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Masterchef Australia’s Adam Liaw Getting Married?

Rumours are circulating up in the Byron Bay area that Masterchef Australia Season 2 winner Adam Liaw is getting married in the area later this year.

Adam who has a Japanese girlfriend of two years will be be moving back to Australia to capitalise on his post masterchef  opportunities. He has said previously that he is worried how she will cope with his new found fame because she is a private person.

He is currently looking for a site on his first restaurant in Sydney a Japanese style pub. And also he is working on his first cook book to be released next April.

I don’t know where he would find the time to get married, but if the rumour is true then an October wedding could be on the cards.

UPDATE: Adam Liaw tweeted to say he was not getting married. So she won’t be living in Australia on a marriage visa just yet.


1 Muru { 08.12.10 at 2:28 am }

I’m very surprised Australia doesn’t have an izakaya yet, to be honest; smart move on Adam’s behalf to open one in Sydney. I went to heaps of them when I was in Tokyo earlier this year and it was an incredibly enjoyable experience.

Even though I absolutely despise Adam, I’d have to try his restaurant out.

2 Injera { 08.12.10 at 4:51 pm }

Melbourne has a few places that call themselves “izakayas” – I guess there are so many different izakayas in Japan that the local versions could be like some of them!

It must be tempting for Masterchef contestants to try to launch their projects while they are still “hot”, but I hope Adam doesn’t feel pressured to hop to it too quickly – he’d have so much to learn and so many people to get on board and that’s got to take time!