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Does Julia Miss Out On the MasterChef Australia Spoils Again?

There was much chatter on this forum about whether beating the chef in MasterChef Australia and being fast tracked to the finals may not have been as advantageous as it first appeared.

The consensus was the two chefs Lucas and Julia, and in particular Julia missed out on much of the MasterChef fun, as well as not able to get used to working in the high pressure, time limited challenges. They were the first two to be punted out in finals week which confirmed this theory. The other issue was because of limited screen time Julia was not able to garner a following, therefore would not have been a popular winner.

Well the MasterChef Australia curse may continue for Julia, as in this article in the Daily Telegraph it states there is still a lot of interest in the MasterChef contestants.

The article said:

Lisa Sullivan of management stable Forum5 said the TV phenomenon was “now bigger than when Jamie Oliver hit the food scene,” with “massive” interest flooding in for winner Julie Goodwin and runners-up Poh Ling Yeow, Chris Badenoch and Justine Schofield.

It would appear Julia’s low profile from the show may mean she will miss out on the post MasterChef cashing in opportunities.


1 Tenner { 07.26.09 at 2:06 am }

Julia deserves all the joys she persues. Lets hope she gets the whole package as she so rightly deserves.

2 BB { 07.26.09 at 4:14 am }


3 AM { 07.26.09 at 3:54 pm }

She rightly deserves very little.
She has no following and has left a trail of damaged relationships behind her. She also was quoted as saying she didn’t want to cook – why would you invest in a spoilt brat – she has got so much to learn.

She comes across as a fool (with appalling taste in men and a complete disregard for respect or loyalty).

4 sourkraut { 07.26.09 at 6:15 pm }

On the other hand this tends to prove your point 1