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Masterchef Australia – The Highs And Lows Of Season 2

For three and half months, six nights a week Masterchef Australia has invaded our lounge rooms and lives. Whether you liked it or not  Season Two continued the success of season one. In fact it bumped the election debate. With over 5 million viewers watching last nights finale it should be the most watched show of the year.

They are already starting on next year’s show as applications are now open for Season 3 here. If you apply please let us know how it goes. Also come back to the blog later in the week for an blog post on What You Need To Know To Win Masterchef.

Now lets look over the highs and the lows of season two.

The Highs:

  • The challenges continued to be big and put the contestants in all different cooking scenarios with some truly amazing chefs.  The highlight for me was the Heston Blummenthal challenge, followed by The Amazing Race style episode of London to Paris.
  • The contestants – whether they could cook or not it was a great balance of contestants, with big personalities v quieter personalities, and a good mix of different cultures.
  • The production values Masterchef showed that not scrimping on this made the show a better viewing experience.
  • The guest chefs there were some major names and some fantastic talent Tetsuya, Peter Gilmore and Shannon Bennett just to name a few. Were there any big name chefs not on the show? Also Maggie Beer proved why she is a national treasure.
  • Gary Mehigan, always the less showier then George Calombaris and Matt Preston, or as I say the tortoise versus the hares,  but when he was out for a few weeks with his bung knee boy did we then realise what he bought to the show. He was the balance between the more exuberant George and the ham actor Matt.
  • Jono eliminating eight contestants, and talking back to the judges;
  • Alvin’s personality, Marion’s smile and cooking talent, and Aaron’s rock god confidence mixed with a 10 year old boys vulnerability.
  • Irmguard being eliminated prior to the top 24.
  • The immunity pin was much better then being fast tracked to the final’s week for winning the beat the celebrity chef challenge.
  • The blog commenter’s and twitter verse whose observant and witty remarks made the show even better and more entertaining.
  • Also props to Channel Ten and the fabulous social media support they give to the show, particularly the official Masterchef website, where recipes were put up as soon as the show had finished.

The lows:

  • The number of spoilers that kept on occurring. People up for elimination were time and time again were shown in future episodes which indicated they were safe. The biggest clanger was 20 minutes in on a Thursday night elimination with Aaron and Marion up for elimination there was a preview which showed Aaron cooking in the Sunday night show. This foretold one of the biggest upsets of the season. In my delusion  I kept on hoping it was the editing department playing a trick on us.
  • Other clangers were the Daily Telegraph tell readers who was going to be live blogging the following day in finals week, the person about to be eliminated was always that person.
  • Kate’s microwave chicken which told us these were not the top 24 amateur cooks in Australia.
  • Also the Channel Ten publicity department seemed to have a formula that the person who was to be eliminated on the Thursday would be in the weekly mags and in a big story for the News Limited press. Funny the Joanne Zalm death threats story managed to break the week she was eliminated.
  • The Joanne Zalm facebook site and some of the comments said about her did go too far, seriously she is a reality show character who was given some pretty poor editing by Channel Ten.
  • Claire Winton Burn was probably the most controversial contestant this season with conflicting rumours about her love life circulating, it probably did stop her getting to the finale. However I don’t believe the New Idea article where a source close to Claire said that her lamb dish was  not the worse from the GG challenge.
  • Marion and Jonathan not making it to finals week which meant we had to put up with the less talented Aaron, Courtney and Jimmy leaving it really a three horse race in the last six episodes.
  • The non-elimination round where both Jimmy and Adam got to stay even though the Coq au Vin they re jigged did not look like they deserved to.
  • Matt Preston became a parody of himself and over acted, who can forget throwing the plate on the floor? However when he was his “normal” self and enthusiastically described the food in front of him it made us remember what we loved about him in Season 1.

I am sure you have your highs and lows of the season as well, also stay tuned for blog post, what Channel Ten need to do to make Masterchef even better…


1 Anonymous { 07.27.10 at 10:33 am }

thanks RR-think you may have mixed up Adam and Aaron a couple of times?

2 akris { 07.27.10 at 10:40 am }

RR: in the last few paragraphs did you mean Aaron?? Not Adam?

3 Muru { 07.27.10 at 10:43 am }

“Irmguard being eliminated prior to the top 24.”

I’m guessing this is meant to be in the lows, not the highs?

4 Colls Bolls { 07.27.10 at 10:57 am }

So glad there is another Masterchef post……. Life is a little less exciting this week…..(sigh)

5 Anonymous { 07.27.10 at 11:01 am }

yes Muru-Irmgard being eliminated is definately a low

6 Soni { 07.27.10 at 11:03 am }

Surely a mistake RR. The less talented Adam??? I’m already having withdrawals. Guess I’ll start watching Next Top Model tonight

7 Anonymous { 07.27.10 at 11:23 am }

just replace Adams name with Aaron’s and it makes sense :)

8 EricG { 07.27.10 at 11:30 am }

A good sum up of the entire Season 2. THANKS! >.<

And yes, I think RR has gotten the names mixed up. =P

9 Reality Raver { 07.27.10 at 11:42 am }

whoops fixed I don’t know why I have been doing that all season, put that under the lows of the season, reality tv blogger mucking up names of contestants.

10 Reality Raver { 07.27.10 at 11:43 am }

oh yes Irmguard was a high but her not getting into the top 24 is a low. Sorry I did this post on the fly.

11 Anonymous { 07.27.10 at 11:44 am }

Thanks RR-think another couple of lows for me would have to be the product placement and the music

12 brain dead dave { 07.27.10 at 11:48 am }

No highlights at all if you happen to be a squab.

13 wallah { 07.27.10 at 11:59 am }

Just reading the terms and conditions for being a contestant….bit of a blow to the egos of all those sandwich artists out there.

14 brain dead dave { 07.27.10 at 12:02 pm }

* lowlight- all the crying. If a contestant cries- just have them instantly eliminated.
*lowlight – the hard life /dead relative sob stories- ditto ,instant elimination.

15 Anonymous { 07.27.10 at 12:06 pm }

Jonno would have been gone early then: who didn’t cry? Marion didn’t cry much, Devon didn’t have a chance, Dominic probably didn’t but can we forget about him….who wold be the final 6 non cryers until BDD rules?

16 AnonyMousse { 07.27.10 at 12:53 pm }

Definite lowlight was the editing this year. Note to editors – All dishes should be shown, even if it’s only for a quick ten second description/one sound-byte from the judge’s reactions. Seriously, I don’t even know what the guy who won the title this year cooked in many of the weeks he was in the competition – Adam was barely shown the first few weeks.

As to the crying – it’s easy for us to judge while we sit back in our comfortable chairs, knowing that we can walk outside or go down to the pub whenever we want to, and that we’re not constantly being judged by millions of people on everything we do. The contestants don’t have that luxury – they’re put in a pressure cooker environment for months and months of time, and even the hardiest person can eventually slip and let the emotions get the better of them. That doesn’t mean the editors need to show it on screen.

17 TB { 07.27.10 at 1:25 pm }

I especially agree with you RR, about the immunity pin being an improvement (I still feel sad for what Julia Jenkins missed out on last year) and the non-elimination being a disappointment – I don’t think I would have cared about that if the contestants had both presented amazing dishes, but it all seemed rather like a free pass for doing nothing particularly out of the ordinary.

Another highlight for me was the winner seemed more worthy of the title than last year… I know that Julie Goodwin has her fans, but the credibility of the show was restored with Adam winning, I think. Julie was recently on some show to do the perfect omlette and made it with cream – disaster! And the exact same mistake Callum made on Sunday!

18 brain dead dave { 07.27.10 at 2:12 pm }

At the very least ,could we have polygraphs on the contestants to find out who’s really crying from the pressure and who’s trying on the old “world of pain,you don’t get me ” manipulative routine?

19 Wurstsemmel { 07.27.10 at 2:45 pm }

L0wlight . No stroking of anyone’s paella crust this season.
Lowlight. Matt Preston loving himself just a little too much.
Lowlight. No Manu.
Lowlight. Matt P’s plate down gesture.
Lowlight. Not getting to see what was cooked by everyone.
Lowlight. The constant hyperbole and psychobabble.
Lowlight. Handeewipes. Yep. I’ve switched to Viva.
Lowlight. The pathetic editing.
Lowlight. No auditions. I want to see what people serve up, good and bad.

Highlight. Alvin off to frolic (or whatever it was) on his bed.
Highlight. Alvin with his sense of fun (before he went down the Poh ancestral route)
Highlight. Gary. Seems to have kept in all in perspective.
Highlight. London.
Highlight. RR recaps and the commentary here.
Highlight. The microwave chicken. That was a laugh out loud moment.

20 Culinary Boner { 07.27.10 at 3:02 pm }

Some lowlights that annoyed me:
– Those stupidly boring and unfair tasting, sniffing and identifying ingredients challenges
– The continued lack of actual cooking done as chef’s do – on a line, in a busy restaurant kitchen
– The overabundance of desserts and gooey, yucky sweet things that seem to be so loved by the porky panel, especially Matt
The London/Paris leg was the highlight

21 Paul { 07.27.10 at 3:36 pm }

Lowlights :
* the continual whinging and nitpicking of the show both on blogs and the mainstream media. Sure some complaints are valid but I think some people just go overboard.
* nonsensical conspiracy theories which when held up to scrutiny bore no resemblance to reality.

Now to the show :

* too much technical cooking. One of the things I liked about last season was the way they did simple foods in a brilliant way that any of us could do at home. Not a fan of molecular gastronomy as its basically not doable for the average person out there

* taste tests, smell tests etc – I understand the need for it occasionally as it is half decent television but I think the audience is more sophisticated now and we don’t have to cater to the lowest common denominator.
* spoliers as RR pointed out – for a show that is so tight with its production values these slip ups should never, ever occur. Once is excusable but to happen again and again is almost sackable.
* went overboard with the product placement I thought. Again I understand why they do it but would be good if they toned it down a touch.
* if a team should lose then it should be the worst 3 from that team up for elimination – not the whole team.
* Kate – had no place in the top 24.
*reintroduction of eliminated contestants. Don’t like it.

*Marion – a real talent.
*London & Paris visit.
* Press Club challenge
* Heston Blumenthal, in fact most of the guest chefs were terrific but Heston was a highlight.
* Gary Mehigan.
* audience numbers – fantastic that Masterchef continues to generate huge numbers. Its a quality show with educational qualities that kids love.

Bring on next year.

22 librarygirl { 07.27.10 at 3:55 pm }

highlights – London and Paris challenges. Actually most of the challenges – army, Press club, “surprise chef” etc.
lowlight – not showing all the dishes cooking on Sunday nights: just a picture and a name would do, don’t have to see them all tasted. The plate throwing. Never seen it again, think the producers felt the hate from the viewers on that one.
Should be more blind tastings.

23 Pollywaffle { 07.27.10 at 4:45 pm }

Hilights were…

…Matt P’s logie for best part in a children’s drama series, narrowly beating the Wiggles
…George’s sustainable meat selection practices – byline…why use the best bit when there is a crappy little globule you can salvage
…Gary’s special role as the ‘secret obesity avenger’, a social marketing triumph tipping the scales away from packaged foods and towards padded arses


…That the only sexual tension came from Alvin and George’s man-spooning moment
…Marion’s OPSM contract tended to dominate at times
…The kids birthday party was an opportunitygone wanting for using the 100 yo eggs in the Coles pantry
…Geos Mum storming out of the finale once she saw Julie had the same outfit on – the black olive number accessorised with, yup, a potato bracelet

24 brain dead dave { 07.27.10 at 4:59 pm }

Matt Preston was a walk up start for “Breaking Wind In The Willows”.
Love the comment about Julie’s dress ,Pollywaffle. Julie’s a bit of a magician…she can turn chicken thighs into thunder thighs.

25 Anonymous { 07.27.10 at 5:32 pm }

library girls-yep agree there should be heaps more blind tastings

26 AniMotek { 07.27.10 at 5:50 pm }

A few lowlights for me:

* The inconsistency in eliminations – seems to me that the level of difficulty seesawed dramatically from one elimination to the next, which was totally unfair. For example, Peter got whacked for a complicatrf oyster terrine that involved shucking 4 dozen oysters; Courtney got whacked (the first time) by writing “Spearmint” instead of “Mint.” Huh, wha?

* Having team challenges in the final week. By that time, everyone should be judged and put into situations purely on their own merit or lack thereof.

* The CWA challenge – Nearly everyone, including the CWA judge and the MC judges, said afterward that baking in a strange oven is difficult and baking with ovens outdoors with outside air rushing in made it that much tougher. If everyone knew this, why did they conduct this challenge outdoors???

For next season:

* I’d like 50% less time spent in recap interviews (“And then we saw them wheel in a cart and wondered what was in it.” *aaarrgghh*) and more time spent watching the contestants cook things of their own devising so we really get a feel for their qualifications as a competent/inventive chef.

* I’d like to see a rule implemented that all team captains of losing teams have to be up for elimination – none of this “the team gets to choose” business. (I’m still bummed on Jake’s behalf and I never felt the same about Aaron after that :-< )

Highlight? The Langham tea challenge.

And, of course, this blog!

27 Cherkin { 07.27.10 at 6:27 pm }

– Endless contestant re-cap sections – these were often boring
– The unfair taste test eliminations – good to see that these were used less as the series went on
– The constant hyperbole, it gets old very quickly

– This blog! What a find, sooo entertaining
– Watching the contestants fail big time on the V8 cake challenge – laughed so hard I nearly fell off the couch
– Callum’s many stuff ups – custard, potato, lamingtons, cucumber…..

28 littlepetal { 07.27.10 at 6:42 pm }

AniMotek- Agree with you on all the points.


Invention test when you can see some good recipes.

Paris and London.


Did not like those crazy race where they have to run around getting ingredients (don’t mind if that is not taken in to the cooking time)

Giving them challenges where it is almost impossible to do. Like the V 8 cake. Yes, they did finish but when compared to Zumbo they don’t even pass or just passable.

Some challenges need more time given.

In the final week, no contestant should gain any advantages through challenges and preferably they should be cooking the same dishes (maybe add in their own changes if they want to)

Taste test

Last but not least is the curry dishes cooked by Jimmy !!!

29 Anonymous { 07.27.10 at 6:48 pm }

i agree on the cooking same dishes and judged like that. At tafe if the lecturer just said cook anything you want then marked us on that-where was the criteria or level playing field?
Invention tests have there place too but think cooking the same dishes and judged blindly is fairer

30 dmc { 07.27.10 at 6:57 pm }

Highlights: Gary, some of the challenges (London), the guest judges and dishes, Adam and Marion (what a final that would have been), Callum (because he was just a great bloke)

Lowlights: As above, inconsistent elimination challenges, bringing back eliminated contestants (though I do like the idea of one or two getting back in through a beast of a challenge over two days), not showing dishes when there is enough time to do so, crappy editing

31 Chuck { 07.27.10 at 7:37 pm }

It’s been great to be a viewer of MC2 this year and to read and occasionally partipate in the this blog (thanks RR and contributors).
The following credits link may give an insight to the person or persons responible for highlights and lowlights of season 2

32 Reality Raver { 07.27.10 at 9:28 pm }

Chuck – I think I will be pointing the finger at the teaser editor then.

Wallah – I hope you were looking at the form because you are going to apply?

anonymousse – so agree on the editing I had forgotten about that not showing many of the dishes and even worse the ones they showed being prepared were the ones that got picked to be tasted on the mystery box challenge. So no suspense.

TB – Adam was a worthy winner and his dishes were complex and original.

Wurstsemmel – I think the auditions can have pros and cons if they go on I find them a bit boring and it is hard to keep the drama going.

CB – they need a restaurant wars challenge like on Top Chef.

Paul – you crack me up – I love a good conspiracy theory.

Library Girl – there should definitely be more blind tastings.

Pollywaffle – very funny I particularly liked the Marion OPSM contract dominating.

Animotek – yes the to camera gibber can be tedious.

Cherkin – thanks for reminding me of Callum’s stuff ups , god he had a golden run.

Little Petal – I think they should give them more time for the harder challenges

DMC – I have mixed feelings about the bringing back of contestants, I don’t think it should be three, but one or two is ok and not judged by the other contestants.

33 wallah { 07.27.10 at 10:20 pm }

RR, no I don’t think this little black duck would be applying. I look like a cross between George and Zumbo with the talent of neither, and I think my mum would be upset if people called me a talentless bald wanker. My ex-wife would be leading the charge there hahaha. Wine’s my thing, has been for some time now, better hours and less Sizzler eaters to deal with……can’t wait for MasterBottleShopDude to go on tv hahahaha.
As for the highlights and lowlights, they’ve all been well covered here, but I do like George, the eating habits and bouncing and snarling really make me smile. Matt P really dropped the ball this year, and the kids birthday party for Oliver and Hermoine in Woollahara grated on me bit. Another high point was any advertising for Red Lantern that ensures it’s there every time I get down to Sydney is a very good thing…..maybe Cafe Sopra and Bodega are on next year?
As for all the h8terz, I find snark enjoyable, and subscribe to the school that if you’re going on tv, then be prepared. Reality tv ain’t new, it’s not 2001, and after the whole Joanne thing, surely anyone thinking of applying would have to give it some long hard thought. I think that the 10 editing team next year will do it again next year, because that’s what makes good tv.
Having said all that, hopefully next year they’ll show more actual cooking…..I think they show all of the recaps etc. because the show is supposed to be “nice”,so they can’t show any in-house bitching. That’s something I wouldn’t mind seeing actually!

34 Chrysann { 07.27.10 at 10:32 pm }

WOW! i just saw the previews for Masterchef-USA and for once in my life i gotta admit that the Australia looks better than the American one. The Australian contestants are WAY more likable and our judges are aswell. Gordan was good for kitchen nightmares and stuff, but how will he deal with Masterchef, where cooks seek for their dreams to come true and all the emotions running high. HAHA…Gordan will prolly tell the contestants to “SHUT THE F*** UP!”.

35 wallah { 07.27.10 at 10:35 pm }

Let me clarify that last statement…….I’ve never followed much reality tv, and didn’t hire a beautiful well qualified young lady because of her desire to be on Big Brother (that was on her resume). But most of the contestants on MC seem to fall within my age group (late 20’s-late 40’s, a bit broad I know), seem to have a reasonable education and a genuine interest in the actual objective of the show as opposed to be interested in being famous for 5 minutes. Hence, some really boisterous discussion between them would be quite interesting…preferably with some booze thrown in for good measure hahaha.

36 hestonrules { 07.27.10 at 11:43 pm }

– too much ‘boom boom shake the room’ and comments like that
– matt becoming a caricature of himself. He needs to find his inner Matt from series 1
– my shopping experience in Coles, which has been ruined by masterchef signs everywhere, and voice overs from Curtis Stone. Its just too much!!

highlights –
– interesting, articulate, and enthusiastic contestants
– the range of judges (two thumbs up for Shannon Bennett making an appearance)
– great challenges, my favourites being the CWA challenge, and the London/Paris challenge
– Alvin

37 Anonymous { 07.28.10 at 1:25 am }

RR-it always puzzled me why they had a restaurantt set up at MC HQ but it was never used?

38 crabtech { 07.28.10 at 1:38 am }

thanks for this blog RR and all your hard work writing, reading everything and then responding. A high has been reading this blog and all the comments.
Pretty much agree with the highs and lows already mentioned.
Pet hates: sudden death elimination and name the …. where one contestant after the other had go and the first to make a mistake. better for allof thyem write as in the final and last year.
If they continue with fix this dish don’t let them each choose an ingredient one after the other.
Maybe they cook in seperated sections and after they finish they can explain what they did.

39 Buzz { 07.28.10 at 9:03 am }

Hey RR, just want to say thanks got the great blog, and to the varied hilarious contributors too (wallah, I’d be up for a wine-making/tasting show!!).
Btw RR, you were fab on the Telly – was it Monday night? Babe, you got reality cred.
Highlight – the eps where they actually cooked, and kate’s mortar & pestle shimmy (makes me laugh)
Lowlight – matt & geo becoming caricatures of their MC1 personas … Matt in particular was trying so hard he almost disappeared up his own gigantic arsehole.
I’ll be back for more with top model :)

40 Kyeema { 07.28.10 at 9:58 am }

Thanks so much for the touch of sanity provided by you and commentators on this blog…. I found watching MC2 rather a frustrating experience (mainly due to the clumsy editing and the inordinate number of ads but also many of the lows previously mentioned). The commentry here was more finely tuned than the official MC site and was often really amusing…. which made watching the show bearable! I would say the definite high of MC was the joy of watching some truely talented and (mostly) humble people shine, whether or not they reached the final. I would have liked to see the food shine a bit more. I also like the fact that diversity was accepted matter of factly and did not feature as a point of difference between contestants. The low point for me was the proliferation of FB pages dedicated to hating or loving particular contestants… these ignored what the show was about. Incidentally I think the impetus for these was the clumsy editing of the show itself.

41 Suzanne { 07.28.10 at 12:27 pm }

* This blog, your prompt postings and the many comments they generate.
* Great competitors. I think this year’s group were better cooks and had more skills than last year (though I could be wrong).

* Editing of the show, especially the endless bleeding obvious commentary from the competitors AND the back-announcing after every ad-break, as if we were goldfish and had forgotten everything from three minutes ago.
* Over-dramatisation of every challenge, actually of every thing. The tension was there without the omnipresent music (which we did comment more than once was suspiciously LOTR-like).
* The pointlessness of asking people when they were up for elimination “how much do you want this?” or similar. It was excruciating to watch as the decision was already made based on their cooking. Sheer manipulation!
* The challenges against the chefs were always one-sided (even though a couple of them won). A fairer challenge would be for both of them to cook an unfamiliar dish.
* All tastings should have been blind.
* Way too much product placement, and inconsistent. ie contestants bagged out for using store-bought (high quality) mayo, but encouraged to use stock – with the label showing please!

Regardless of the above list where the lows outnumber the highs, I really enjoyed the season. Will have to search for Masterchef UK & US on the interwebs somewhere to fill the gap.

42 Anonymous { 07.28.10 at 1:05 pm }
43 AniMotek { 07.28.10 at 3:26 pm }

Suzanne said: “The pointlessness of asking people when they were up for elimination “how much do you want this?” or similar. It was excruciating to watch as the decision was already made based on their cooking. Sheer manipulation!”

I suspect this might be a holdover from the much-superior (and the original) MasterChef UK. In one of their elimination rounds, they do an ingredients identification test followed by an interview about why the competitors are on the show, what they hope to achieve, how badly they want to continue, etc. The big difference is that on the UK show, they actually take the answers into account in deciding how to eliminate for that round! I am with you in being frustrated that these questions are asked on the Australian show after the judges have already made up their minds.

44 AnonyMousse { 07.28.10 at 4:45 pm }

The worst thing about “Why should you be here” questions is that they always give some cliche about themselves. It’s a competition, target the others in the elimination!

Matt P: “So tell me, how badly do you want to remain in this competition?”

Contestant: Well, a lot more badly than these two sitting next to me, that’s for sure. I mean, I don’t want to spill any secrets but Jenny to my left here was telling me how much she was missing her family just last night, and that she just wants to go home. And I also overheard Fred to my right here telling his wife to book that overseas vacation for him next week. Clearly I’m the only one up for eviction tonight who actually wants to be here. Oh, and Fred here also said that your cravat only makes you look fatter. Of course, I don’t agree with him at all – your cravat’s are fantastic. Fred here is just obviously poisonous in his attitude.

45 Suzanne { 07.28.10 at 5:17 pm }

AniMotek – I will definitely have to watch out for Masterchef UK when it starts again. I think Channel 7 missed an opportunity of showing it in the MC timeslot, even old series would have been good to see.

LOL AnonyMousse. Too true.
Your scenario sounds more like The Apprentice, where they do back stab each other in their efforts to stay!
At one stage of Masterchef when Claire looked thoroughly over it all, I thought she was going to roll her eyes and ask why exactly they wanted to know. Though she would have probably just cried… maybe Courtney would have been the one to stand up to them.

46 littlepetal { 07.28.10 at 10:02 pm }

Suzanne-Oh yeah !!!! Courtney would have been the one who would have given it to them. She left too early in the series and then came back only towards the end. If she has been in the MC house all the time, I am sure we would have seen some fireworks !!!!

I think you need to have a certain personality to be able to be successful as a chef. Just fantastic cooking is not good enough. You need a balance of skills, communication and emotional and physically fit.

Some maybe only good for media cook like Poh or maybe Julie (have to see how she goes with that one) while others can tough it out in the kitchen. I think Jono, Marion and Adam may be able to do well with opening their own business.

47 Claire { 07.29.10 at 1:57 am }

Lowlight (that’s probably been mentioned): Not tasting all the mystery box dishes. In the Masterchef liftout in the paper on Sunday Matt Preston gave the recipe of one of Jonathon’s mystery box recipes and said it was unfortunate they didn’t get to taste it because it was one of the best on a day with lots of good dishes. Why not taste them all then, and show us the three best if it’s a timing issue?!

48 Duke nukem { 08.06.10 at 1:17 am }

Is it too late to chime in…
some highlights:
Mathew mistakingly making pate out of kidneys instead of livers
the editors cuts of jono’s raised eyebrow expression
jono’s encounter with Hester
laughing at aaron’s beanie
this blog