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Joanne Zalm Has Facebook Site Specifically Hating Her have a story today saying there are hate sites specifically targetting Joanne Zalm with some messages also containing death threats. Channel Ten has condemned the hate groups.

The article states:

Hundreds of highly offensive comments, including threats of violence, have been posted on the pages with one – named the “Get rid of JOANNE ZALM (masterchef) fanclub” – with just under 1000 members.

“We all know Joanne can’t cook and is not a team player. She is so annoying she needs to go. fell [sic] free to use this page to voice your opinions,” reads the page’s preamble.

One comment reads, “LET’S KILL THE B. . . .”.

Hundreds have joined similar hate groups, criticising everything from the Sydney hairdresser’s looks, facial expressions, Lebanese heritage, dress sense and cooking style.

Some accuse Zalm of receiving preferential treatment from judges while others make crude, sexually explicit references to the 37-year-old.

A Ten network spokesman yesterday condemned the anti-Zalm groups, saying inappropriate comments were always removed from the show’s affiliated forums.

“In environments where we have control, bad behaviour and toxic commentary, not in keeping with the positive spirit of MasterChef, is not tolerated,” he said.

MasterChef is a family show and a family website. We have always removed posts that are abusive and have taken an even harder stance in recent weeks.

“We encourage debate, however all non-constructive personal abuse are removed and repeat offenders banned.”

Zalm admitted she wasn’t aware of the Facebook groups. “I’m oblivious to it,” she said yesterday.

Facebook did not respond to The Daily Telegraph‘s inquiries.

SMH also ran an article about the Facebook site plucking comments from them:

“Finally a place with like minded people, who are obvioulsy great judges of character [can congregate]…I despise her, her voice, the way she looks and especially the way she always passes the buck and refuses to take any blame for things not going right (sic).”

Another wrote: “She bloody cried getting interviewed on 7pm Project – you’ve got 2 be kidding me!!!!!(sic)”

Also they queried whether Joanne Zalm was being kept on the show because of the drama she is creating.

Ten said:

Ten this morning dismissed fan claims that Zalm was only being kept on the show to add to the drama.

“All contestants in the competition are here because of their passion, skill, talent and hard work, and each is deserving of their place,” the spokeswoman said.

On the plus side people are also using online forums to support her. Maybe Channel Ten could give her a bit of loving in their episodes as well.

My advice ignore them it says more about the writer then the person, unless of course they breach any laws, then report them to the appropriate authorities.

I wrote an article about my views on this topic supporting the social media here.


1 Paul { 06.22.10 at 10:56 am }

Only a matter of time until something like this happened.

Nobody deserves that and I feel sorry for her poor family who have to read that sort of stuff.

And please could nobody please say ‘then don’t read it’. This stuff is unavoidable sometimes and why should they have to make sacrificies for the sake of a few idiots who feel its smart to ‘hate’ someone.

2 Sooty { 06.22.10 at 11:44 am }

Some things I like about Joanne:

I like her mobile, expressive face. I like the fact that she is responsive to what is going on around her. I like that she has more than one facial expression.

I love her expressive mouth – and I think that is why the camera often focuses on her as she gives such a good visually readable range of feelings.

I like the way she focuses on the work and on learning. I like her serious commitment to getting it right, or right as she’s able.

I like the way she keeps her face free of hair when she’s working.

I like the fact that she’s 37, which is apparently ancient according to youthful posters.

I like the fact she spoke up in the team challenges and said I wasn’t responsible for this, or I was responsible for that. It might be more fashionable in a group to stay smarmily silent, but this is not Masterofficeperson and it’s not a ‘team player’ oriented show.

I respect her for her stance in all that, which is when the hatred (or the hatred not related to her appalling old age!) seemed to begin.

I like Joanne and I wish her well.

One small counterbalance to the low intellect, functionally illiterate, morally challenged hatefesters.

Humanity loves a scapegoat.

3 akris { 06.22.10 at 12:10 pm }

I like her too… but I love the underdog and I hate bullies!

4 Paul { 06.22.10 at 12:27 pm }

Both Fairfax and News Ltd should have mentioned that particular facebook page’s creator’s and admins by name.

Humiliate them publicly.

Thats one way to stop this rubbish.

5 anon { 06.22.10 at 12:41 pm }

I don’t see what the problem is with her. To me, she is no more irritating than they all are, at some point in the comp. In fact, I prefer her to the blandness of some of the others. She’s interesting.

Perhaps it’s her particular demogranphic combo – female, Lebanese and “old”?

As for not being a team player – WTF? Marion is the only one with any claim to that – the others hve all dept quiet or shown self-interest at soem time or other. And why not? It’s a competition, after all.

6 Paul { 06.22.10 at 12:58 pm }

You see a lot of comments around stating that Joanne is the Julie of this year.
A lot of idiots still can’t cope with the fact that Julie won and don’t want to see the same thing happen again this year.

So they project it all on Joanne. Then they blame it all on how she has been portayed and how its not their fault.


7 wallah { 06.22.10 at 12:59 pm }

The funny thing is these have been around for months. Now there’s a few hundred more members and presto, internet white knights everywhere who can’t spell karma. There’s also trolling pages about Aaron and Jonathan. I guess Joanne makes better news?

8 MelbaToast { 06.22.10 at 2:10 pm }

I like her cool green suede boots…they’re kind of cool.

She’s portrayed a certain way on the show, but I don’t think she’s a mean or malicious person. And quite possibly someone who has been a mum all of her adult life isn’t quite up to speed with playing “office politics” and she just says it like it is…like Sooty says, it’s not Masterofficeperson.

9 Airwalk { 06.22.10 at 2:37 pm }

Thought it was amusing Jo was listed as ‘Glam Mum’ under occupation on Wikipedia…its been changed to Mother now(but got a screen grab of the old one)…its a reality tv show and this rubbish comes with the territory and the social media world we live in which does not mean it is acceptable but the contestants should know its what happens…and as someone has already said theres pages out there supporting and ‘hating’ other contestants but thats not in the article(wonder if theres a fan page for Matts hair?)…even one facebook page which says Jo is cute…just another Masterchef headline of the day

10 Airwalk { 06.22.10 at 2:44 pm }

oh and theres even a hating Matt Preston facebook page… ‘hating Matt Preston! Who here wants to punch the cravat wearing twat in his fat, jiggly face?’ You can start one about anyone-just seems more people ‘like’ the hating Jo one …

11 I like food { 06.22.10 at 2:47 pm }

I’m pretty sure if you go on a reality show you’d have to be aware of the consequences you might encounter. Whether this is right or wrong it’s not for me to say but it’s happened and like most people I couldnt give a rats, but it’s there, it’s happened, lets move on. I’m sure she is just being herself…annoying as it comes across on television but what can ya do ? I too buy into the theory that she has been kept on the show for various reasons by management. Whilst she wont win I’m sure network ten will string her along for just a little bit longer then have her eliminated when the time is right. There is no doubt people pull the strings behind these game shows.

12 Paul { 06.22.10 at 3:14 pm }

I like food,
Can you please provide an example where Jo has been deliberatly kept in at the expense of others ?

Its not acceptable and should not come with the territory. Comparing a hate page to a fan page just makes light of the situation.
If that was my brother or sister or anyone else I would not be happy to be reading that about someone I care about.

How about people learn some common decency and respect for a change. Lets stop blaming the media or a television show for vile human behaviour.

13 Muru { 06.22.10 at 3:28 pm }

This is partly the producers’ fault as well. They’re the ones who decided to portray Joanne in a way that would attract all this negativity. The producers and editors have hours upon hours of footage on each contestant that can be used to fictionalise a certain character however they choose, and with the case of Joanne they’ve decided to portray her as a much-hated villainess.

I don’t think the onus should be placed on the average viewer who is reacting against what they deem to be the “real Joanne,” because the viewers don’t know any better. We should know by now that the Internet is the perfect outlet for aggressive and faceless harassment. What we need to uncover is the source of this, and it is here where we should be blaming the producers since they knew from the start what type of reaction Joanne would create after portraying her in a certain way. But, of course, the producers don’t care – all they want from this are ratings.

14 I like food { 06.22.10 at 3:42 pm }

Paul, one example I can give to the best of my knowledge was during an elimination challenge Fiona was criticized for using red meat to acompany white wine. Jo-anne also did the same thing but was not scrutinized. Maybe Jo-anne’s tasted better but I felt, along with others at the time that maybe she wasnt judged to the level as other contestants were. Now whether on not, the producers play her in a role such as they do, I dont know. What I know is what I bare witness too each night and from what I gather I feel like she has been mollycoddled (??) through this contest.
So the second anyone has a go at her everyone jumps on the I love Joanne bangwagon. I bet my left and right this wasnt going on in your living rooms prior to this ?
I must stress though I dont condone the actions on websites of hatred, but I do feel Joanne is a poor contestant based on what she presents and does in the show.

15 Paul { 06.22.10 at 3:52 pm }

I like food,
She probably is a poor contestant compared to the others but she has managed to get through on luck so far. Thats not her fault. Steven Bradbury won a gold medal at the Olympics doing this !!!!

Its a real stretch to suggest that she has been deliberately kept on at the expense of others. Its when people start actually feeling that this is what happens, that the hatred begins to stir.

I’ve always thought her one of the poorer contestants by the way. Doesn’t mean I think she’s cheating.

16 Paul { 06.22.10 at 3:53 pm }

Too easy to blame the producers.

How about people start looking at their own behaviours.

17 I like food { 06.22.10 at 4:02 pm }

Paul, you make a fair point and one i’d like to share it with you. I guess I just dont trust the way these shows are run and rather than take it for what it’s worth I choose to believe that every single outcome is dictated by people behind the scenes in one way or another. I just think for a show this popular it isnt a fluke and when I’m watching it I cant help get that feeling that just off to the right there is a teleprompter and script writers.
I also think you’re right in suggesting when people catch a drift that there is something going on behind the scenes, they begin to get frustrated and leads to incidents seen on facebook etc. That in a way is making my point. Maybe people are starting to make their minds up that this show is becoming more than a cooking show and is a now calculated drama, leaving them bored and frustrated. They’ll keep watching as numbers suggest but like me some nights, wonder why ?
I dunno.
I’m hungry.

18 Fides { 06.22.10 at 4:25 pm }

When Joanne “cried” on the 7pm project, if they’re referring to last night, I must admit I got a bit teary too. She told the person interviewing her while they are at Hatfield House for last night’s challenge that today was her daughter’s birthday and she wasn’t there with her. She wasn’t a bawling mess, just stopped and got teary. It lasted 5 seconds, if that, and I found it a very human moment.

Says so much more about the hater to pick on a moment like that…

And brilliantly said Sooty!

19 akris { 06.22.10 at 5:17 pm }

I like food: From what I remember of that episode.. Fiona’s dish wasn’t just criticised because she used the red meat but also because it was heavy.. she just cooked it whole right? I even remember the judges saying that despite using red meat, Joanne’s was lighter because she used it as a tartare.

I wasn’t a fan of hers to begin with.. especially with the creme brulee that Carrie did when she said she wasn’t responsible for it.. but you have to remember that she also owned up to being responsible for the salmon dish (and neither Aaron or Jonathon didn’t own up to any responsibility) .. people just tend to focus on the negative…. i like that she’s not acting up to the camera in terms of trying to always play nice.. I’m sure we all have moments when we regret saying something at a spur of the moment, but lucky for us it wasn’t caught on camera to be vilified by the Australian public.

20 Muru { 06.22.10 at 5:20 pm }

Paul: I don’t understand how it’s “too easy” to blame the producers and “too hard” to blame the viewers. I didn’t say that the viewers are righteous–quite the contrary actually–but those who say that the producers are not in the wrong are seriously underestimating them. When we’re talking about the MasterChef producers, we’re talking about EDUCATED middle-class people, which you seem to have forgotten. They know what the best methods are to garner ratings, such as manipulating a contestant’s personality to intrigue or generate discussion. This is, without doubt, what they’ve done to Joanne, and with incredible success.

The Internet has always been anarchic in nature, where faceless stalkers, harassers, trolls, pedophiles, etc. roam free. You name it, it’s on the Internet, and nothing is going to stop it without some kind of revolution. The only thing I’m surprised about with these articles is why they were even published in the first place, since it’s stating what we (or, at least, I) already knew.

Am I justifying this kind of behaviour as espoused in these articles? No. All I’m stating is what the Internet is, which is a big difference to how I think the Internet ought to be. I’ve played WoW, I’ve been a participant of many forums where trolls roam free, and I’ve also read many of these kinds of articles over the past THIRTEEN years. I’ve been the recipient, deliverer and middleman in these episodes of e-harrassment, so I know what I’m talking about when I say that it’s the very nature of the Internet that’s causing all of this. The Joanne stuff is just another instance of e-harassment, fuelled by the producers’ grotesque and warped fictionalisation of her.

My dear Paul, I’d love to see you try and overturn any of this.

21 Paul { 06.22.10 at 5:40 pm }

Producers of television shows are human beings like you and me. They are not some mystical creatures that control our thoughts and emotions at the flick of a button.

They have families, they eat, they get drunk – they do everything that most normal people do.

Don’t put them on a pedestal and don’t underestimate the average viewer.

Like the the supposed importance of the selling of cookbooks the emphasis on how the producers manipulate the audience is wildly exaggerated.

Its just a good television show. Thats why a lot of people watch it. No need to complicate things. Its pretty simple when it comes down to it.

I’m not saying there isn’t some manipulation. But its more for practical purposes than a cynical exercise in audience brainwashing.

22 Airwalk { 06.22.10 at 9:32 pm }

omg the jo hate scandal is on A Current Affair…

23 Reality Raver { 06.22.10 at 10:38 pm }

Sooty – is 37 thought of as old, how depressing.
I think the producers do have an influence over the audience and do manipulate us. They do this with the way the characters are portrayed, the music they play, and the script the judges have been written.

Hopefully Joanne will get a better edit soon.

Speaking of editing what angle did ACA take on the story?

24 Airwalk { 06.22.10 at 10:48 pm }

Could not agree with you more RR(both about 37 being old and the production influencing viewers)…ACA, usual pulp..’.young mother of 2 following her dreams has received death threats via internet’…Julie Goodwin had her say(and actually I agreed with what she said) as did an IT ‘expert’…also mentioned how other reality tv stars have had similiar treatment and its Jo turn atm…

25 angelaanaconda { 06.22.10 at 11:32 pm }

I think Joanne has played this part well. She has planned her hair do’s, her clothing, her boots almost everything down to the last second. She is so styled for this show I’ll even bet she has her own stylist on the outside who prepared her before going into the show. I can’t see the same level of styling styling for the other contestants. Maybe the other contestants don’t have 3 hair salons like Joanne and her husband have so they can’t afford to have such TV perfect stylin’.

The image Joanne/Channel 10 is projecting to me, a normal working mother, does not ring true. The average working Australian mother is not so stylised. We don’t have a zillion different hairstyles and neither do we wear boots that look like they cost $1000.00 (or more) .

Julie rang true. Joanne is not doing it for me. I haven’t seen her try to impress me, the viewer with her cooking, yet. All I have seen, so far, is Joanne try to impresss me, the viewer, with her styling.

The producers of MC depict Joanne to the viewers in this way, it’s not the fault of the viewers if they take that image on, and dislike it.

I suggest that what the viewers dislike MORE is the fact that they are being maniplualted by the TELLY!

If viewers don’t like Joanne it’s because of what the producers have CHOSEN to show of her on the telly, not because of the person she really is. Channel 10 have chosen to depict Joanne in the way they have. Stupid decision.

26 akris { 06.23.10 at 9:17 am }

angelaanaconda: I thought this way too, but about Joanne AND Skye… I have a fringe like Skye and i have to get it trimmed every few weeks so was always wondering about whether they have hairstylists on hand… I’m assuming so. But who cares even if they do… It’s just a hairstyle… are you saying that just because you’re a mum you have to look like Julie and you can’t try and look a little glam for tv… that’s ridiculous!!!

and $1000K on boots.. maybe they are, or maybe they’re not.. sometimes 1000K+ boots look no more or less expensive than $150 boots.. just saying.

27 rusty { 06.23.10 at 11:16 am }


on Joanne: she’s “styled”, is she?

You could have fooled me. I haven’t really noticed her clothes and hair, to be honest, but if I think about it at all, it looks to me like she’s doing the normal thing and trying to dress to “express” herself, rather like AAron’s “I’m cool” beanie/hair look, Adam’s inscrutable oriental gentleman style; Claire’s ” I’m not really a lawyer type – really” look and Marion’s ” I’m just a jolly schoolgirl” image.

If she was specifically trying to look “styled”, she probably manage it a lot better.

In fact, I’d say, its rather C10 who are doing the image work. there are so many posed set-up shots that I can’t imagine MC’s stylists wouldn’t have a major say in how the contestants are “naturally” presented, including clothes and hair.

28 Paul { 06.23.10 at 11:41 am }

You read angela’s post and you can see where the hate starts.

* Gosh, Jo looks good for a 37yo with 2 kids
* hmm – she looks too good. Mustn’t be real.
* so she must have own stylist – must be rich to be able to afford that. Thats right she has 3 hair salons. She is rich.
* I don’t like people who are rich and look too good for their age.
* I don’t like her so there must be a reason why she is still on the show.
* Ch Ten are keeping her on the show and she doesn’t deserve it.
* Ch Ten are manipulating us.
* We are being duped.
* Masterchef is rigged.

By the way, what is a 37yo with 2 kids supposed to look like ?
Are their boobs supposed to hang down to their waist or something.
Whats the benchmark ?

29 rusty { 06.23.10 at 12:02 pm }


you forgot to add
* women that age have no right to look good.

30 brain dead dave { 06.23.10 at 12:46 pm }

Joanne is still there because Fraudmantle Media knows she’s good for bu$iness.

31 Reality Raver { 06.23.10 at 12:47 pm }

I think Joanne looks great for her age. I think the issue here is how Channel 10 are portraying her. They made her look arrogant after her team won the challenge last week. Now that does not absolved dickheads saying death threats on FB. She should turn this negative crap into a positive for herself.

As I have previously written, sometimes it is not a negative thing to be cast as the villain it gets you more screen time and people chatting about you, and hence can mean you stay on a reality show longer. Carmen Parnos anyone? She would have lasted 2 eps on The Apprentice if she had not been giving such great TV.

By the way I think she can cook, compared to some of the others that were competing.

32 sourkraut { 06.24.10 at 6:48 pm }

Racists are PATHETIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

33 xxx { 06.25.10 at 4:45 pm }

No offense but you guys need to get a life… This is soooo lame.. I think use are just bored or somthing coz seriously dont use have better things to do???

34 Airwalk { 06.25.10 at 5:04 pm }

thought use may be interested in this

35 Reality Raver { 06.25.10 at 6:25 pm }

Airwalk – do you think it is her? It seems a bit strange the tweets.

36 Airwalk { 06.26.10 at 3:56 am }

yeah i kno…tweets don’t sound like Jo and the follwers don’t seem right either…

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