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Matthew Newton Avoids Conviction But Must Do Community Service

Matthew Newton whose 2012 can only be described as not great, looks like he might be managing his mental health issues and moving forward in his life.

In Florida overnight he avoided a criminal conviction, but will have to do community service, pay $11,500 and write a letter of apology. He did not have to enter a plea.

The Daily Telegraph writes:

MATTHEW Newton has avoided harsh punishment for two incidents in Miami, but will pay $US11,500 and complete 50 hours of community service.

Newton, 35, who was facing charges of trespass and for assaulting a hotel clerk in two separate cases, appeared in the Miami Dade County Court in a hearing that lasted less than two minutes.

He was not required to address the court and was not required to enter a guilty plea after prosecutors agreed to divert him from the criminal system.

The judge, Ed Newman, said the court had deferred prosecution and “set forth a conditional dismissal”, meaning Newton has no US criminal record.

A prosecutor told the court that Newton needed to attend an anger management course, complete 50 hours of community service, write a letter of apology to the hotel clerk, Ariel Bory Vargas, pay $US11,500 ($11,000) restitution to Mr Vargas and to stay away from both him and Mr Moe’s, the bar where he was accused of trespass.

However, Newton will not need to attend the anger course after the prosecution said it was satisfied Newton had already dealt with his anger issues while attending the Betty Ford Clinic, in New York.

 There was no news on whether Newton will be staying in the USA or returning to Australia.

November 15, 2012   3 Comments

Celebrity Rehab – Brigette Nielsen Falls Off The Wagon

Brigette Nielsen who was on Celebrity Rehab addressing her alcohol addiction appears to have fallen off the wagon.

The actress who was extremely likeable and vulnerable on reality show Celebrity Rehab is seen here in pictures very drunk in a park in Los Angeles. I hope she pulls it together again as she has four kids.

Drew Pinsky whose care she was under on the show will be concerned that this has happened to one of his patients. It is a funny show one that I thought would be exploitative, but one that is totally fascinating to watch to find out why some people go down a path of addiction and self-destruction. Apparently a lot of the time it is due to the parents.

One person who could have been the star of an Australian version of that show, Matt Newton,  appears to be improving health wise according to his lawyer Chris Murphy. Mr Murphy was representing him in court yesterday to get his hearing date for assaulting a cab driver moved until after his court cases in the US have occurred.

He says that Matt is “unrecognisable” after 84 days in a US psychiatric facility. Apparently he is now off his medication, which will make it interesting in the Australian court case where Mr Murphy is wanting the case dealt with under the Mental Health legislation reports the Herald Sun. 

It will be interesting to find out what treatment he actually has as normally bipolar suffers do require meds to maintain their emotional equilibrium.

August 7, 2012   1 Comment

Matthew Newton Arrested Again In Miami

This is starting to sound like Groundhog Day, with news that Matthew Newton has been arrested in Miami and charged with Battery and resisting arrest.

Matthew Newton is alleged to have punched the hotel clerk at the place he was saying, and somehow the Daily Telegraph managed to obtain CCTV footage of the incident. All in all it does look rather bizarre, and I suspect with all the chatter about his previous arrest the Florida Police will ensure the paper work stands up to scrutiny.

Matthew is currently out on bail. But seriously shouldn’t he be brought home until his court date, the guy is clearly not well. His diagnosed with bipolar and obsessive compulsive disorder, however appears to be not being controlled very well.  Acting life coaching classes are not the solution, and nor is he travelling with a nurse moderating his behaviour. Is the nurse even psych trained or worked in this field?

Matthew’s family have come out saying they are supporting him and so they should, as he needs some serious help and he also needs to obtain some insight into both his disorder and his anger management issues.

As usual his lawyer Chris Murphy is firing up over Twitter which of course keeps the story going. wrote an article on him blocking people who disagreed with his defence of Matthew. I think Chris Murphy needs to maybe take himself off Twitter for a few days as yet again his PR campaign is getting more negative publicity for the troubled actor.


April 24, 2012   11 Comments

Matt Newton’s Lawyer Chris Murphy Has Turned Into His PR Manager

Matt Newton who was arrested last week in the USA has found one supporter in his lawyer Chris Murphy who appears to have morphed into his public relations manager.

He has been constantly tweeting since his arrest to try and put his view on the evening events. However maybe he should realise that his tweets actually continued the Matt Newton story today. Basically he added a new dimension to the story by putting out some denials on behalf of his client.

It should be noted he does not charge Matt Newton for his services.

He also tweeted this:

News:Matthew Newton. Statement from a highly regarded, Christian Minister/Psychologist who had been counselling MN in Miami ‘ When I went the bar, I asked to see the manager. I asked him if he had been there that night, that a friend of mine had been arrested. He said, “the australian”. Not in a derogatory way, but just as an identifier. I then asked if he could tell me what happened. He was very vague about how much Matt had to drink there, but said he was with a few other people. Apparently they asked him to leave and he went out and sat on their tables on the sidewalk. Then I guess they called the cops or there was a cop on the street. They asked him to leave and he did and then came back. The manager said the cops were being nice telling him to come back tomorrow. Matt didn’t leave and so they arrested him. The manager kept saying he was hammered.’

The Minister attended the scene the day after the incident. He had spent time in a professional meeting with Newton prior to the arrest event.

Other press reports state that the bar manager said Newton had ‘one beer’. Newton does not drink beer and witnesses state he had no alcohol at the Bar.

What I find interesting that Chris Murphy implies because a  Christian Minister investigated the incident that his findings should be given creedence.

In fact does it matter if alcohol was involved or not as that was not why he was arrested. Allegedly the charges are for trespassing and resisting arrest nothing to do with intoxication.

Personally I think Chris Murphy has to STFU and realise that every time he tweets about Matt Newton he is reminding the general populous that his client has bashed women and has a mental illness. Basically Chris Murphy should kill the yarn not continue to create one.

April 9, 2012   18 Comments

Matt Newton Arrested Again But This Time In The USA

Former X Factor host Matthew Newton has been arrested again, but this time in Miami, USA.

He has been charged with  resisting police and trespassing on property after a warning.

The Daily Telegraph reports:

On Thursday evening (EDT), it is believed the actor was drinking at Mr. Moe’s Restaurant and Bar in Miami, Florida with two friends when asked to leave the premises.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph today, Mr Moe’s store manager ‘Jason’ said the actor was “belligerent” and refused to leave the venue.

“He was really drunk and was asked to leave a few times,” the manager said.

“He kept coming back so they arrested him. He tried to fight back against police which is where I imagine he got the bruise to his face, despite his friend trying to move him away,” he added.

How did he actually get a visa to get into the USA or is it because he has up until this point avoided a criminal record that he slipped through the loopholes?

His lawyer Chris Murphy has come out and defended him saying.

However lawyer Chris Murphy took to Twitter to vigorously defend his client.

“Matthew Newton is in Miami to attend arranged appointments with medical experts. He is being cared for by a health professional,” Mr Murphy said.

Really well clearly his medical care is not working, he clearly requires help but also he needs to start helping himself.

April 8, 2012   8 Comments