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Masterchef Finale – Media Frenzy

Well it is all Masterchef Australia today in the papers with just about every angle being covered.

But first I will put an open post and I will be “live blogging” well really just making comments with the rest of you.

Also tomorrow I will have my review and critique of Masterchef Australia the second season up on blog. Also later I will discuss the reality shows you can watch to fill the reality show void Masterchef will leave….

I am wondering whether selected people have been told the winner, so we will see  by the front cover of TV Week tomorrow.

Also reading in the papers Callum says his signature dish is chocolate fondant, so again gobsmacked why Adam and Claire handed it to him on golden platter. For the record Adam’s signature dish was rum and lemongrass pork belly. Adam also states in this article that chocolate will be his undoing apparently he has not eaten it for 25 years. WTF? (Source: Sunday Telegraph)

Here are some links and other bits related to Masterchef to whet the appetite for the night.

Interesting leakage from the Masterchef set in relation to Claire Winton Burn. The Sunday Telegraph (scroll down) have a little vignette that says she was not real popular on the set.

It says:

  • WORD from inside the MasterChef camp is that Claire Winton Burn left the show with

    few friends. Allegedly, the flame-haired Melburnian offended colleagues on set with her pouting tantrums and tears, and barely co-operated with tonight’s finale episode because she was so sour about being kicked off.

    “She was such a bad sport,” an on-set source said. “She was even hiding from the camera when they tried to film the final scenes.”

    With such a reputation, we can’t see many endorsements coming her way.

Interestingly enough I am searching for some interviews online with Claire but I cannot find them. Are they being very selective who they are choosing to interview her?

Also here is a link  to an video interview with Gary Mehigan where he talks about some of his favourite places to eat. I concur with his choice of Cafe Sopra in Sydney.

The Sunday Tele also had a little column by Matt Moran who said this year’s contestants were better then Season 1, and he made a funny comment about Justine saying she had done some work experience for him, and she was a “sweet girl”. So not sure what he was implying about her cooking ability.

You may have already seen this Who Mag article on Callum where he talks about the heartbreak of his dad dying. Which is indeed sad, however I am worried whether this is a hint that he has won tonight?


1 littlepetal { 07.25.10 at 1:30 pm }

He he he. LOL to hear that Callum said the Chocolate Fondant is his signature dish !!!! Obviously he has no signature dish when he started MC and picked this one up from Gary in the MasterClass.

2 brain dead dave { 07.25.10 at 1:34 pm }

Good thing there wasn’t a worm tracking Claire during the series- it would have curled up and died trying to follow the world of pain /happy place flip flops.

3 Pollywaffle { 07.25.10 at 1:41 pm }

BDD ..Claire wormed her way into the finals but was hearf-hearted after all the lambasting

4 littlepetal { 07.25.10 at 1:41 pm }

BDD- very funny. Claire can be the worm and she can hide. I think she is pissed off that Callum is the Final 2 and not her. To be honest I think she is a better cook than Callum. Callum only has potential but not there yet.

I am still laughing. After baking 35 fondants plus some the day before, fondants has become Callum signature dish !!!! Obviously that lamb dish will not be Claire’s signature dish.

5 brain dead dave { 07.25.10 at 1:46 pm }

Sounds like a few people on set found Claire a pain in the hearth. She’s the Akermanis of cooking.

6 Anonymous { 07.25.10 at 2:17 pm }

Eh, I’d be pissed off too if I’d seen Callum skate into the finale before me. Wonder who the on-set source was? It’s not very nice of them to take a shot after it’s all over.

7 Anonymous { 07.25.10 at 2:29 pm }
8 AnonyMousse { 07.25.10 at 2:38 pm }

littlepetal – To get in the competition they had to cook a dish for the judges that impressed them enough to put the person in the top 50, so that would usually be considered their signature dish. Whether that’s what Callum cooked to get into Masterchef, or whether he changed his signature after being on Masterchef a while I don’t know. I don’t think Adam’s ever cooked on the show the one he listed, has he? (It didn’t sound familiar). If not, that’s presumably have been the one he did to get on.

9 Fides { 07.25.10 at 2:50 pm }

The signature dish that Adam cooked is the one he did in Top 50 challenge. He does a video demo on the MC website (he’s pretty good giving the demo, but I don’t know about the rum in the dish…)

Will go see if there’s a video of Callum doing choc fondant or he did in fact change his signature dish…

Well well – just had a look – Callum’s signature dish and video demo show
barramundi so obviously it’s only the fondants that stand out now.

10 Anonymous { 07.25.10 at 3:16 pm }

If anyone gets spoilers…please pop over to the spoiler thread to share :)

11 CG { 07.25.10 at 4:30 pm }

Why am I not surprised by the alleged behaviour and alleged unpopularity of Claire amongst her colleagues. I call ’em like I see ’em. While I don’t blame her for being pissed off Callum is in the F2, there are others that went before her that are also much better cooks than Callum and arguably better cooks than Claire (Jono and Marion being the obvious examples). But rather than being bitter, Marion and Jono appear to have made the best of their MC experience and exposure and are moving on with their new careers. Claire should have seized the opportunity to build a brand, attract supporters and investors, and jumpstart her “new” career. You can easily do as much damage to your reputation and career as you can benefit from the MC exposure.

Someone tweeted about an hour ago that all the MC contestants were gathered at a cafe nearby the Alexandria studio. According to most reports, the filming of the announcement will commence at 5:30pm Sydney time.

12 Anonymous { 07.25.10 at 4:38 pm }

CG: yeah if the rumours are true you made a good assessment of Claire
RR: meant to post this a whileago: its MC1 Trevors restaurant reviews by punters(sounds like he is still using bait prawns)

13 AniMotek { 07.25.10 at 5:14 pm }

Don’t know whether you caught it, but the Herald Sun has a video recap of the whole series (mostly the eliminations) at

14 littlepetal { 07.25.10 at 5:36 pm }

It is getting so hot that the main MC website won’t allow people to get in.

15 Anonymous { 07.25.10 at 5:45 pm }

from the MC site
Have Your Say
Thank you for voting!
Adam 50% (8,570 votes)
Callum 50% (8,571 votes)
Total Votes: 17,141

16 littlepetal { 07.25.10 at 5:48 pm }

That is the only poll where it is close between Adam and Callum. All the other posts on various websites or papers have Adam way ahead.

17 CG { 07.25.10 at 5:48 pm }

RR: had a look for the Matt Moran comments on Justine but couldn’t find them in the online Sunday Tele. Was it in the hard copy only or do you have a link?

18 Anonymous { 07.25.10 at 5:49 pm }
19 Anonymous { 07.25.10 at 5:53 pm }

Last year, there were one or two guys who showed extraordinary talent – and Justine has done some work for us this year and she’s a sweet kid – but nothing like this year’s.

Read more:

20 CG { 07.25.10 at 6:07 pm }

Thanks for the link, Anonymous!
Wow, that is harsh re Justine.
More diplomatic and “party line” than Neil Perry, though! :-)
Wonder who MattM. thinks were the stars from last year and who he really think is best cook from this year’s bunch.

21 TB { 07.25.10 at 6:40 pm }

I don’t really buy into the rumours re: Claire’s on-set behaviour in the taping of the finale. She seemed happy and laughing along with the rest of them during the Masterclass. I think they’re just trying to paint their villain for this year.

CG – I get where you’re coming from for the most part, but she hasn’t been eliminated for as long as Jono and Marion, and she has already got her website up and running and plans forthcoming. According to the SMH interview she did, she has also even arranged work experience with a local butcher since she admits her time management with preparing meat like for the GG challenge, is lacking.

Anyways I’m not even a Claire fan. Adam FTW!

22 pluck a duck { 07.25.10 at 8:36 pm }

Claire WATERWORKS-Burn: I reckon the judges were probably over her by the time of her exit, but they had to keep her in as the token woman in the top 4 (we couldn’t have 4 blokes, could we?) because she was a far better cook than the other remaining female, that “returning ring in” Courtney, could prospectively be.

Callum might come across as the “warm and fuzzy” bumpkin but I suspect he has a lot of innate cunning – so it doesn’t surprise me that he would change his signature dish (to the chocolate fondant) if it suited. All the potential and willingness to learn aside, he’s light years off deserving the MC title.

If Adam, as it appears, is the favourite on various betting lists, then in true Aussie tradition he’s probably “dead in the water”, as the deemed underdog (in this case, Callum) gets up often enough.

23 AniMotek { 07.26.10 at 6:27 am }

Thought this interview might be one you haven’t seen: The Australian Jewish News did one with Jonathan:

24 Jhonny { 12.16.12 at 6:05 am }

she is focused on “ending well.” Wow. Her tesonmtiy is reaching around the world. She will never know how many people she has reached for the glory and grace of Christ. THANK YOU for that link!- and the clothesline? Our homeowner’s association doesn’t allow them either, but I doubt FavoriteSon’s allergies would withstand air dried sheets. We use the dryer.