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Masterchef Australia – Heeelllllllooooo Adam Melonas

Hello Adam Melonas the charismatic Head Creative Chef, of La Terraza del Casino in Madrid. Call me jaded but terms like progressive cuisine and sensory restaurant’s make me roll my eyes. However even though I was not enamoured by the dish I did like Adam’s energy and personality.

But first some housekeeping, tomorrow night there will be an Open Post up for the army episode, as I am out with my trusty stand-in Injera. Unless of course someone would like to write the post – hint Sourkraut hint.

Tonight Claire was taking on Adam Melonas in the Celebrity Chef challenge and seriously she must have known she would not be able to win this challenge of making his Green Peas and Egg. Maybe this was why she was looking so relaxed, she decided just to enjoy her moment in the sun. Claire we need to see more of this side of you.

And obviously we won’t be able to make the dish at home unless you have a vacuum machine, a litre of liquid nitrogen and a water bath.

Claire had an hour and 45 minutes to complete the dish which was 30 minutes more than Adam, and he was very generous with his time and tips. Also Gary came in and gave some advice as well with the pea gel lid.

Adam’s dish was presented first, with both Matt Preston and George Calombaris both complaining about the lack of seasoning on the dish. It is a wonder they didn’t complain about the lack of oil as well. I know some chefs refuse to put salt on the table because they think their food is perfectly seasoned, hopefully this pair do not eat at those establishments.

Claire’s presentation was not as refined with big mint leaves, more soup and her lid was leathery.

Donna gave Claire a seven, as did George and Matt for a total of 21.

Matt gave Adam a seven, but George gave it him an eight, they both told him they had seasoning issues. Whereas Donna Hay had been hit with the Adam Melonas charisma stick and coughed up a nine out of ten, ensuring Claire was not going to get an immunity pin.


1 Tania { 07.06.10 at 10:28 pm }

Ohhhh Adam was a BABE! I’d kill to work with him. I’m thinking of giving up my psych career to get into chef training. I’m 26. Yay or nay? I hate my office job but worried I’ve left it too late!

It takes four years. I’ve spent six on psych and realised I hate it!

Seeing gorgeous men like Adam spurs on the fantasy :)

2 librarygirl { 07.06.10 at 10:30 pm }

This is very “clever”cooking, and I think the techniques are quite fascinating, but I just feel there is no heart and soul in it.
It’s whizz bang Year 8 sciencey looking stuff but I don’t look at the food at think “yum”. Is that not the point of food? I don’t want to admire its cleverness or its trickery. I would love someone to convince me otherwise – just feel I must be totally missing the point of molecular gastronomy.

3 rusty { 07.06.10 at 10:41 pm }

My family were rolling around on the couch at the judges’ comments. Wankery taken to new heights, Donna Hay.

Never knew MC was supposed to be Comedy Hour

4 seepi { 07.06.10 at 10:41 pm }

Ick. the raw egg looked revolting. And didn’t Gary and George have a go at Aaron from last year about mushing up peas, then reshaping them into pea shapes?? Suddenly they are major fans of this pointless technique.

Anyway – here is my conspiracy theory for the series – maybe Jono is deliberately throwing challenges to get into more bake-offs and get more tv timme. does he have Tv plans for after the show??

And donna hay annoys me. she sounds angry whether she is saying positive or negative things.

5 Sourkraut { 07.06.10 at 10:52 pm }

if i was to write the post i think it would upset too many of the punters. Better to have an open post so we can vent our spleen as we go.
Missed 2nites ep cause stupid recorder is broken. Sounds like just as well. Every time I see Donna H, I get the anal irrits, ( still can’t forgive her for what she did to Chris B…. got me really browned off that did) and a combination of peas and egg would look like something from Barry Mckenzies chunder from the eiffel tower.
Sounds like 3 stooges judging ep…. Malice in the palace or disorder in the court.

6 Rosie { 07.06.10 at 11:19 pm }

My husband took one look at this tonight and said, “What a load of bullshit.”

I usually defend Masterchef to him, but not tonight. It didn’t even look like anything I’d ever want to put into my mouth. Coddled egg with green crap. Yuck.

7 Pollywaffle { 07.06.10 at 11:26 pm }

A very cheap Greenpeace ad indeed.

Have to admit the Chef candy was better than usual, there was some sexual tension at the outset between Claire ( saucily camisoled under her whites) and Adam ( yeah, dashing but sadly just a pea freak) which was quickly killed by multiple visions and textures of Blairesque green peas – ….plus closeups of Alvin wrapped up in a man-throw.

Jonno was also adding to the ‘heat in the kitchen’ doing his poor chef’s G. Clooney impression on the balcony – we just needed a tall brunette to walk like a duck through the MC kitchen and it would be Ocean’s 7 in an instant.

But in the end, watching 3 dorks split a frozen pea after a hard days work is beyond my powers of concentration.

8 Pollywaffle { 07.06.10 at 11:34 pm }

Im tired I meant Oceans 11, just that the menu tonight reminded me of the lettuce and egg sandwiches at 7-11

9 Pollywaffle { 07.06.10 at 11:35 pm }

Skt, you should produce some t-shirts to serve your cause …. I will start you off

Is Don is…….

10 Melanie Young { 07.07.10 at 1:42 am }

darl….of course Claire was “relaxed” taking on Adam Melonas in the Celebrity Chef challenge… of course Adam was “generous with his tips & time”…..either probably couldn’t care less whether Adam’s Green Peas & Egg made it through the vacuum machine, the litre of liquid nitrogen or the water bath…they were practically having sex on screen…it was all happening…am I imagining things? If Claire & Adam don’t hook up asap I’ll go……..good on you Gary with your “tips”….!

11 AnonyMousse { 07.07.10 at 2:02 am }

Hmm. Probably the only thing interesting I found in this episode was the science-volcano of the rising/falling liquid in that machine. Not a dish I’d ever be enticed to order, to be honest – when it’s all said and done, whatever the textures it’s still peas and runny egg (and yeah, I remember the judges calling exactly this sort of thing with the remade peas ‘wanky’ during season 1’s preliminaries).

12 CG { 07.07.10 at 2:09 am }

SEXIEST GUEST CHEF EVAH!! You guys can have Manu, I’ll take Adam! Wowza.

Melanie Young – LOL. I had exactly the same observations but dare not post my thoughts as I might be accused of attacking poor, misundertood, vulnerable Nic…erh, I mean Claire.

13 smauge { 07.07.10 at 9:45 am }

I knew Adam would get the girls all excited. I thought he’s good looking but his food completely put me off. Zumbo’s still my man.
I doesn’t help that I hate peas, raw egg and molecular gastronomy. What a wank.
And yes the judges did bag out Aaron From-Last-Year’s fake peas, but they did put him through, didn’t they? From memory they said the same thing Claire said last night – “basically you take peas, make them into a soup, them make them into peas again” *eye roll*

14 Pollywaffle { 07.07.10 at 10:29 am }

MY, I accord, they were both taking the peas. Claire was more interested in rolling in some pea straw than her pea roll up and Adam did mention he’d have her in any kitchen

15 Anonymous { 07.07.10 at 10:50 am }

“….plus closeups of Alvin wrapped up in a man-throw.”
Polywaffle you just made me LMAO at work here. Good one!

16 Izobel2 { 07.07.10 at 11:07 am }

not that anyone cares but that was me LMAO at the waffle above.

17 Pollywaffle { 07.07.10 at 12:09 pm }

CG, the daring public liaison, the demure ‘run for your money’ comment [insert ‘big boy’], the Halting Kubrick soundtrack, the creepy people peering from a distance…. I guess you were in fact watchin ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ ( with peas)……Geo- put it on your menu , its a winna

18 CG { 07.07.10 at 12:12 pm }

Polly: and of course both painfully over-acted and drawn-out dramas starred Nicole Kidman! And interestingly, Eyes Wide Shut was Kubrick’s final film and died before the film was released!

19 Reality Raver { 07.07.10 at 1:26 pm }

CG – I thought it was a no brainer that Claire would be batting her eyelids at him. In fact if I had been cooking against, I doubt I would have been plating anything up I would have been so distracted.
George said he was the former chef at one stage then in his to camera pieces it indicated he was still at the Madrid restaurant. I wonder if he is deciding to come back to Oz. I suspect he will have a ready made clientele now!

I WAS going to write about Claire sparking up in his presence, but I was more amused by the simpering of Donna Hay in the Adam aura.

20 CG { 07.07.10 at 2:03 pm }

RR: Yes, it was also interesting to see Donna’s behaviour in Adam’s presence. I could comment on the difference between how Claire and Donna flirted with Adam but I won’t because I’m exhausted from defending myself in the shitstorm that will no doubt resume if I express my views on that topic.

21 rusty { 07.07.10 at 2:12 pm }

Go on, CG,

I’d like to hear it.WHo cares about the response.

It must be my age or lack of sleep (up half the night watching the TDF and REAL men) (and in retrospect he’s too pretty for me), but I didn’t really notice, until you all mentioned it, that Claire’s man-operator function was on display.

22 sourkraut { 07.07.10 at 2:16 pm }

Not quite sure about the t-shirt.
Anyhoo glad I missed last night. It sounded like a bucket of steaming green splatt.
At least it was modern so it should have appealed to the inner city food snobs who peer in disgust down their noses at anything SHOCK Horror from the 70s or 80s

23 Pollywaffle { 07.07.10 at 2:17 pm }

Rusty, I know, you were far too consumed by Matt P hitting on his Petit Pois with the sultry, silky mouthfeel shots
He either has cracked em with Geo or he’s refining his ” Two-Face” for the next Batman

24 Pollywaffle { 07.07.10 at 2:19 pm }

Skt – it might be a Victorian thing ( salami ad)….so to the keeper

25 Reality Raver { 07.07.10 at 2:30 pm }

CG – Your views are most welcome, and I am sure this ongoing fracas is over. Hint, hint to both of you.

I bet Manu is worried his title of hottest chef in Sydney is about to be snatched off him.

Sourkraut – I am loathed to tell you that I am off to Quay tonight, as that might put me in the inner city wanker box…. But agree last night’s dish was clever but not something I would like to eat, I cook far too much of eggs and peas at home.
But it has been awhile since I have been to a high end restaurant in Sydney and am very much looking forward to see if it is going to live up to the hype. The last one I went to was Yoshii in The Rocks and found it underwhelming particularly the service.

26 sourkraut { 07.07.10 at 2:37 pm }

I don’t mind the loathing, its all part of lifes rich tapestry.
Did you go to the Beer place a t Crows Nest /St Leonards yet/ I’d be interested in your take on it
Yep I knew about the salami, but I think I would be arrested if I made a tee shirt about it

27 KC { 07.07.10 at 2:40 pm }

I still think Manu is hotter because I LOVE his accent but I have to say Adam is not that far behind in the hotness list 😀 You know what would be fun? If you did a poll on the hottest celebrity chef that’s been on the show for both seasons at the end of this season. Male and female included of course.

I really liked this episode…I love when people cook like this because its so different and I was absolutely like the peanut gallery, oohing and aahing at Adam’s techniques. Its just so interesting 😀 And a happy Clare made the episode even better. My mum was saying how pretty she is when she smiles because she rarely ever does smile.

28 sourkraut { 07.07.10 at 2:45 pm }

i didn’t refer to you as a wanker. The point I was making is that I get pretty sick of some of the posts here criticising food because its not modern. That is just as silly as raving about a dish just because the chef is hot
Can a peas Hah

29 brain dead dave { 07.07.10 at 2:45 pm }

I watched Manu pick his nose on Ready, Steady,Cook last year.

Not so hot.

30 Pollywaffle { 07.07.10 at 2:51 pm }

Skt – You are such a Hayter….Bella Donna is the obvious ( deadly nightshade for those not into Chorophyll)

…..on that note Geo was peaved off last night as he was out-greened)

31 Reality Raver { 07.07.10 at 2:53 pm }

Sourkraut – I know you were not calling me a wanker, my tongue was firmly in cheek. For the record I don’t drink lattes but sometimes partake in chardonnay…

Brain dead dave – Oh yuck I won’t be able to look at him in THAT way again.

32 Fides { 07.07.10 at 3:12 pm }

It’s just as well Claire did the challenge, not Adam, because I don’t think the chemistry between Adam and Adam would’ve been quite the same. Don’t think samurai Adam has mastered the coy little smile and eyes. Don’t understand why they made such a deal of his generosity in letting Claire do the challenge either- it might mean something if 1) he did not already have a pin and 2) his dumpling dish in the homestyle challenge had been the major factor in deeming them the winner.

Nothing about last night’s dish looked appetising at all – I’d rather eat the fake runny egg Marion made in the celeb chef challenge in London than a real runny egg (always elicits the gag reflex from me) with what looked like an Uncle Toby’s fruit roll-up stretched over the top.

Raver – so lucky! Whatcha gonna eat at Quay? The squid with flowers dish Pete G made for the private Masterclass had me looking up the website and checking out the menu and prices.

33 Pollywaffle { 07.07.10 at 3:15 pm }

Fides – Don’t forget Shazam’s got his magic ring too

34 Suzanne { 07.07.10 at 4:45 pm }

Thought the episode was good as it showed “molecular gastronomy” techniques to us home-style cooks, but egg & peas?? Not a flavour combo I think I would ever go for.

Agree with above comments about the point of making small pea-shaped objects out of pea flavoured soup/ goop. Now if there had been green pea shaped objects with a crispy bacon flavour, the dish might have worked a bit better.

35 Buzz { 07.07.10 at 5:31 pm }

Pollywaffle, loved the oceans 11 reference. Lost a mouthful of perfectly good Pinot Noir thru my nose.
I love d.hay’s raspberry-spiked brownie recipe, but don’t think she has a good TV presence.
A face so hard you could pound herbs on it.

36 Fides { 07.07.10 at 6:03 pm }

Polly – yes come to think of it lil Adam is rather Hobbit like isn’t he? I can’t work out if he is trying to be samurai, pint sized sumo-wrestler or as I’ve seen on several places on the web, the lovechild of one K Rudd and one P Morita.

37 rusty { 07.07.10 at 6:29 pm }


now that you’ve drawn my attention to it, Matt P’s pouty little “mouthfeels” might just send me shuddering to State of Origin tonight instead to get clean again!

though, those army lads might also do the trick …

38 MelbaToast { 07.07.10 at 7:46 pm }

Green eggs and peas? Gag. I agree that the green stuff on top looked like a bogger rollup.

39 Pollywaffle { 07.07.10 at 8:37 pm }

Uniforms do it for me?…..TMI Alvin

40 Sourkraut { 07.07.10 at 9:51 pm }

Green will always beat the EVIL brown. I’m surprised they haven’t done a red white and blue yet though

41 Sourkraut { 07.07.10 at 9:52 pm }

Straight from the bogger?

42 Sourkraut { 07.07.10 at 9:56 pm }

Brain Dead Dave and Pollyw
How dare you criticise the gurlies eye candy?
Shame on you
I sentence you toe eat a bucket of MC Splat

43 Reality Raver { 07.08.10 at 3:39 pm }

Fides – yes had that salad and it was divine. Highly recommended for that special occasion.

44 Fides { 07.08.10 at 11:43 pm }

Thanks Raver – you’ve made up my mind!