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So You Think You Can Dance Australia – Apparently Matt Has Attitude

Well that is what this week’s edition of TV Week  is saying.

In an article written about a photo shoot at Luna Park with the dancers, by the sounds of it the TV Week staffers were not too impressed by Matt’s  attitude.

The article said:

While the majority of the dancers were all smiles, despite the 6am call time for our shoot, one of the reality stars was in serious need of a reality check.

Matt, the supposed cheeky chappie of the bunch, shocked TV WEEK staffers with his four-letter outburst when we asked him to get his hair and make-up done – then later, he kicked up a stink about having to carry his own bag.

As several of his fellow dancers told us, however, this behaviour was no one-off.

“I don’t know who he thinks he is,” one of the contestants tells TV WEEK. “He’s a dancer, not some big celebrity.”

“He’s the one contestant with an attitude,” seconds another. “None of us want to tick him off because he just blows up and we don’t need that in our life. We don’t want that [negative] energy to ruin our day.”

“People are definitely starting to show their true colours now,” weighs in a third. “I stay away from certain personalities, because I just can’t deal with them.”

Also the article goes on to say the rumours are not true that there is a budding romance between Keiran and Carly.

The article goes onto talk about how Jess S has had issues with her two partners, Doug and Nick, as they have been married and engaged.

The article says:

After having been paired with two men – Doug and Nick – who are either married or engaged, Jess S admits she often felt that her partners put a barrier up.

“Because they both have significant others, it’s like there’s a wall there that I have to try and break through, ” she reveals. “I can’t touch them the way I want to because they have these boundaries. It’s much easier to get that connection with a gay guy, as they don’t care.”

“Nick is a great partner, but we’re very different because he’s religious and quite conservative,”  she continues. “I’ve never really had an open conversation with him; I just can’t get through to him the way I want to.”



1 Dakota { 03.22.10 at 2:15 pm }

Great article! I still can’t believe Nick’s not gay – reading (I think it was your article or TV Week again) that Nick’s the one who is the most “aware” of his appearance and popularity – its hard to believe he’s the religious and conservative one… probably just h aving troubles with his sexuality or something LOL.

So as far as I can tell, Heath was the only gay guy there that Jess could’ve danced with? Poor girl – I like her alot!

2 Anonymous { 03.22.10 at 3:49 pm }

Dakota, I find it rather sad that the only thing you can focus on is the sexuality of some of the dancers. They are there to dance and entertain us, not bare their souls to a public that seems greedy for shallow gossip. Sexuality, religion etc…….. that is absolutely none of our business. Your comments could hurt the young dancers who are doing their best to give you a bit of wed/thurs entertainment. It’s a bit flippant of you. I wish you well and hope you can see that being so judgemental is not a good thing as we are all far from perfect. It is only a dance show afterall. They didn’t sign up to sell their souls to us.

3 ali { 03.22.10 at 3:51 pm }

really, wow, it seems like this group of dancers has a bit of bickering going on between them. I think Matt will be out next anyway

4 heartfelt { 03.22.10 at 4:34 pm }

I believe that Matt will be out next week too. Either him or Nick, but I feel they will leave each other in succession. I don’t feel Jessica (ballroom) or Jess S. will last much longer either. Things are getting interesting now……..

5 Dakota { 03.22.10 at 5:01 pm }

Wow – thanks anonymous for taking the context of the comment and turning into your own personal tirade. I have absolutely no problems with anyone or their preference – being not straight myself, I was actually sympathising with Jess and how she felt. All the remaining dancers are great the way they are, however, if you actually intellectually looked at what I wrote about Nick, was cracking a joke about the different reports on him. I don’t know any of the dancers, so why would I actively judge or label them? If you had doubts about my intent or the context of my comments, try actually asking me and i’ll elaborate. I’m sorry that you felt offended, however and didn’t wish that to be the case. And as a final point, Its amusing that you refer to them baring their souls etc, sexual preference is irrelevant usually, but since they are on a public show (in the same vein as Big Brother, Idol their personal life is up for public scrutiny, and they reveal what they wish to have revealed… its not like i’m whiffing around for gossip lol – I couldn’t care less – as I said its been a great year, and I agree with ali – there seems to be a lot of bickering. Again, apologies for you taking offense.

6 Anonymous { 03.22.10 at 7:27 pm }

No, not a personal tirade. I just think the world would be a better place if we were all a little more gentle with each other. It can’t be personal, as I don’t personally know any of the dancers, nor have I ever had my sexuality questioned in a public forum. I think on a show like Big Brother, where everybody goes out of their way to behave as badly as possible in order to grab the limelight, well then no harm done by comments like yours. The contestants are picked for their eccentricities and varied sexual orientations knowing that it will bring more spice and drama to the show. But the kids on this show are there to fulfill a dream of Australia’s favourite dancer. And none of them have been badly behaved on national television. Let’s respect their efforts and their wonderful talent.

Thank you for your apology Dakota. It is accepted. God bless.

7 akris { 03.22.10 at 10:40 pm }

I thought Nick was great with Grace…. so maybe Jess S is the one with the problem?? Although I can understand why it might be uncomfortable.. but still..I guess we’ll see with her next pairing.. I hope she doesn’t drag Kieren down!

I agree.. i think Matt is next to go..

8 Anonymous { 03.23.10 at 1:24 pm }

Doesn’t surprise me about Matt. I hope he goes next, I still kinda think he’s not Top 20 material, let alone Top 10.

9 sora { 03.24.10 at 7:30 am }

I hope matt is next in line to go

and jessica

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