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Brynne Is Back But Buried Late At Night

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Brynne Edelsten is back with her reality TV show. However it is now called Brynne: My Bedazzled Diary, which is different from last year when it was Brynne: My Bedazzled Life.

So will it have a lot of diary like voice overs about the demise of her marrriage. To be honest it is going to be hard to get interested as we have read about the breakdown in Brynne and Geoffrey’s marriage in the gossip magazines. Their tit for tat articles has meant we already know the plot line for the show.

Interesting is that Geoffrey brought her some relevancy as now the name on every pap’s lips is Gabi Grecko who already has a cover on FHM magazine. Unfortunately for Brynne her 15 minutes must be almost up.

Network SEVEN obviously are not feeling confident about the show as they have buried it at 11.00pm toight to start after premiere of The Amazing Race Australia v New Zealand which is will start at 9.00pm on SEVEN.

Brynne: My Bedazzled Diary on SEVEN at 11.00pm.

August 4, 2014   9 Comments

Brynne Edelsten Strikes Back – But Both Parties Are Spinning Bulldust


The Edelsten divorce is like watching a game of tennis as the outside observer flicks between weekly gossip mags to watch each party sledge each other. This week it is Brynne’s turn.

She is in New Idea saying she is broke.

The Daily Telegraph is reporting she could not go to her Grandmother’s funeral in the US because she had no money and Geoffrey refused to py for her.

The Telegraph writes:

“I asked if Geoff was willing to help me with airfares to get to the funeral, but he wasn’t,” she tells the magazine.

“Geoff had threatened to change the locks on our apartment and he’d done that quite a few times in the past, so it wasn’t something that was unbelievable.

I was scared that if I went away to the States, I wouldn’t have anywhere to come home to. That broke my heart. It was horrible, especially knowing how much my mum wanted me there at Grandma’s funeral with her.”

Edelsten and her 70-year-old ex continue to share their Melbourne penthouse apartment as the details of their divorce are ironed (which sounds like an incredibly juicy premise for the next season of Brynne’s reality show, My Bedazzled Life ). Geoffrey is reported to sleep on the couch, while there have been rumours Brynne has held wild parties at the residence using his money — something she refutes.

“There is no housekeeping money and no wild parties. The honest truth is that I don’t have an income right now, Geoff has cancelled all the joint credit cards and I don’t have anywhere to go. I don’t have family here, I don’t have the money for bond and I can’t afford any rent.”

Edelsten also uses her interview with New Idea to issue a bitterly ironic plea for privacy.

“Divorce is so personal and it should be very, very private,” she says.

I am calling bulls**t on both sides of this divorce. If she was so desperate to go to her grandmother’s funeral why did she not sell some of the stuff she would have from her marriage like her jewellery or ask her parents for a loan. OK so she may have had to fly economy -big deal.

Also if she is so worried Geoffrey is going to change the locks why is she comfortable and relaxed going out to nightclubs and events as Geoffrey could change them anytime.

Anyway I am sure more tales of woe will emerge from both sides.

February 11, 2014   4 Comments

Has Geoffrey Edelsten Hired A PR Company?


The Edelsten divorce must be about to get ugly as it appears that Geoffrey Edelsten has hired a PR firm to improve his image and damage hers in the media.

He clearly does not want to part with any of his cash but he should have insisted on a pre-nuptial agreement. It alleged she refused to sign one but he could have said well go back to being a cocktail waitress in USA if you don’t sign on the bottom line.

In this week’s Woman’s Day “friends” close to the doctor have come out slamming Brynne.

In summary Woman’s Day writes:

  • Geoffrey is now a prisoner in his own home and is sleeping on the couch;
  • Brynne is refusing to leave until she gets what she wants;
  • She is thowing wild parties including french champagne bought from the “housekeeping funds”.
  • Her dog Juddy urinates on the furniture and she does not clean it up;
  • She has refused the offer of a two bedroom apartment, a new car and a monthly allowance as she wants more.

It will be interesting to see if Brynne returns fire. Also does Geoffrey really think she married him for love when there is a nearly four decade age gap? For a smart man he certainly makes plenty of mistakes in his love life.

February 5, 2014   20 Comments

It Is Going To Get Nasty Between Brynne And Geoffrey

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It is apparently getting nasty between Brynne and Geoffrey Edelsten and it is all about the money.

The SMH is reporting that there was no pre-nuptial agreement between the pair. How dumb was he? Also they are living under the same roof and it is getting tense. Geoffrey’s ex Leanne has also been on the interview trail saying the marriage was a sham.

However how much money he has is up for debate. A few years ago it was allegedly $100 million but he has filed for bankruptcy in Ohio.

The article (scroll down)states:

“Geoffrey is the master of dragging these things out. It will be a tough battle,’’ one of Brynne’s closest confidantes told PS. Edelsten filed for bankruptcy in Ohio last week, claiming he had debts of $18.2million and was only worth between $US10million ($11.3million) and $US50million, not $100million as was widely circulated only three years ago.

However Geoffrey is saying he misses Brynne and regrets the marriage breakdown in today’s Sunday Telegraph. He blames the ongoing litigation in the US, but others say Brynne never got over his affair from 18 months ago.

This will be the divorce to watch in 2014 as well as Brynne’s reality show where hopefully the viewer will get a glimpse of when and why the marriage broke down.

January 19, 2014   29 Comments

Brynne Edelston Breaks Up With Husband Geoffrey

In non-surprising news Brynne Edelsten has seperated from her husband of four years Geoffrey Edelsten.

The pair who had a forty year age difference between them apparently tried to make it work and a “devastated” by the demise of their marriage.

New Idea has the full story, the marriage ended before Christmas. It is unclear whether Brynne will stay in Australia or go back and live in the USA. Also whether there is a pre-nuptial agreement in place.

Hopefully the second season of Brynne’s reality series will be shown as it could be very interesting indeed to see if the marriage breaking down is observed. Fans of the first series will remember some tension between them, Geoffrey just came across as strange or maybe he just was not happy to have cameras in his home.

For those who want to recapture their romance here is a link to their marriage invitation. 

Source: Daily Telegraph

January 13, 2014   87 Comments