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Claire Winton Burn’s Love Life Is Conflicted

After  a debate on the blog this week with opposing views about whether Masterchef Australia’s Claire Winton Burn was a man eater, this article emerges in the Sunday Telegraph.

The article states:

The former lawyer is in a relationship with a work colleague at the law firm, Clayton Utz, which made her so miserable she joined the reality show searching for a better life.

The problem is, the colleague left his wife and three children for Claire just after the birth of his third child.

A recent interview Claire gave to New Idea set a cat among the pigeons at the law firm when Claire named the man as her “partner”, something which also shocked the ex who is struggling at home alone with a baby and two other young ones.

Claire refused to comment on the relationship when we contacted her.

Her partner was tight-lipped, but offered this when we called for comment.

“I don’t really want to talk to the press about anything, Claire’s told me,” he said. “I don’t really have anything to contribute, thank you.”

Hell I have done some weird stuff to dump guys but never gone on a reality show.


1 skye { 06.13.10 at 11:15 am }

I heard this piece of gossip on the grapevine right back at the start of the show – I think I actually referred to it obliquely in the comments here somewhere (had been sworn to secrecy by source of said gossip so couldn’t spill, sorry), very surprised it took so long to emerge. Really classic gossip of the most depressing sort, and doesn’t endear Clare to me one bit.

2 Kaylen { 06.13.10 at 11:20 am }

I think this makes Claire that much more interesting! Hee. :)

3 CG { 06.13.10 at 11:27 am }

Does interview with No Idea mean Claire is on her way out before the final? Ch10 seems to be losing its grip on contestants this year. They are all over Twitter and granting interviews that surely are not consistent with the type of gossip and PR ch10 wants to get out? Maybe the contract they sign with 10 is worth shit and all these lawyers know it so aren’t worried about breaking it?

4 Injera { 06.13.10 at 11:27 am }

How awful. I didn’t get the impression from the article that she was dumping him, though… just that she wanted to get away from an awkward work situation. Perhaps was being isolated at work once the relationship became known? It does seem a bit strange to choose a reality show as the means of changing that situation.

Small point – the first line refers to her as a “former” lawyer, so I guess she’s given up the lawyerin’ for good, then?

Skye – if your reference was too oblique, it would have completely gone over my head. Think the subtlety radar is fractured at the moment! Still, I’m not going to go over your comments to see if I can pick up the hint!

5 brain dead dave { 06.13.10 at 11:28 am }

At least Irmgard had more class than this hare brained homewrecker…. maybe Claire can get onto Cheaters next.

6 Injera { 06.13.10 at 11:31 am }

CG, I think the interview with No Idea was probably one of those sanctioned “inside the Masterchef machine” – meet the top ten – thingies. If it was Woman’s Day, that would be off the reservation, but No Idea seems to be the “official” MC tabloid outlet.

7 CG { 06.13.10 at 11:38 am }

Injera: Interesting re No Idea being a sanctioned outlet. But still surprised Ch10 would want this type of publicity of any contestant, it is not positive in any sense?

BTW my assessment last week that Claire is a maneater had nothing to do with this interview or knowledge thereof. I’ve just seen her type over-and-over again and picked her as someone who would break up relationships and families to get what she wants. Interestingly, this is the same profile of that blonde woman (can’t recall her name) who was on season 2 of the UK Apprentice. She had broken up three marriages to get the man (twice the man was her boss/CEO of the company she was working for at the time) and in at least one situation the wife was pregnant or had just given birth. Claire’s demure act doesn’t fool me one bit…watch her eyes and the way she manipulates men. Ha!

8 skye { 06.13.10 at 11:49 am }

Oh, it was so oblique no one would really have picked up on my Clare allusion – it was back in the Top 24 stage I think. This was when I heard the Clare gossip, and apparently (according to someone else) it was actually mentioned on talkback radio that night also, but obviously never picked up on:

skye { 04.22.10 at 9:49 pm }
Someone on another forum was saying he has a raft of unpaid suppliers too.

Meanwhile it seems like the gossip is starting early about contestants this year, Claire also coming in for some mentions tonight apparently.

9 Injera { 06.13.10 at 12:05 pm }

CG: this is all just supposition, but the way I read it is that Claire mentioned her partner in a No Idea story – don’t know the context, might have been a brief, passing reference – which has prompted someone to go to the Tele with these details. If her partner left his wife for Claire, I’d imagine there would be a few people who’d be a bit pissed off and who would have seen that reference to the relationship as provocative, whether or not it was intended to be.

10 Fides { 06.13.10 at 12:24 pm }

I’m pretty sure I read the No Idea article while waiting for takeaway a few weeks back. It could have been Woman’s Day, but the content kind of follows what everyone’s been talking about. Claire did talk about how miserable her life as a lawyer was and how she felt she couldn’t go on any longer, had reached a crossroads and had to make a change, which I interpreted as a turning 30 thing (having done a similar big career switch myself when I was 30).

She did mention her partner’s name and how supportive he is, and I think she said something about how she knows when the competition ends for her, he’ll be there and will continue to support her. Actually, I might have to go back to that shop to re read the article for finer details – but as I said, what I do remember is how she felt her life needed to change, and that she has a supportive partner.

11 Sooty { 06.13.10 at 12:38 pm }

Well, she won’t win then. Which leaves a tantalising competition between Marion and Marion. Awesome! (Title of Marion’s winners cookbook “Awesome!” or maybe “Awesome Eats!”)

By the way, my beef with Marion (who was my early fave and then I fell in love with Alvin) began after she responded to tasting Frank Camorra’s deep-fried meatball with an erudite, specific, complimentary, intelligent blog writer, articulate, Masters-of-Gastronomy-style ‘Awesome!’ Frank winced.

‘Awesome’ is a perfectly adequate all round current term, used best by Bret Michaels when meeting one of the ‘twenty most beautiful women in America’ especially those sporting truly huge circus tits; also perfectly fine for Bret when expressing general agreeableness on Celebrity Apprentice. It is a reasonable modern response to overall good news – ‘the red team will be dining with the best chef in the world’ etc. That’s a-maaaazing! Awesome!

Amazing and Awesome should be this year’s patented MC words. My Passion for Food is clearly out of favour now….

Even Sharnee, who I will believe cannot cook at all once I have actually seen her cook a couple of dishes, managed a more specific response to a tasting: ‘the blue part gives it a nice crunch”. Go Sharnee!

Back to Claire, ugh. I knew there was something reprehensible in that droopy drawers Oh pick me up kind sir I am about to faint act. Poor wife of man who fell for it.

12 Wurstsemmel { 06.13.10 at 1:27 pm }

Didn’t think much of her and her ‘act’ before, think even less of her now.

13 FullOn { 06.13.10 at 1:33 pm }

If this story is really salacious I am suprised it has taken this long to break. I would have thought that the woman sitting at home with 2 young kids and a baby , or her friends, would have blown the lid off months ago.

14 brain dead dave { 06.13.10 at 1:42 pm }

Parts of the story seem far fetched ie..finding a straight guy working in a law firm.

15 pollywaffle { 06.13.10 at 2:41 pm }

With a name like Claire Winton Burn, the story is just screaming for a ‘today tonight’ expose…the email trail unfolding on the screen, each with a Brontesque quaintness
“That water cooler moment….I hold on to it as I would hold on to life.”

16 FullOn { 06.13.10 at 4:24 pm }

Channel 10 are probably behind releasing the ‘dirt’. It’s all good for ratings

17 Reality Raver { 06.13.10 at 4:30 pm }

The wife may have dodged a bullet and be glad he’s pissed off. Who knows.

Sooty – LMAO – agree awesome is this year’s whatever. Not in Masterchef but in life generally.

Skye – I do remember your comment now, I just thought if something was going to come out it would come out following that, but it has taken much longer. No wonder she doesn’t want to go back to the law firm.

CG and Fides: I remember glancing at an article about her but it was so dull I kind of forgot about it immediately. How did she do in the kids party challenge.

Wurst – she must have known it would come out.

Injera – maybe you are right I misinterpreted the article.

Brain Dead Dave – ha ha she is from Melb not Sydney so more hetero men. Maybe the only straight one was the married one.

Pollywaffle – just reading an article on infidelity over the internet now….

18 sourkraut { 06.13.10 at 5:47 pm }

Oh dear lord
Has Chris B been fooling around with her? Has she been bankrupt twice ?
Why am I asking? I dont give a shit!

19 sourkraut { 06.13.10 at 5:53 pm }

I think all youse wimmen should stop reading No Idea and wimmens day an who (the f%*K) weekly and take up a prescription to Zoo magazine and broaden your horizons

20 pollywaffle { 06.13.10 at 6:23 pm }

Sooty – maybe Marion watches too much Ellen?

21 Jacqui { 06.13.10 at 7:22 pm }

Wow! Seems season of masterchef we get a new scandal. Very interesting!

22 brain dead dave { 06.13.10 at 7:40 pm }

Zoo is for knuckledraggers…Who’d want a”prescription” to that?Lol

23 sourkraut { 06.13.10 at 10:07 pm }

Ever heard of irony?

24 Paul { 06.13.10 at 10:31 pm }

New Idea (Pacific Publishing) is affiliated with the Seven Network.
Womans Day (ACP) is affiliated with the Nine Network.

Both magazines would be doing their best to ‘spoil’ the MC franchise.

25 sourkraut { 06.14.10 at 12:04 am }

nonny mousse
so all the stories about chris b really were crap?

26 brain dead dave { 06.14.10 at 1:08 am }

I certainly have heard of irony,Sourkraut. After all, it’s use goes back to Socrates -who clearly you are not, which is why your post looks more like passive aggressive wanking..

27 skye { 06.14.10 at 1:33 am }

Well, my source ( who is right in the thick of the action) totally disagrees with Nonnymouse regarding the details of the Clare situation. I have absolutely no reason to doubt the veracity of my source’s version – they have nothing to gain and swore me to secrecy when they imparted the story.

28 sourkraut { 06.14.10 at 1:37 am }

at least its passive thats more than i can say for yours! BTW your not exactly Plato yourself

29 reality raver { 06.14.10 at 12:12 pm }

Nonnymouse and Skye – well we will see if anything comes out later in the week in the gossip mags.

Being in food court at a shopping mall yesterday watching families eat – by the looks on most husband’s and wife faces, most blokes would happily run off with Claire, and most wives would happily run off with Manu!

30 CG { 06.14.10 at 4:08 pm }

As I’ve posted earlier, I’ve seen Claire’s type again and again. But it dumbfounds me what men see in a woman like that. Mysterious and complicated? Desperate and needy? Quiet and submissive? Or “eyes wide shut” kinky behind closed doors? Definitely similarities with Nicole Kidman on various fronts. Nicole is also a maneater. Not talking Tom Cruise (although she did lure him away from his then wife Mimi Rogers at the time). But if you recall, Nicole has also bedded Lenny Kravitz and Robbie Williams, among others.

31 Dawson L { 06.14.10 at 7:38 pm }

So I googled the story and this site came up. All I can say is – nonnymouse is spot on. I have had a lot to do with one of the parties involved and the story is BS. Skye – not sure who you have been talking to but your source is incorrect (or at least exaggerating, a lot). Also, I thought you said your source swore you to secrecy? Don’t believe everything you read, people.

Also – are we really that shocked that the daily telegraph is spinning crap?

32 CG { 06.14.10 at 8:06 pm }

Mousey, the core and undisputed fact seems to be that Claire is with a man she used to work with and that she may or may not have been responsible for breaking up his marriage. I have known – personally and for a fact – many, many women who have broken up a marriage and have claimed they only hooked up with the man after his marriage was already over, he had moved out of the marital home, etc. If the story as reported is incorrect, presumably Claire will go on the record and clear it up. But 99.999999% of the time where there is smoke, there is fire.

In my last post, I don’t say anything specific about Claire and as I state, what makes up and drives women who are able to breakup marriages and families is a mystery to me.

BTW was it you who came here last year and told us that the stories about ChrisB. and his womanising were also fiction? What a coincidence that in a country of 22+ million people, one person happens to know the intimate details of the personal lives of two disparate reality show contestants? Hmmmm.

33 CG { 06.14.10 at 8:15 pm }

Ha! I just did a quick search and not only did Nonnymouse come here last year to tell us that the stories about ChrisB’s womanising were bogus…she was also the authority on the nature of Justine and Lucas’ relationship and told us that the rumours that those two were intimate were false.

Perhaps our resident oddsmaker can help us here?

Paul: what would the odds be of one person (aka Nonnymouse) knowing the intimate details of the personal lives of 4 different reality show contestants (Claire, ChrisB, Justine, and Lucas) over two seasons and involving contestants from at least two states?


ETA: oh! and there is more. It turns out Nonny was also the authority on the Poh-Andre relationship rumours. Telling us all here that she knew for a fact that speculation was also false! Truly amazing!!!

34 Paul { 06.15.10 at 10:11 am }

As nonnymouse saud if you know someone connected its not hard to know these things I would imagine.

Rather rely on his sources than inane gossip from one of the womens magazines whose parent company is in opposition to the Network that MC screens on.

35 IKnowAfewBits { 06.15.10 at 11:46 am }

Justine and Lucas- definately not on together at any stage
Poh and Andre- were like brother and sister
Chris B- Cheated on everyone and everything
Poh is dating a former ‘runner’ from the masterchef production team
CG- Your comments seem to be 100% spot on when it comes to cheating women saying after the event that they did not get involved until after all previous relationships were over, despite the fact that that is a blatant lie. CG- Let me introduce you to Julia Jenkins!

36 brain dead dave { 06.15.10 at 1:26 pm }

Mmm,that Poh juice might be a few months old. I live near her and think she’s probably not dating anyone at the moment. How sure are you of your sauce?

She did have a guy hanging off her last summer.

I can say with surety that Poh doesn’t shop at MC sponsor Coles and that when faced with the choice of Handee Ultra Towels or a cheaper brand called “Safe”, she buys the “Safe”.

37 sourkraut { 06.15.10 at 11:52 pm }

What’s so bloody amazing.
Apart from my good self, everyone that posts to this blog seems to know one or other of the contestants and their business. Makes me think most of them are related to the contestants or work for ch10 or womens day

38 CG { 06.16.10 at 2:56 am }

BDD: are you stalking Poh? how do you know what kind of paper towels she buys. that is a little creepy!

Sour: it is not amazing that friends, coworkers, ex’s, etc. would know a contestant have some inside information. My point is that Nonnymouse seems to have the inside information on about 5-6 unrelated contestants across two seasons. What are the chances of that?

39 brain dead dave { 06.16.10 at 11:54 am }

No CG,I’m not stalking Poh but have seen her in the wild a few times,most recently in the local supermarket. I noticed her spending some time choosing between the towels mentioned and found it amusing that she chose the non sponsored item. I suppose it’s a bit creepy to watch her do so, but no harm done-she didn’t notice me and it’s not like perving is it?

Apart from that, I don’t have any first hand inside info on numerous contestants and agree that such a situation is highly improbable.

40 Paul { 06.16.10 at 12:52 pm }

More than likely that a lot of the production crew involved in season 1 are also involved in season 2.

There in lies your answer I would imagine.

41 sourkraut { 06.16.10 at 1:53 pm }

As Croc Dundee said, “better than average” if the person works for ch10 or one of the gossip mags

42 Gossip Mags Competing Over Claire Winton Burn’s Love Life | reality ravings { 06.21.10 at 2:51 pm }

[…] Well it seems every weekly gossip magazine has been chasing the story of Claire Winton Burn’s love life. Last week the Sunday Telegraph broke the story that Claire’s partner had left his wife and three children to be with her. (See previous blog post) […]

43 Reality Raver { 06.21.10 at 4:13 pm }

Dawson L – Would it be possible for you to email me on Thanks.

44 lindy { 07.10.10 at 5:10 pm }

CA i say i cannot stand clairess fake doeyedxpression that she puts on…makes myskin crawl i want her out!! HOMEWRECKER!

45 Observer { 07.17.10 at 2:23 am }

Claire is a manipulative, conniver… & I’m not talking this stupid affair…no I’m talking about her behaviour on M-Chef. Just watch her carefully, she was so glad that Marion & jonno were eliminated … In fact, watch closely & you’ll see a hint of a smile. And also, there was the way she uncharacteristically JUMPED up to hug Aaron (Marion’s elimination). Watch out, the judges are favouring this stupid bore! Marion deserves to be back!

46 LucyBaker { 07.24.10 at 3:11 pm }

Masterchef is rigged for PR – hence only occasional blind judgements – Claire would have made the final if it weren’t for her “love” life.

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