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Farmer Wants A Wife Update – What Has Happened Six Months Hence

Watched the finale last Wednesday and wondering what is happening with the Farmer’s and their loves? Well kindly OK Magazine and TV WEEK has the gossip for us.

Here is what they had to say:

Farmer Becky:

Farmer Becky and her man of choice Joe Headon, Signed off from the show keen to make their long-distance relationship work – she lives with her eight-year-old daughter, Charlie, on a ranch seven hours out of Adelaide, while Joe lives in Darwin. However, it seems absence didn’t make the heart grow fonder. “We are no longer together,” Becky reveals to OK!, but says that she’s still friends with Joe. “We still catch up on Facebook. It would be hard to keep in touch any other way – he lives so far away!”

There is no one special in Becky’s life at present. “I was seeing someone for a bit after the show, but that’s not on anymore,” she tells us. As for regrets, there are none for this female farmer. She’s happy to have gone on the show, and her decision to choose Joe in the end, even if Gavin Baker who has a daughter of his own, might have seemed a more suitable choice.

TV WEEK also reveals it was Joe who decided not to proceed with the relationship. He said “If you don’t ahave a spark, you can’t have a fire,”. But Becky says “I wanted it to be [more] but he doesn’t so…”

Farmer Devon:

He could go on all day about Leila Sweeney’s good qualities, 25-year-old farmer Devon Mill told viewers during the finale, but their fairytale romance wasn’t meant to be. Not long after the show wrapped, the farmer from Hopetoun, Victoria, parted ways with the 21-year-old fashion designer and according to farmer Charlie’s lady, Alison, the couple is no longer on speaking terms. Leila has since moved to Sydney and is living – in an unlikely coupling- with Christy Lang, the contender for Charlie’s heart who was bitten by a Redback spider during her farm stay.

As for farmer Devon, he’s single and , rumour has it, under instruction from his parents to keep his mind less on the ladies and more on the farm!

Farmer Jamie:

Pearl Diver Jamie Morgan, 41, from Western Australia’s Monkey Mia found his gem in fellow WA native Emma Bramwell early on in the show and Nat reveals the pair didn’t hesitate to take their relationship to the next level. “She moved up to Monkey Mia very quickly after the show ended,” she says. “They’re still happily together.”

However I just bought TV WEEK and they are saying they have split – Farmer Jamie said their love “lasted the plane flight home,” and he adds “Towards the end of the show, she became a different person. Emma however says “I think he wants someone who’s in holiday mode all the time.”

Farmer Charlie:

Is still with Alison and she is making long term plans for country living. She is looking at becoming a rural doctor. OK Mag says the pair are blissfully in love, but marriage is not on the cards. “It’s the longest relationship either of us has been in. It’s a learning experience, its’ good, it’s fun.” she beams.

Farmer Shaun:

On last week’s finale Farmer Shaun had said he had found love outside the show however TV WEEK states that his relationship with country girl Lucy, who he met after the farm state didn’t work out. However he still might have a shot at love as many girls have contacted him via Facebook. “I’ve got phone numbers for a few people who I’m hoping to catch up with,” he reveals.

Farmer Nathan:

Well I was wrong he found love and he is now engaged, and he proposed whilst on the show. Always a risky move and in my opinion slightly tacky. But then it is entertaining, like Boston Rob proposing to Amber on the set of the Survivor Reunion. They are now planning their wedding and also babies might be on the cards for this loved up couple.


1 Izobel2 { 09.20.10 at 3:35 pm }

Thanks RR, I’ve just emailed and informed my sis & sis-in-law of the updates. They’ve both asked what “my” latest goss is.
They know I’m addicted to your site!
Thanks also for the Amazing Race US & Survivor US dates. Looking forward to both. Cheers for the X Factor recap too. No wonder I never get any work done. Always on your site!

2 Reality Raver { 09.20.10 at 6:00 pm }

Get your sis and sis-in-law to come and read the site…

thanks for the kind words and yes I will be covering those two shows. There is a plethora of reality on at the moment.

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4 Emma { 05.04.12 at 2:29 pm }

Hello only watched last Wednesday like watching farmer wants a wife Emma