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Masterchef Australia – Callum V Phillipa Sibley

“It hits all the buttons for me” say Gary Mehigan about Phillipa Sibley’s dessert. Of course Gary it had salt, fat and sugar.

I didn’t know who was shaking more Phillipa or Callum, although Callum was adding extra salt via his sweat to the salted caramel.

Tonight the dish was Β Phillipa’s take on a snickers, it was a peanut dacquoise, with caramel parfait, with salted caramel and tempered chocolate, and I think I missed another element or two of the dish. I was drooling.

Callum had 1 hour and 45 minutes to complete the dish and Phillipa an hour and a half.

I loved the way she was generous with her time and assistance, but also was very nervous about losing, and the ignominy she would feel.

Callum showed he is one of the front runners as his technique and presentation are fantastic. If he had only been able to get the chocolate tempered correctly he could have been in with a chance to win an immunity badge.

I thought Matt Preston gave it away that the judges did know Callum’s chocolate lid was missing when he said “We don’t know how the dish is to be presented.”

A quick google reveals this dessert is iconic to this particular pastry chef, and Matt being a Melbourne reviewer must have stumbled across it before.

Callum was comprehensively beaten scoring 22/30 to Phillipa’s 28. Gary scored it a perfect ten.


1 akris { 05.04.10 at 10:24 pm }

Firstly, I want to taste that dessert! it just looks delicious!

Secondly, how sweet is Callum??! he just seems like such a good guy! Good on him! Humble, sweet and can cook!

2 wallah { 05.04.10 at 10:29 pm }

So was George Crockett or Tubbs in that jacket?

3 Georgina { 05.04.10 at 10:34 pm }

It’s such a shame Callum couldn’t get his chocolate right. It sounded as though he would’ve had a fighting chance if he’d presented a complete dish. I thought it was interesting that Matt Preston could tell something was missing just by tasting it, but I hadn’t considered that he might have already been familiar with the dish. Good sluthing there!

Great presentation and attention to detail from Callum. Compare with Carrie and Fiona last night, and it’s obvious why he’s on the top and they’re on the bottom.

Phillipa was very generous with her assistance, as was Luke with Alvin’s challenge. Are the guest chefs typically this helpful? I didn’t watch the show last year.

4 ericg { 05.04.10 at 10:45 pm }

A pity Callum didn’t get the chocolate right. There is still time for him to improve.

As for Gary and his perfect score, it is a bit too much. Cooking is an art, and there is no such thing as a perfect art. He as a judge should know better (wow, I might be judging Gary too harshly!).

5 rusty { 05.04.10 at 11:02 pm }

I didn’t watch the 1st season of Masterchef, but is it really a contest for contestants to have to face-off against a high-profile chef making one of their own signature dishes? What chance does the contestant really have, even with a brief 15 minutes start?

Why not have both expert and novice competing to make a dish that neither is familiar with ie. a pastry chef making Vietnamese?

I really would like to see Callum go all the way. In comparison to him and some others like Adele, there still seem to be several freeloaders like Sharnee in the chase, aren’t there? There’s one guy there – Daniel? – who I haven’t seen do anything yet. Or has he just not been profiled?

6 Unreal comparison { 05.04.10 at 11:16 pm }

Agree with Rusty. You might have all the basic skills to complete the dish but to do it within a strict time limit requires a certain rhythm that can only come from constant repetition. It is easier to multi-task when you have a feel for how long each component takes to complete.

7 sourkraut { 05.04.10 at 11:46 pm }

Only seen 2 eps of this series since getting back from the orient. Hard to find anyone to like or dislike yet. As usual zero no sorry, only 1 Asian among the ockers and ockerettes, so maybe my favourite “slab of meat” will come up in the comp. PITY I would love to see them challenged with one of the thousands of delicious Asian dishes (but not bloody century egg which I tasted once but was not as bad as i expected nor as good as it was made out to be), but i guess the Gee Gees would be embarassed by not being able to cook or judge them.
Anyhoo tonites ep was pretty boring, the young feller did quite well, but at the judging it was obvious they knew whose dish was whose, still at least they made the appearance of a “blind judging so that’s some improvement i guess.
Last nites ep of cooking a hamburger made me larf. Are we really so Americanised?
This had better improve or I might just have to vote with my remote and swallow my bile in silence

8 Pollywaffle { 05.04.10 at 11:48 pm }

Callum, a true sweetie, – during tonights ep. I wanted to swap my son over for him.

That dessert was wow- If I was Callum I would have grabbed it and run away and scoffed it – stuff the MC challenge

I dont follow dessert chefs of melbourne but I even know it is a well known PS dish – Matt was feigning that he was not familiar with it, Im sure he’s enjoyed it before and wished he could have said so and then could trot out a ridiculous anecdote about how his first time took him back to gorging on english toffee- peanut shards atop a haystack after the long walks home from school on chilly English days ( what other kind are there). Must have busted a kerfuffle valve holding in that one.

RR- I too caught the bead into the caramel, yum – hope George got that bit

The techniques being trotted out so casually, er ‘tempering’ are pretty high end for Australia’s best amateur chef. I wonder can Julie temper, yes Im still wondering.

Phillipa clearly felt the stress, I suspect that TV kitchen is too hot for desserts, she might have found it somewhat hard to control all the elements, so even more claps for Callum, the boy done good.

9 Fides { 05.05.10 at 12:02 am }

Too funny wallah! I did a slight double take at George in that jacket tonight.

It was lovely to see all the contestants so supportive of Callum and interestingly how a few commented on how proud they were of him. He seems like a lovely and very talented young man and I hope he goes all the way.

Tomorrow night’s show looks interesting too. I commented to someone at a 4 year old’s birthday party last year that MC should do a team challenge of catering a kids party/event. I wonder if Dominic, Joanne and Fiona will be picked early for the teams given they are the most experienced with kids. And I’ve just realised I used to teach Dominic’s daughter – no wonder those dark eyes looked so familiar.

10 Kyvyny { 05.05.10 at 12:07 am }

sourkraut – Are you calling Alvin or Adam the non-Asian Asian in the crowd of contestants?

11 Pollywaffle { 05.05.10 at 12:13 am }

Kyvyny & S-kraut ….think Marion too might be handy with a wok , best check the pantry for multiple orders of durian?

12 KC { 05.05.10 at 12:14 am }

Unfortunately I missed the episode T___T but from the scoring that Callum got (which is still really good) I’m guessing that even if he got his chocolate tempered right, he would have been hard-pressed to beat the Phillipa’s score which was a whopping 28. I don’t really have the right to say anything cause I missed the episode T___T But you guys’ comments make it pretty obvious that Callum is one of the ones to watch out πŸ˜€

13 Kyvyny { 05.05.10 at 12:20 am }

So many Asians on this series of MC to keep track of.

Plus, let’s not forget that other Asian who was in the top 50 but didn’t get any screen time save for when he was getting the boot.

14 Wurstsemmel { 05.05.10 at 12:21 am }

I’d sign up for a taste of that dessert. Nice of Philippa to coach hi
along but kind of defeats thr purpose of the challenge

The judges must think we are stupid if they think we are buying that they don’t know who cooked which plate. Even Matt felt compelled to push the point

15 Georgina { 05.05.10 at 12:30 am }

There’s a number of contestants with non-ocker backgrounds.

Alvin (Malaysian), Alex (Japanese), Jimmy (Indian), Marion (Thai), Phillip (Greek), Peter (Greek), Joanne (Lebanese), Adele (Italian).

(Backgrounds gleaned from reading bios on the MC website. They’re the ones I remember; there may be others.)

There was a Japanese cooking challenge on yesterday’s show. Last week there was a one-on-one Vietnamese challenge with Luke Nguyen. Luke also did a session in Masterclass.

I would say this season has done a good job of representing Asian cuisine so far. If you want to complain about something, complain that none of the judges appear to know a thing about any type of Asian cuisine. That’s an oversight, in my view, and it really shows when they’re judging things like yesterday’s Japanese challenge.

Maybe next season they could get Luke on the judging panel. I’d happily trade him for George.

16 Jenny Draut { 05.05.10 at 1:05 am }

I so agreed with you Georgina, we should have Luke as the judge for next season as I’m getting really sick of George, he is overreacting and speaking in a way looks like he is spraying!! Hope he doesn’t have bad breath…..yuck

anyway, I also agreed that the judges don’t really have any knowledge of real Asian cusine, they probably just know about fried rice, sweet and sour pork the list just goes on like that….

17 kate { 05.05.10 at 9:47 am }

Agree that it was obvious the judges knew what the dish should look like – apart from anything else, one suspects (hopes?) they have a major role in helping the producers lure chefs on the show and selecting appropriate dishes for challenges, so it all looked a bit disingenuous.

I actually really like the helpfulness of the guest chefs in these one-on-one challenges – let’s be realistic, an amateur is never going to have a hope on elaborate dishes like this without it!

And in the event that the chef does get beaten, it is a testament to their teaching skills as much as anything else.

More to the point, it means that the mc contestant gets to learn some important skills benefitting from the whole thing even if they lose the formal challenge.

I personally think the main problem with these challenges is the time frames allowed – the small headstart still assumes the amateur can multi-task, which as someone above pointed out is a bit tough for an amateur at the best of times, but particularly hard facing a very challenging and unfamiliar dish.

Another big plus of this epi was the cheerfulness and helpfulness of the gallery – thank goodness no tears and tanties!

Agree with the need for a judge who knows something about Asian cuisine (or even just one not so addicted to salt and fat, or who actually likes garlic rather than constantly finding ways to tone down its taste). And yes, Georgy has to go – apart from his antics on stage, a lot of his food is just weird (what was that ‘lasagne’ with meatballs and hardboiled eggs all about!).

18 reality raver { 05.05.10 at 9:50 am }

Akris – Callum looks like he is going to be here for awhile.

Wallah – LMAO – I also thought George had a Don Johnson type hangover, but then I doubt you could eat that dessert without retching if you did.

Georgina – The chef challenge does have a more collegiate feel about it this year. Maybe because there is only immunity badge up for grabs rather than a fastrack to the finals.

Ericg – interesting point re: the perfect score doesn’t leave him much room to move on other challenges. But maybe he is trying to poach her for one of his restaurants.

Rusty – Love, Love, love your idea that would really even the playing field. I wonder if the chefs would sign up for it.

Unreal comparison – I agree.

Sourkraut – good to have you back. There is more racial diversity this year, but they appear to be showcasing the same contestants over and over. Alvin and Adam (both Malaysian), Marion is half thai, Jimmy half indian, and Kate half sri lankan. And there is a whole lot of Greeks, and Adele is Italian.

Pollywaffle – So funny and true your Matt Preston comment. He probably regrets he did not reminisce. Are you still able to buy pollywaffles?

Fides – the kids party looks good, also something that was a challenge on Top Chef, but who cares. Apparently the kid likes high end food.

KC – Callum seems to be pretty good with techniques except for the chocolate. The dish had a lot of elements I would have like to have seen how they make the salted caramel.

Kyvyny – yes poor Henry got NO screen time he must have been disappointed. I know I was.

Wurstsemmel- yes particularly since that dessert is iconic.

Georgina – ooh agree with LUke coming on the judging panel, he is fantastic.

Jenny draut – George and Gary are lacking in the asian food knowledge. Maybe not enough olive oil in the food.

19 reality raver { 05.05.10 at 9:53 am }

Kate – the time frames have been tough in the challenges, allowing little room for error, maybe that is to make better TV I am not sure.

Interesting about George, I am not a fan but I thought that he was more popular then Gary (who I like the best). Gary is apparently known as the one who is not Matt or George.

It will be interesting to see what Matt Moran adds to the dynamics of the judging panel.

20 akris { 05.05.10 at 10:02 am }

Georgina, I would agree they have represented Asian cuisine quite well so far.. and different cultures are also represented in the contestants.. also agree that it seems the judges are the ones that don’t know enough, except maybe Matt who you would think should have critiqued a few.

Even though I like that the judges (supposedly) haven’t seen what the dish is for the celebrity challenge I kinda miss Matt’s descriptions of what to look out for when creating and eating the dish. He just makes them sound so heavenly.

Out of the 3, I’d be happy to leave George out next year.. A female judge perhaps?

21 lydal { 05.05.10 at 10:38 am }

Agree they need a female judge and agree Matt knew for sure the dish before. My partner says too much of conspiracy theories but they never had pointed before that we have to remember they don’t know the presentation.Why yesterday then? and sorry but don’t buy this “it needs some crunchie stuff in it…” before looking at Philippa’s dessert.

Anyway good effort Callum though I would like to have seen the preparation of the other elements of the dish. So yummy! (sweating apart πŸ˜‰ )

22 TDK { 05.05.10 at 11:13 am }

George smacks his hands often to make a point, just exactly the same way Ramsay does!!
It doesn’t make him look good, because it looks like he’s copying Ramsay.

23 Katie { 05.05.10 at 11:15 am }

RR- Matt Moran will add PHOOORRRWWWH to the judging panel

24 Sooty { 05.05.10 at 11:29 am }

Pollywaffle – They had to temper a chocolate flute on the massive chocolate cake thing in one of the final challenges – or was it the final challenge – last year. So yes she can. (one of them couldn’t as was too smug to follow recipe – Chris?).

Wertsemmel – you mentioned a few days ago that Julie’s books were being drastically marked down. I don’t know what shops you are talking about, but it is standard practic to sell expected bestsellers in bulk to the big chains (Kmart Target Big W) for cheaper original sales prices. So it is not a ‘mark down’ due to failure, quite the contrary.

I do hope no one tells me to go take a picture of Julie and wank, as CG kindly told Paul who was trying to state a few facts about Poh and correct some misinformation.

But enough of the factual corrections and down to the main thing:

I agree with Akris in the previous post. The anti-Julie sentiment is too much. Yeah, crack a joke, remember when, but fuck! the punishment this woman is copping. None of the young ones “have their tits out” yet, so we’ll have to wait for that to get stuck into them.

She won. Maybe someone else should have, but she did. But for that she’s now a fat frowzy dull middleaged fool who can’t cook and is now a target for hatred and rage. Nice.

But enough of my ‘unusual’ views. Carry on, mysogny.

25 reality raver { 05.05.10 at 12:13 pm }

Akris and Lydal – Agree re: female judge and this has come up a lot on this forum. I think it could bring a different dynamic to the show. And considering half of the top 24 were females, it would be great to have a role model. But considering the replaced the injured Gary with Matt Moran would indicate the female judge is not even on the subs bench.

TDK – maybe George is pitching for an Australian version of Hell’s Kitchen.

Katie – Agree Matt Moran does have appeal.

Sooty – I agree with you points about Julie Goodwin. In a way we should be celebrating that she won and found a career after the show. And I do think she was a good solid cook, but not sure she should have won, but managed to be the last person standing.
Also Julie is a much better cook then Kate.
Thanks for giving measured comment.

26 lydal { 05.05.10 at 12:24 pm }

I didn’t know Gary was injured. Matt Moran? sorry but I don’t like him though I’ll wait to see him as a judge to have a stronger opinion. RR, is he going to be there a lot of episodes?

27 reality raver { 05.05.10 at 12:43 pm }

Gary tripped after filming one day (not pissed. LOL) and damaged his leg badly requiring surgery. So they brought Matt Moran in to replace him. I am not sure how long he is out for. He flew to London so his back on board.
I really liked Matt Moran on The Chopping Block, no nonsense but not nasty.

28 Jenny Draut { 05.05.10 at 2:02 pm }

I am a fan of Matt Moran. He seems to know Asian Cuisine quite well, he was a fair judge on the chopping block on channel 9. As for a female judge Kylie Kwong(it is the correct spelling?) comes to mine or the lovely Donna Hay anyone??

29 Wurstsemmel { 05.05.10 at 3:26 pm }

Actually, Sooty, Julie was my pick from last year. If you want to verify the facts of that, you can simply check the archives on this site.

I certainly wouldn’t criticise her for being, to quote you, ‘ a fat frowzy dull middleaged fool who can’t cook’, particularly as I probably satisfy some of those criteria myself, particularly the last.

I simply remarked that I noticed that Julie’s book was now being discounted from $50 to $35 (give or take a cent). To be factual, the source is Dymocks and it is definitely a mark down.

The punishment she is copping? Mysogny? I think you protest too much. At the end of MCA last year, having wanted her to win all the way through, even I have to say that, in all honesty, I don’t believe she should have actually won. Nothing to do with the way that she looks, her age, her size or her personality (and she certainly seems to be a lovely person) but her cooking. A MasterCOOK, not a MasterCHEF.

30 KC { 05.05.10 at 7:06 pm }

NO MORE GARY? NO GARY NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! T____________T Gary’s my favourite because he’s funny and nice πŸ˜€ And yea cause George annoys me and Matt’s not around as much as Gary πŸ˜€

Homg…if Manu was one of the judges I would just scream with delight T___T But I guess that’s not going to happen…T______T WHY CHANNEL SEVEN WHY?????????

Oh and female judge…that would be interesting πŸ˜€ But I hope we don’t have another Sarah case. As nice as she was, seriously, you do notice that she’s gone AT ALL

31 Pollywaffle { 05.05.10 at 7:54 pm }

wow, the dynamics of either loving or hating the judges, is amazing.
They are a tight little band, you have to hand it to them – pretty good in the ‘we are family’ department.

George can rub me up the wrong way. He’s very Melbourne Food mafia, which can be cute or irritating. A touch of short man’s syndrome has clearly lead to the vertical thrusting when he speaks – or is that just the Gordon copycat coming out?

I have noticed though, and wonder if Im alone in recording a 1000% drop in ‘yah-ing’. Jamie O might have sent him legal letter or he’s had some de-yahing elocution over summer?

RR- Pollywaffles I think have gone to the sweet cemetary, though there was a call for a revival just ast year….might look too much like a doggy-do against all the slicker lindt chocs

Majorly in favour of female-Asian judge, either singly or combo- Kylie Kwong would be wonderful, saw her at a conference presenting her thoughts on food today – very impressive, she would give the others something to think about

My hotel hasnt got channel 10, bugger, so I will be relying on you folks to pick out the titbits as I know you all can do so well

32 bee { 05.05.10 at 8:11 pm }

I have had the pleasure of eating Phillipa’s dessert before. In my culinary terms, I believe I described it as being like an extremely amazing Rolo mousse (do they still sell that in Woolies etc? I might have to track it down now). It was 10/10 from me.

33 reality raver { 05.05.10 at 11:03 pm }

Here is the link to the recipe of Phillipa’s dessert

Pollywaffle – maybe George has had media training in the “off season”. Kylie would be a good choice for a female judge there is a few of them that could handle the job.

34 sourkraut { 05.06.10 at 1:08 am }

Kyvyny, Polywoffle
I have only seen 2 eps so not sure which ones are Asian. Ok there are more this time but the cooking challenges still do not seem to have really Decent asian dishes to do, and sorry GEORGINA but I still don’t think any of the 3 judges could judge such food properly as they seem to be all into post modern garbage, because obviously anything earlier than 2005 is passe ( with the possible exception of snag rolls spag bol and cup-cakes)