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Posts from — December 2010

If Dancing With The Stars Wants To Increase Their Ratings Get This Choreographer

Oh my God the Argentian version of Dancing With The Stars positively sizzles (don’t watch it at work), I think it is called Stripdance so that will give you some idea what it is like!

Lara Bingle might be a bit coy dancing to this choreography, but Charmaine Palavi if they were smart enough to give her a run. In fact Brynne Edelsten may have even used some of these moves to hook Geoffrey. Speaking of Brynne I am so going to be barracking for her if she signs up.

December 31, 2010   7 Comments

Trouble In Myer’s Paradise For Jennifer Hawkins

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There appears to be friction between Myer’s and Jennifer Hawkin’s management resulting in Jennifer Hawkins being dumped from the high profile Myer’s G’Day USA event.

The Daily Telegraph reports:

She will now not make the trip and her Cozi label has been dropped from the show.

Jessica Hart, one of Myer’s stable of fashion ambassadors, will replace Hawkins and represent the retail giant at the event.

Myer menswear ambassador Kris Smith will still attend the event.

Myer CEO Bernie Brookes said the shock decision was the “culmination of a number of issues” between the Myer team and Hawkins’ manager Sean Anderson.

Sean Anderson responded by saying:

“This is a personal issue that the head of Myer PR has with me which I’m trying to sort out with Myer privately,” he said.

The article goes onto say Myers were increasingly frustrated by restrictions and constraints placed by her management on what Hawkins would and would not do in her role with Myer and the lack of awareness of her other deals.

I would be interested to know what Jennifer is thinking about all this. She is extremely popular and won’t want anything tarnishing her nice girl image. Her contract with Channel 7 ended this year where she had an up and down time with the Make Me A Supermodel not being renewed after its first season.

December 31, 2010   7 Comments

Reality Tidbits – Wednesday Night Edition

Ricky-Lee Coulter pisses of Myers by not wearing one of their designer gowns and instead going with an Alex Perry one who sells through rival David Jones. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

David Hasselhoff aka The Hoff is in town next week for two days to promote Splice ice cream. Sydney Confidential have got an interview and want the readers to submit questions. But ensure your question is innocuous as it won’t get past The Hoff’s publicist. See previous post on it here. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Camille Grammer is set to make up to $50 million in her divorce settlement from her former husband Kelsey. (Source: Daily Mail)

December 29, 2010   3 Comments

The Daily Telegraph List The 25 Most Influential People On TV

Gary Mehigan and George Calombaris

It is that time of year for lists, and the Daily Telegraph has now put out their list of the 25 most influential people on TV. What was interesting was the reality stars that were on the list as well as the ones they left off.

Matt Preston was number 2 on the list, behind Jessica Marais who took out the number one spot. Also George Colambaris and Anna Gare were on there, but where was Gary Mehigan? He did not make the list. If I was him I would be feeling a tad peeved today. As I thought he proved when he was absent for two weeks from Masterchef Australia this year due to an injured knee that he brought some levity to the show.

He is a nice balance to George and Matt more exhuberant personalities, and ham acting.

Other reality stars that made the list were Manu Feidel, Danni Minogue, Peter Maddison from Grand Designs, and Scott Cam from The Block.

December 29, 2010   5 Comments

Fabio Wins Survivor Nicaragua

Photo courtesy CBS

Judson ‘Fabio’ Birza has proven it does pay to play the dumb blonde by winning $1 million on Survivor Nicaragua. His strategy was to just pay the goofy dumb kid, who made it to the final three by winning the final three immunity challenge.

However Fabio showed he was not stupid when he basically hung Sash and Chase out to dry in the final tribal council before Holly was eliminated. Basically ensuring the jury knew what a liar Sash was.

I was surprised that Chase got so many votes, as Marty said  he was truly one of the dumbest Survivor contestants ever.

Here is an interview with Fabio where he talks about that he was surprised the vote was so close, and also what he is going to do with the cash. He is going to produce short films. Good luck to him.

Also here is Jeff Probst blog post on the finale.

December 29, 2010   5 Comments