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The Only Way Is Essex Season 4 Starts Mon 1 October

Lifestyle You have again shown they are thinking of their viewers by scheduling The Only Way Is Essex to start on Mon 1 October at 9.30pm.

The Only Way Is Essex shows The Shire how semi-scripted reality TV is done and is extremely popular in the UK with the stars regularly in the gossip columns. Yes it is trashy (yes that is a positive thing) but it at least has plot lines and characters you like and are easy on the eye amongst the fake tans, fake boobs, and hair extensions. And the boys are not afraid to show off their six packs.

This season on Essex we will see Lydia’s and Ara’s on and off relationship, Mario and Lucy’s issues with betrayal and Lauren is hoping to open a hair salon.

Another show that is starting next week is Dance Moms Miami which is an off shoot of the original Dance Moms. It follows the Miami-based Stars Dance Studio owners Victor and Angel as they push a group of dances to be the best. The format is similar to the original with the pyramid structure deciding who dances where, and competitions each episode.

Victor was on So You Think You Can Dance, and Angel reminds me of Anthony Callea for some reason.

Miss 8 who loves the original show was not quite as enamoured with this version this could be related to a teacher puking on the bus going to a dance meet.  Reality TV just got too real for her and the eject button was pressed.

Dance Moms Miami premieres on Tuesday 2 October at 9.30pm.

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The Shire Certainly Looks Like It Is An Essex Knock Off

When controversy struck The shire earlier this year, producers said it was going to be more like The Only Way Is Essex than Jersey Shore and by the marketing material it looks like the marketing department took it that literally.

Spot the similarities…..

So we can expect plot lines to include vajazzling, wannabe pop singers, and hook ups and break ups.

One thing I do know is the guys look a bit fitter on The Only Way Is Essex. For The Shire to rate it has to be outrageous and controversial otherwise there is no reason for the viewer to tune in.

The Only Way Is Essex can be seen on Lifestyle You.

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The Only Way Is Essex Season 3 Starts On Lifestyle You Tonight Monday 26 March

Fans of The Only Way Is Essex will be thrilled that Season 3 starts tonight, Monday 26 March, on Lifestyle You at 9.30pm.

My favourite is Kirk, but girls you may be interested in new boy Mario.

Check him out the preview clip below. As a professional blogger I had to watch it a few times to truly assess whether he was my type of guy for the record he isn’t.

With all the chatter about new Australian reality TV show The Shire and how the show is going to be more like TOWIE then Jersey Shore you may want to check it out.

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The Only Way Is Essex Star Is Making Some Major Cash

If you don’t think that reality TV can transform your life well think again.

Amy Child’s from The Only Way Is Essex was a beautician and struggling sometime model and now she is in major advertising campaigns and has her own reality TV show.

Amy who has now hired security due to two of her former co-stars being badly attacked.

She was also named at the UK Reality TV awards as the “Personality of the Year”.

She has now left the show and the Daily Telegraph reports Childs’ latest modelling job is to be the face and body of new lingerie range Bra Queen – designed for Tesco stores. After quitting TOWIE in August, Childs went into the UK Celebrity Big Brother house, then landed her own reality show following her life. She is also a regular on morning TV in the UK and her own clothing range has been launched.

The Only Way Is Essex is now into its third season is on Lifestyle You. If you are wondering who this star is check her out below in the YouTube clip, and yes I don’t have a clue what she is talking about either.


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Made In Chelsea – Ollie Comes Out And No One Is Shocked

Made In Chelsea is a ‘structured reality show’ on Lifestyle You. It is about a group of allegedly upper class young people in London.

The cast come with names like Spencer, Hugo, Rosie, Millie, Cheska, Caggie and Ollie. They obviously think they are classier then their cousins in reality TV than The Only Way Is Essex, but I am not convinced.

Like their Essex counterparts they have big hair (the girls), drink, party and hook up.

All the guys in Chelsea are a bit wet combine that with sense of superiority and it does not make them very attractive.

Ollie who is into straightening his hair, fake tanning and eyelash curling finally broke up with his girlfriend Gabriella, as he has decided to explore his sexuality. However this revelation left no one shocked in either the cast or the viewer.

Here is his coming out clip here:

However after doing some dabbling with guys he has been dating Chloe Green, daughter of billionaire owner of Top Shop Phillip Green. She said neither she or her father had any problems with him being bisexual. She has now joined the cast of the show. However they broke up recently because of the public scrutiny. (Source: Daily Mail)

How does he get the ladies? Well according to his ex-girlfriend Gabriella who is also on the show he is good in the sack.

She said to Metro UK:

‘You can’t ignore the subject, but it’s up to Ollie to talk about it,’ she added.
Gabriella also revealed that regardless of Ollie’s true sexuality, he knows how to satisfy a woman in bed.

She admitted the pair have slept together since their split, saying: ‘We’ve already had the ‘ex sex’ – I couldn’t resist. He’s amazing in bed.’

Gabriella was possibly over-sharing when she added: ‘Even though he’s feminine and camp, he’s all man in the bedroom. He’s wonderful.’

By the way if you think you want to know more about Made In Chelsea, or The Only Way Is Essex here is a good interview with Caggie from Chelsea, and Lauren from Essex. The show is a lot of fun.

Made In Chelsea is on Lifestyle You on Monday nights at 8.30pm.

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