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The Biggest Loser Weigh In is Rigged??? I am Shocked

Ok so we know that some reality TV is not real but even I was a bit shocked when I read that the weekly weigh in was not real (thank you to the reader who tipped me off to this The Age article).

The Age article stated that some of the weekly weigh ins were not held weekly that there could be a gap longer than that in between.

The article stated:

The concerns come amid allegations that the show’s producers are misleading viewers by claiming contestants have lost up to 17 kilograms in a week. There are fears viewers may try to emulate the results instead of aiming for healthy weight loss, considered to be between 0.5 and one kilogram per week.

Dr Leon Massage, who runs a private weight loss clinic, said he had treated a former Biggest Loser contestant who told him weigh-ins – presented on the show as weekly events – could actually take place several weeks apart.

”I think they’re trying to impress the audience with the degree of weight loss … They create unreal expectations for the people who are watching it who think that it [weight loss] is weekly … I can’t imagine that someone would lose 17 kilos in a week without doing damage to themselves,” Dr Massage said.

When asked by The Sunday Ageif weigh-ins were conducted weekly, the show’s executive producer Richard Campbell said: ”I don’t want to comment on that.”


1 themolk { 02.17.10 at 8:39 pm }

“I don’t want to comment on that” because if I do I’ll be revealing one of our biggest secrets.

Hmm… Reality TV perpetuating unrealistic expectations. Who’da thunk?

2 Wurstsemmel { 02.18.10 at 8:00 am }

This is the hypocrisy of this show and people like Michelle and Shannon that set themselves up as promoting heatlthy weight loss and lifestyle changes. With all best practice, no one is going to lose these vast amounts of weight in a single week and be healthy. Likewise I don’t believe that these people who have done zero exercise in years can go from that to a 4 km run on their first outing. The show creates unrealistic expectations and I think it’s time peope fronted up with the truth. And don’t even start me on the meal replacement advertising, some under the BIggest Loser name……

3 sourkraut { 02.18.10 at 1:48 pm }

OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DEAR VISHNU, MOHOMMED, BUDDHA, CONFUCIUS, LORD (take your pick) please say it isn’t so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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