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Ajay Rochester Down But Not Out

Ajay Rochester

New Idea ran a story this week about how former Biggest Loser host Ajay Rochester was having a hard time in Los Angeles following her dream of US stardom.

The article which extensively quotes a friend, who I hope is giving her a cut of any money they may have received, states she is putting on weight because she cannot afford to buy fresh fruit and vegetables. Apparently she missed out on host role on a fitness program last year because of visa issues.

But even the Daily Telegraph reveals that she is not letting it destroy her dream of making it in the US, as she has cut ties with her Australian agent Max Markson, and she plans her own road trip to Chicago to pitch a show to Winfrey’s Harpo Productions.

Got her give her ten points for gumption, but if she is so broke why doesn’t she try and get some freelance writing or waitressing work.


1 Paul { 06.03.10 at 11:42 am }

I really feel sorry for her child who she is dragging all over a foreign country.

Unfortunately, I get the feeling that Ajay is not quite right and that this could end badly.

2 Obie { 06.03.10 at 11:48 am }

She seems to have made a career out of flogging stories to the womens mags

3 Reality Raver { 06.03.10 at 2:21 pm }

Paul – Agree especially as the big thing when she was in court was she could not get a jail term because of his autism. However I don’t think she deserved a jail term.

Obie – what amazes me is they keep buying them