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Posts from — January 2011

Come Dine With Me Australia Is On The Gold Coast

You just know as the week goes on that this group of contestants  are going to go off. I would expect nothing less from the Gold Coast.

There is Vanessa a very personable vet, Sheila a sophisticated lady who sells lingerie, Lachlan a little bit dull surfer and teacher, and  Warren an art gallery owner, and wannabe comedian. And quite frankly if the footage from his open mike night is anything to go by a wannabe he is going to stay.

I thought Warren exuded a smug sense of superiority at tonight’s dinner party something I hope Anita belts out of him by Wednesday. Anita is a director of a security company and she has the expensive skank look down pat. She seems a little be nuts but I wonder if she is playing up to the cameras.

Anita may not be that bright, but she got Warren in one when she said “Warren wants to be heard, and we are all hearing him.”

Vanessa was hosting tonight, and according to the website, she says she is an average cook, but she produced a nice menu, and let’s face it no ones meal is going to be worse than Aimme’s in week one of this series.

Her menu was Pan Fried Scallops With Pea puree followed by marinated flank steak with jus, green beans, roasted cauliflower with creme brulee for dessert.

Anita may not be that bright, but she got Warren in one when she said “Warren wants to be heard, and we are hearing him.”

Anita gave a seven, Sheila gave a 7, Lachlan also gave a 7, Warren gave her a 6 for a total of 27. A solid start to the week, and if she hadn’t used skirt steak she may have received an even higher score.

January 31, 2011   7 Comments

My Kitchen Rules – Game On – Qld Makes A Solid Start

Ok even I was sceptical about the entree of chicken and bug meat with a frangelico cream and chive sauce. Pete Evans summed it up nicely and said “Why?”. However I am sure the editor of the 1970 Woman’s Weekly Cookbook was kicking herself for not thinking up this dish herself.

Tonight it was Queensland team Artie and Johnny who had the job of kicking off Season Two of My Kitchen Rules. This year is the same format, with the first lot of six teams doing their “instant restaurants”, in two weeks the second group of six will do theirs, and then they meet up in the My Kitchen Rule’s kitchen to duke it out.

The first lot of six teams are:

  • Melanie & James – TAS
  • Artie and Johnny – Qld
  • Daniela & Sefania – WA
  • Sammy & Bella – NSW
  • Kane & Lee – Vic
  • Donna & Reade SA

Now back to the stuffed chicken breast, the likeable Qld pair were always going to find it difficult to overcome the judges negativity to the dish. Manu thought it was  bit desserty and the chicken was a bit dry. Pete thought there was no wow in the dish.

However, James from Tasmania, and Donna from South Australia liked the frangelico sauce.

However, James was quickly rebuffed by Melanie his wife. If Melanie’s first husband had been reminiscing about her, this would have come to a crashing halt about half way through this episode. She appears to be a little uptight.

Artie and Johnny started getting panicky whilst cooking their main of twice cooked pork belly with scallops and vegetables.  The scallops were not searing, they cabbage was under cooked, and they had to replate when they realised they had not put the cauliflower puree on the plate.

I thought the main looked fantastic. Pete thought the pork was amazing and said it was one of the best porks he had ever had. Manu concurred but didn’t like the lack of salt on the vegetables.

However Lee thought her pork was a bit dry, and Melanie thought the scallops could have been cleaned better.

Dessert was poached pear in a chocolate almond cake served with a chocolate ganache.

Pete thought presentation was the dish of the night. However he thought they should have served more ganche with it as he thought his pear was hard and his cake was overcooked.

“Has anyone got a hard one?” queried Pete, deliberately  not looking at Manu as he said it,as he was turning on the gallic charm on the attractive Stefania beside him.

However all the other teams had perfect desserts.

All teams scored Artie and Johnny a seven for a total of 35.

Manu gave the entree 5; main 8; dessert 7, and Pete gave the entree 5; main 8; dessert 8.

They got a score of 76, which is pretty respectable start, and should keep them in the mix over the coming two weeks.

January 31, 2011   9 Comments

My Kitchen Rules – Manu Gets Flirty With A Contestant

My Kitchen Rules Season 2 kicks off tonight with new contestants, but with the same judges the delectable Manu Feildel, and the enigmatic Pete Evans.

Channel 7 kindly sent me a preview disc and I watched episode two. Not going to give anything away but this is what you can expect from the show.

  1. The format is the same, a cross between Come Dine With Me, and Masterchef Australia, except this time the second lot of teams is not a surprise.
  2. The first episodes are where they go to the teams “restaurant” and the other teams and judges score them.
  3. Then the top teams from the two groups go head to head in a Masterchef kitchen scenario.

 The highlights of the episode were: 

  1. It was about the food and the cooking;
  2. Manu and Stefania from Western Australia getting a bit flirty – you go girl.
  3. This year’s teams appear to be more animated then last years lot.

 What I would like to see:

  1. More dinner table conversation between the teams rather then just their opinion on the dishes served.
  2. More alcohol to elicit the above.
  3. A mixing up of the editing, a bit it felt a bit formulaic.
  4. When they hit the second half of the competition, make them cook outside their comfort zone, last year they chose the menus.

 My Kitchen Rules will be a nice entrée before the main course of Masterchef Australia arrives. It ticks a lot of the boxes that makes a good reality TV show, good topic, cast and contestants.

 My Kitchen Rules starts tonight on Channel Seven at 7.30pm, it will be screening Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

January 31, 2011   5 Comments

Conviction Kitchen Not Starting Tonight As Scheduled

Channel Seven has rescheduled the start of Conviction Kitchen to later in February. It was scheduled to start tonight  after the debut of My Kitchen Rules. Rumour has it was moved because it did not want to go head to head with Underbelly.

By the way I am half way through the preview disc, and it is riveting.

January 31, 2011   1 Comment

The Biggest Loser – Season Premiere – Do People Eat That Much?

This year the show looks like it is going to focus more on the trainers rather than the host. In all the pre-publicity this year and on the posters and she was in one scene in the debut episode.

This year they are mixing it up a bit with four teams consisting of families, and a new trainer Tiffany Hall has joined Michelle, Shannon, and the Commando to knock the contestants into shape.

Tiffany is a good edition to the show, as she is easy on the eye, and natural on camera. Each trainer gets a family.

The Westren Family were to be trained by Shannon It consisted of a mother, father and son, plus the son’s girlfriend.

The Challenor Family consisting of three uncles and a nephew, will be trained by Michelle. This team allegedly has the show’s heaviest contestant ever when he weighs in at over 260 kgs.

The Moon Family which consists of two sisters, and two cousins will be trained by the Commando.

Tiffany they new trainer will be training the Duncan family, all siblings.

As usual this episode was meant to make the viewer feel revulsion and pity towards the contestants, and this year for the first time ever the trainers had to go live with the families for a week and eat what they ate.

The contestants must have exaggerated what they ate as they couldn’t eat all that crap on a daily basis and still be alive. Also how do they afford it?

Tiffany might have been in hell having to eat and drink what they were eating, but her diet appears to be just as extreme but at the other end of the spectrum. At the pub meal she turned her nose up at the garlic bread, and said the brushetta would keep her going at an elite training level for two days. WTF was the bruschetta deep fried in duck fat?

Conversely I was also amused when the brother Jarrod about how great the flavours were in the chicken parmagiana Tiffany was eating. It looked like a pretty dodgy one. But I don’t think what she ate and drink should have brought her to tears. However it should be noted she is lactose intolerant hence the puffed out stomach.

I bet there are some viewers who would like to hear “I’m hear to stay” from the Commando, but his all female team were pretty non-plussed on hearing the news. Sarah has an interesting back story with a father who was a junkie so did not get regular meals.

Also I was shocked when Kellie admitted her kids eat MacDonald’s most days. Is she depressed? Is that why she is so unmotivated to cook for her kids. I must admit I was shocked by that.

Interesting enough when Michelle turned up to the Chinese restaurant to meet her family there were no other customers there. So a set up for the characters, and I suspect they were told to over order. Later in the episode I did feel sorry for her having to eat a hotdog, and she did puke up eventually after eating some cream.

When Sharlene the mum from the Westran family was told she had to strip down to their underwear in front of family and friends she said “no” and got teary. Didn’t she realise that in a few months hence a million viewers would see her semi-naked body?

A good start to The Biggest Loser and more drama is expected this week with them hinting one of the contestants quitting. All fingers are pointing at Sharlene at this stage but would Channel Ten make it that obvious?

And of course the trainers arrived at a meal time.

January 30, 2011   14 Comments