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Top Chef – Episode 2 – Padma Spits Not Swallows.

Padma With New Boyfriend

Padma With New Boyfriend

Padma on Monday night’s episode of Top Chef spat out Ariane cherry martini dessert in disgust. Apparently she has only spat out once before. This would be something of a relief for Ted Forstmann the CEO of IMG who Padma is apparently seeing. Yes there does appear to be an age difference, but she was married previously to Salman Rushdie. Anyway Dlisted gives a much more articulate account on why beautiful models go for older rich guys than I ever could.

Anyway back to the show, Ariane who serves that dessert in her restaurant still couldn’t get it right, but even though this was her second week in a row in the bottom three it was Jill who was booted due to the misuse of a ostrich egg.

As any avid reality TV viewer will tell you that after watching an Amazing Race challenge where the contestants had to eat an ostrich egg, they are not at all tasty. Why would you serve up an ingredient you had never tasted before? For that stupidity she deserved to be eliminated. Here is her exit interview here.

The elimination was to serve New American food to the chef’s who had applied and had not got on the program in Tom’s New York flagship restaurant Craft.

The extremely charming Fabio won (is charm in Italians genes?) with beef carpaccio which looked delicious, but is it new american food?


1 Dolph Ziggler { 01.28.09 at 9:27 am }

Padma is obviously used to more savoury flavours – nudge, nudge.

2 sourkraut { 02.05.10 at 8:50 am }

Maybe she needs lessons from Matt on how to swallow?