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Altiyan Childs Has Had A Turbulent Couple Of Weeks


Altiyan Childs knows how to create headlines however rarely is it positive press for him.

Today there is news that he may have be becoming a father. The Daily Telegraph is reporting he has been spotted in the maternity unit of Royal North Shore Hospital with his former girlfriend Elle Biddles. There is a twenty year age gap between the pair.

Her mother was also accompanying her. The article also revealed that Elle’s mother is Altiyan’s personal assistant. Hopefully he is actually paying her but you would have to wonder where he is getting the cash from as his latest manager Matt Ryan- Garnsey also revealed that he was $30,000 out of pocket from The X Factor winner. (Source:

June 25, 2013   20 Comments

Altiyan Childs Caught Out Again

You can always rely on The X Factor winner Altiyan Childs to produce a bit of controversy and this time it is about his alleged upcoming gigs in the USA.

It appears his big break in the USA may be bollocks as is the tour he as apparently doing.

The Daily Telegraph investigated and found out the gigs did not exist or if they do it is not under his own name!

The Daily Telegraph writes:

TROUBLED singer Altiyan Childs has broken with another management company. And he claims to be playing a string of gigs across the US despite the venues saying they’ve never heard of the Australian singer.

Childs, dumped by Sony Music after winning The X Factor in 2010, told his Facebook fans he will be playing Hollywood’s famed Viper Room this week, as well as shows at Las Vegas’ Tao Nightclub and the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego.

“I have never heard of an Altiyan Childs. I haven’t got anyone under that name playing the Viper Room,” the venue’s Roman Hernandez said. “He’s not on our calendar at all.”

Hard Rock Hotel San Diego’s VIP co-ordinator Elijah Scholer confirmed: “There’s nobody playing here under that name and he hasn’t played here over the past week. I’ve got nothing about this guy in our system.”

And a spokesman for Tao Nightclub said: “He’s not playing here at all, never heard of him. We know nothing about this, there is no such scheduled event with Mr Childs at Tao.”

No surprise that The Daily Telegraph could not contact Altiyan.

If he did go to the US the question is who funded the trip? Was it is fans?

May 1, 2013   176 Comments

Altiyan Childs – Alleged In Court That He Used Ice.

In court this week Nicholas Cocuzzoli alleged that Altiyan Childs, winner of The X Factor, used ice.

The Sunday Telegraph are reporting that Cocuzzoli, who is currently before the courts on drug charges, told them that Altiyan Childs was a frequent user of the illicit drug ice.

The article states:

In court on Wednesday, Childs admitted to using cannabis, saying: “I’ve smoked it before. I had a joint once or twice in the bedroom (of the Ramsgate house),” he said.

Cocuzzoli told the court that Childs would frequently use ice and that the tour team had given up trying to convince him to stop abusing the drug.

“It was a real problem because of the mood swings … he would be wrecked before his shows,” Cocuzzoli told the court. “We tried to address it two or three times but he would go into a fit, kicking walls and screaming.

“It got to the point where it wasn’t worth it.”

Altiyan also spoke in court:

Childs told the court he went to Kogarah Police Station at the “end of March or early April” last year when he told officers he was the “victim of a corrupt crew” after falling out with his tour crew including his then-manager.

Childs told the court: “I was a victim and I wanted some advice. I wanted to talk to someone and ask them.”

The matter continues in court on April 2.

This court case is almost more interesting then The X Factor itself.

March 4, 2012   148 Comments

Altiyan Childs Admits To Smoking Metamphetamine

Oh Altiyan you comment when you were on The X Factor saying you don’t do drugs appears to be shown to be a lie.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Altiyan Childs has been charged with driving under the influence.

The article states:

EMBATTLED rocker Altiyan Childs has been convicted of driving under the influence of methamphetamine and cannabis, outraging fans he has long told: “My only drug is love.”

Capping off a disastrous 12 months, the eccentric X Factor winner pleaded guilty in Taree Local Court this week to having both drugs in his system while driving a car north on the Pacific Highway.

The 36-year-old reportedly admitted to police that he had smoked a “joint laced with MDMA” at a party in Bexley, in Sydney’s south, the night before he was pulled over for a roadside breath test in Coolongolook, near Forster, on November 8 last year.

Childs – real name Altijan Juric – yesterday said it was a “very rare thing” for him to be caught up with drugs but that he was trying to relax after a troubled year.

It would appear more of the bollocks has been revealed about The X Factor winner.

January 21, 2012   51 Comments

Altiyan Childs Has Been Dumped

The saga that is Altiyan Childs life continues with his manager John Martinovich dumping him.

The Daily Telegraph reports Child’s manager  is no longer working for him.

The article states:

Contacted yesterday, Martinovich – who took over Altiyan Childs’ career after he fell out with previous manager Steve Gold in sensational circumstances – was cryptic about the split, saying only that he “didn’t want to comment”.

I need some time to figure stuff out,” he told Confidential. “I’m not in a position to say anything or make a comment just yet.”

But sources close to the singer say that the split ends an association that goes back several years, with Martinovich – a long-time friend of the Childs family – having once managed the singer during his pre-X Factor days.

It looks like this could be the beginning of the end of Altiyan’s career as he will soon become untouchable.

January 5, 2012   25 Comments