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The Biggest Loser – This Show Is On Amphetamines At The Moment

I loved this episode’s elimination scene as it was so obvious Hayley Lewis had to reshoot it. Before Deryck Ward went off and got himself arrested for child porn, there would have been eight teams voting, therefore Hayley had to reshoot, and say “Allan and Romi you are currently on three votes if you get one more vote you will be eliminated”.

Previously five votes would have been necessary to be  booted out of the show.

I also chuckled that there were no shots of host Hayley Lewis with the contestants in the elimination room.

Anyway I felt sorry for married couple Romi and Allan on being eliminated considering they were wanting to get pregnant.

The Biggest Loser then turned into Survivor, with a challenge that involved digging, rowing, and getting a flag. And there was also a mini or should I say maxi type Russell character whose name was Wayne.

After  their recent four kilometre run, Shannon and Wayne were not able to do this week’s challenge, deemed as being too dangerous for them, and their team mates chose to do the challenge by themselves. The twin boys, Rick and Joe, won immunity.

Chris had a right to be pissed with Wayne, when he busted an oar when he rowed out to get his flag, and then did not help Chris work out a way to get his.

There next challenge was public speaking, where they revealed bits about themselves to the audience with people with weight issues. Some were very moving particularly Wayne’s story about being stuck in the flood and having difficulty getting out of the car window with his three year old in the vehicle.

Lisa had great difficulty, and appears to have major self esteem issues, and I thought it was sad there is no photos of her with her babies as she hated getting photograph taken. I actually think she is very attractive, weight and all, and will be really stunning when she loses it.

I think Hayley is taking a very different role than Ajay Rochester with a much more compassionate persona.

And again we are fasttracked to the second week’s weigh in, clearly it was more difficult to cut out Deryck/Jim Ward then they thought.

And this weigh in Hayley told them there would be no elimination. Did anyone else think she was doing her best to keep a straight face?

Also we found out Geoff was in hospital? Now normally this would be a major part of an episode, but now it was glossed over like this was just a usual event in The Biggest Loser household.

This week’s weight loss stats are:

  • Joe this week lost 6.4 kgs, and Rick 8.2kgs;
  • Shannon lost  6.8 kgs and Chris lost 3.9 kgs;
  • Lisa lost 4.8 kgs and Jarna lost 3.4 kgs;
  • Caitlin lost 5.6 kgs and Dana lost 3.7kgs;
  • Elise lost 4.6kgs and Teneale lost 3.8 kgs;
  • Jenni lost 5.4 kgs and Phoebe lost 4.3 kgs;
  • Phil lost 5.8 kgs and David lost 7.5 kgs; and
  • Wayne lost 7.6 kgs.

Rick won this week’s biggest loser.

Ok now that Deryck has been exorcised from the show, we might now  get some better camera shots. But the downside will be long drawn out weekly weigh ins and elimination episodes. I have quite enjoyed the speeded up version of the show.