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TEN’s Summer Schedule -Australian Idol To Be Fastracked

judges AI 2014

As you know the pickings over Summer can be a bit slim particularly on the free-to-air channels if you don’t like sport. See previous blog post on some non-ratings TV viewing options.

However the good news is there is a few good gems coming through on the TEN Summer schedule. The best news is American Idol with Keith Urban still clutching onto a judging spot is being fast tracked. He will be joined by Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr. I think it is a positive thing that they have returned to three judges.

ELEVEN will also feature Dancing On Ice UK, and Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model Series 9. OK not reality TV but apparently the original series of Beverly Hills 90210 is going to be shown! Just because that show had most of my girl crushes on it.

Fans of Jamie Oliver will be happy there will be his Christmas specials on TEN.


November 15, 2013   7 Comments

British And Ireland’s Next Top Model Now On Eleven

Brit NTM

British and Ireland’s Next Top Model Cycle 8 is now screening on Eleven on Friday nights.

It is the 2012 season with host Elle Macpherson and judges Whitney Port and Tyson Beckford. This year Danni Minogue joins the crew.

This season which kicked off last week started with the 20 girls going to Dubai for a photo shoot. Catherine quit before she even got on the plane and once Amelia got there she was missing her two year old.

After the swim suit shoot the first girl actually eliminated was Danielle.

British and Ireland’s Next Top Model on Friday at 9.30pm on ELEVEN.

June 19, 2013   209 Comments

Wannabe Models, Apprentices, Idols: round-up

Fox 8 has a number of reality shows dotting the schedule at the moment. All are still in their early stages with favourites yet to emerge.

Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model

Elle McPherson returns with designer Julien Macdonald (who is sporting a rather courageous hairstyle), stylist Grace Woodward and model Charley Speed to find a potential star. This season has kicked off with an “audition roadshow”, which has so far visited London, Glasgow, Cardiff and Birmingham and will finish with Manchester and Dublin.

It is such a blur of faces and bodies at this stage that it’s tempting to check out and come back once casting is done. There are some laughs to be had (generally at the expense of the deluded, of course, but also at Grace’s outfits). Tears feature, as well, and it is clear that there are some personalities being put into the mix in the hope of creating some drama down the track.

Each audition episode includes a segment where one of the judges trawls the city for possible talent. These girls – who weren’t thinking of pitching up for auditions, if the narrative is to be believed – are still asked the same “so, why do you want to be a model?” when they front up to the panel. Well, they didn’t, really… This is where we see some ego come out from the judges, as they advocate for the diamonds in the (sometimes very rough) they have identified.

First-run episodes of Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model screen on Saturdays at 7.30pm.

Celebrity Apprentice

“Welcome to the world’s great – in my opinion – Lincoln Centre…” is how Trump opens the action (after many minutes of previews). What is this? “…in my opinion”? In a show about egos, has the biggest ego of all had a humility transplant?

Celebs are introduced and talk about their charities, with the obligatory Godfather-esque soundtrack for Victoria Gotti. As Anthony mentioned in his preview piece yesterday, teams are creatively divided into men and women and sent off to bicker endlessly over their team name. Patricia Velásquez takes project manager duties for Forte and Paul Teutul “steps up” for Unanimous. Their task today is to make sandwiches.

Edits played up tensions between George Takei and Paul Teutul, whilst Aubrey’s early attitude suggested that her nose was put out of joint having been relegated to the C-list by her team-mates. Both Clay Aiken and Cheryl Tiegs demonstrated that they have studied the show, hitting the phones to bring in donations but noting that they’d save their real rainmakers for their own projects.

Boardroom is relatively uninteresting. This early on, there are no real threats or superstars emerging so the “who were your weakest players” question is always going to be a lucky dip. Patricia chooses Cheryl and Victoria as hers and Paul, after a lot of prodding, chooses George and Arsenio. As Adam points out, he managed to pick three minorities with his two choices.

The women’s team set a record for the first task of Apprentice, according to Little Donald, raising $162,962. Congratulations are muted, however, as the men’s team raised $332,120. One donor gave $305,000, which means that the men, overall, really didn’t do all that well.

This show could really do with a tighter edit. By the time the verdict was in, I was nodding off and I watched this first thing in the morning.  The Donald finally lets Patricia get around to deciding on her two weakest and after all the talk she sticks with her initial choice: Victoria and Cheryl.  Anyway, yada yada, goodbye Cheryl.

Quote of the episode: “I have a tendency to be heavily charming.” Aubrey O’Day

Celebrity Apprentice screens on Wednesdays at 9.35pm.

American Idol

Idol hopefuls were in Vegas last week and are still being whittled down to a point where we might get a concentration of actual talent. So far we’ve heard some decent singers but I can’t believe how blithely the judges ignore off-key singing. Randy used to be the “pitchy” police but in this second Simon-free season it is rare to hear any criticism at all.

The producers have included some misdirection with their featured contenders so far (the girl living in the woods in a tent, for example, has been let go), which gives me hope that some of the other karaoke singers with a back-story will be cut. We can blame last year’s winner for the obnoxious cowboy in the current crop but I cling to the hope that he won’t make it much further. I fear once it’s in the voters’ hands, he would gather momentum right up until the finals.

American Idol screens on Thursdays and Fridays at 7.35pm.

February 23, 2012   6 Comments

Cassi Van Den Dungen Is Engaged!

Controversial former Australia’s Next Top Model contestant, Cassi Van Den Dungen caused controversy on the show with aggressive behaviour but also with news that she was engaged at 16 years of age to Brad Saul, a labourer.

But news in yesterday’s papers says Cassi is NOW engaged. So when is an engagement not an engagement? Apparently when there is no ring. He has just now bought her one and she is now waiting on the big proposal.

Which begs the next question when you buy the ring isn’t that the proposal?

Good new for Next Top Model fans a new series starts on Eleven (the new channel Ten station) on Sunday, and Britain’s Next Top Model starts next Tuesday at 7.30pm on Fox 8.

January 13, 2011   5 Comments

Elle Macpherson To Be Seen On Fox 8 On Britain’s Next Top Model

Elle Macpherson will be seen on our TV screens as host of Britain’s Next Top Model.

The Body will debut on Fox 8 at Tuesday January 25 at 7.30pm. I am interested to see how she goes in the role.

The judges are – acclaimed designer Julien McDonald, celebrated stylist Grace Woodward and leading male model Charley Speed.

Laurie Penny writes an interesting article in the News Stateman and thought provoking article about the negative images this show portrays about and to young women. I particularly liked this statement:

The reason America’s Next Top Model and its 20 local variants have been so wildly successful is that they formalise the rules of late-capitalist femininity as experienced by young women in the west: life may be hard and jobs may be few, but if you are beautiful enough, if you are thin and pretty and perky and prepared to submit to any conceivable humiliation, you too might have a chance of “making it”.

It would also appear Elle Macpherson won’t be the host of the Australian version of Project Runway. The rumours are still strong that the gig will either go to Nicole Trufino or Megan Gale. I wonder if Megan Gale’s chance of getting the role has now decreased now it is rumoured she is shagging a 22 year old. (Source: TV Tonight)

January 6, 2011   1 Comment