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Masterchef Australia – There Are Eight Deadly Sins If You Add In Channel Ten’s Editing

Again the Masterchef Australia editing was the equivalent of a deflated souffle with the producer’s not showing the judging of Adam’s invention test dish. This follows on from the fact that regular commenter Little Petal on the Spoiler thread, had said the preview for tonight’s episode showed Claire had won tonight’s mystery box. Considering there had been that clanger in the Thursday night’s episode, I would have thought someone might have double checked the preview ads….

Tonight was the mystery box to win, as it meant they bypassed the invention test, and therefore only have to dodge Wednesday night’s bullet and then they are into the final week of the competition. Unless of course Claire manages to win the Celebrity Chef challenge on Tuesday night then she will have the final immunity pin, which can only be used in this week’s elimination.

It was a big prize for 30 minutes of cooking.

The mystery box had pandan leaf, prawns, banana, chilli, basil and pancetta.

Jimmy said he wanted to show the judges that he could cook something different, but he couldn’t with his croquembouche with basil sauce, stuck together with honey. I am still not sure whether it was meant to be a appetiser or dessert. Callum’s prawn dish with the soup was too salty showing once again that if it is not a dessert he is a out of his depth.

Courtney and Claire were judged to be the top two dishes, with both doing a variation of prawns. Claire who is peaking at the right time dished showed slightly more sophistication, technique and flavour than Courtney’s.

In the invention test each contestant had to select one of the seven deadly sins and incorporate that theme into their dish.

This challenge was very similar to one they had on Top Chef Los Angles where the seven deadly sins had to be incorporated into the dishes of a seven course meal. Personally I don’t have problem of ripping off the Top Chef challenges, but I do wish someone would do an Australian version of this show.

Claire had the power to select who got to pick their sin first. She picked Courtney first, who chose envy but really had nothing in mind and wandered around the pantry for 15 minutes.

She picked Jonathan second last, which he took as a sign that Claire saw him as a threat, and she did not want him to be there for the final week, not that she just did not like him.

Jimmy was picked last and was left with sloth, and to be honest I don’t know why he didn’t just replate his croquembouche from the mystery box. Seriously it is a travesty that he is still there and not Marion.

Callum picked gluttony and made a chocolate dessert, which the judges really loved, however it depresses me that he has made it this far without making many first rate savoury dishes.

Aaron did a world first and merged Italian and Mexican cuisines to make mole ravioli, Matt Preston said it fulfilled the theme of pride due to him having the arrogance to think he could pull it off, however he did not mention flavour. He did mention the ravioli was undercooked.  I did laugh when Aaron was explaining his dish to George Calombaris when he was cooking it. George looked horrified and said “Aahh good luck” and scampered away.

Courtney’s sweet and sour trout salad, and lemon and lime cheesecake was thought to not show enough technique. However Alvin’s take on greed looked delicious with a bowl of caramelised pork belly served with rice, and Gary Mehigan was in raptures.

Jonathan’s dessert of meringue, strawberry sorbet and white chocolate mousse had not set so was a disaster, and he did not get time to plate it and left the paper still wrapped around it. It was meant to represent lust, and the closest it got was representing the end product of this sin.

Gary Mehigan thought the presentation is a disaster, but thought the flavours were stunning.  Whilst  Matt Preston gave him a dressing down saying “This is not the first time you have failed to deliver, do it once is an aberration, but to do it twice we start to question your ability to organise yourself in the kitchen.”

WTF? What does he say to Jimmy, Aaron, and Callum who have stuffed up four, five and six times? Or are people judged at different standards?

And of course we did not get to see Adam’s “Angry Chicken” which was meant to show wrath.

Jimmy  way of representing sloth was making curry croquettes, but he burnt the curry sauce, he then turned them into Australian/Indian rissoles. The dish was an embarrassment as was the judges trying to do some sort of pantomime by bringing out a sofa and pretending to be slothful. I thought George Calombaris was being kind when he said “Regardless of theme the food has got to have some heart and soul” .

It was no surprise that Jimmy was in the bottom three, nor really was it surprising Jonathan was there as well. But Courtney appeared to be there because she showed lack of technique. I thought they were meant to be judging on flavour.

Hopefully Jimmy will go tomorrow night, if Jonathan goes this will mean another of the better cooks will be out of the competition.


1 Injera { 07.12.10 at 6:17 pm }

DMC: where can I get a macaron pipe? Sounds like just the thing to get me through the rest of the week if anyone but Jimmy goes tonight.

CB: I had to google the McMahon bokk – was sure you’d made it up. Now I’m considering getting it just to check whether, like Julie, there are blank pages in it to add one’s own wit and wisdom. Alas, it’s out of print.

2 brain dead dave { 07.12.10 at 6:28 pm }

Jimmy’s favourite holiday spot- Cloncurry
His favourite bird-the Currawong
When Jimmy dies he’ll be curried to his grave.

3 Chunks { 07.12.10 at 7:28 pm }

Injera, there are bound to be plenty of copies available very cheaply on Ebay!

4 NT Kate { 07.12.10 at 7:41 pm }

Matt – My point was that the three people who do not go into elimination from the Invention test have exactly the same odds of reaching finals week as the winner of the invention test (unless she manages to win immunity). And that Johno’s long term campaign (if has one – he stuffed up his classic french dish in Paris!) would have been better served by doing a classic french invention test recipe that came off then tossing away, on this occasion, his chance of winning the mystery box which was obviously going to be judged on inventiveness rather than just failing to stuff up given the prize and the way the judge’s think.

In any case, tonight will be interesting….

5 Matt { 07.12.10 at 8:11 pm }

NT Kate – but you’ve got to not lose the invention test. If you didn’t win the mystery box then your chances of getting through are dramatically reduced.

You are correct in saying your chances of getting through are the same as the m box winner – but only AFTER you sneak through in the invention test.

6 Culinary Boner { 07.13.10 at 12:12 pm }

Injera, I also am keen to view (though, perhaps not purchase) little Billy’s book. It’s spine would look good on my bookshelf, perhaps alongside the much more useful Don Dunstan Cookbook. In fact some of Don’s recipes would be well worth replicating for a MasterChef challenge…with the boys all donning Safari Suits.

7 SydneyGirl { 07.13.10 at 3:05 pm }

Even though Jonathan was a touch arrogant he was also a really good cook, though a couple of times put up a bad dish, so I don’t think he deserved to go home. But Marion leaving was a joke – that elimination was unfair anyway. it should have been the worst two on the team – so the elimination would have been Aaron and Adam. Then Aaron would have gone. Aaron is arrogant and mean-spirited, and is an inconsistent cook. He won’t win, so what’s the point in keeping him? The people who deserve to be in the finals week are the people who have a chance of winning (aka Claire, Adam, Marion, Jonathan, Courtney) and the rest should be battling it out.

8 SydneyGirl { 07.13.10 at 3:08 pm }

I’m sorry LivingLaVidaLoca, but I (and everyone at my school) think Adam is an amazing cook and does not deserve to go until late in the finals week or make it to the finals. Not to be rude/offensive or anything