.

13 Sooty { 09.20.10 at 11:11 pm }

“Altiyan (correct spelling) did great, but most can’t be bothered getting his name right, so I doubt he’ll be with us long.”

It’s been announced umpteen times that the spelling of contestant’s names won’t effect their vote-counting, but thanks for the correct spelling. It’s an unusual name. I think “can’t be bothered” is a rather rude assumption. I personally blame all my spelling mistakes on typos.

14 Bay { 09.21.10 at 6:43 am }

Loving seeing Guy Sebastian every week! He is really bringing out the the best in his groups.

Have to say I am really enjoying X Factor – interesting contestants so far!

15 Panda { 09.21.10 at 5:39 pm }

Sooty I agree, Natalie’s girls looked very suburban. I think she is trying to make them look like her, especially Hayley.

I hope they hire a stylist to work with all the contestants. I feel bad for Kyle’s boys because if they have to get style advice from him there is no way they will ever look hot to trot. While they are at it, they could just replace Kyle all together. ^_^