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The Amazing Race Australia Versus New Zealand Winner Is….

After Australia starting off The Amazing Race Australia versus New Zealand so badly it was interesting that all the final three teams were Aussie.

It was Daniel and Ryan, Jarrod and Ashleigh, and Sally and Tyson duking it out for the $250,000 prize.

In the end it was a balance of brains and brawn that got Daniel and Ryan the two ICU nurses from NSW first to the pitstop. After faltering on the Los Angeles leg (which was had no impact on the race) they were quick out of the blocks when they hit Melbourne. Interestingly Sally did not even know where Melbourne was on a map!

The boys were first to spot a clue from a helicopter, then find another in a sand castle and then paddle out to a buoy to grab another one. This told them the destination for the next challenge. Tyson and Sally had caught up at this point and beat them to the final challenge which is always a memory one of what happened on the race. This time was to identify the special acessories the people at the pit stop had been wearing or holding.

Ryan was first to finish and then he and Daniel sprinted to the pitstop. Sally and Tyson were second, and a sulking Jarrod with his hopefully soon to be ex-wife were third. Second and third won 1 million Virgin Velocity points, which is not shabby at all.

Daniel and Ryan proved nice guys do win, and SEVEN proved you can kill a show if it is in the wrong timeslot. Don’t expect to ever see The Amazing Race Australia on your screens again.

September 25, 2014   21 Comments

The Amazing Race Australia – Unfortunately Not An Elimination Round

Sally on The Amazing Race Australia cannot be a vet. She thought Lisbon, Portugal was in South America and was incapable of giving a proper address to a taxi driver, not once but twice. If she is I would love to see where she got her qualifications from. Lucky for her there was a more incompetent team behind her. Ashleigh and Jarrod were having a horror run on the detour of counting umbrellas or looking for laundry and when they finally completed the counting task they called the Portuguese onlookers “gypsies”. The onlookers were probably thinking the blond Victorians were dumb bogans who can’t even read a clue card properly. They kept on counting all the umbrellas not just the yellow ones.

Ashleigh and Jarrod arrived last at the pitstop, and lucky for them it was a non-elimination leg. Not so lucky for the viewers at home.

The male aussie nurses were first to arrive and look like the have the right amount of brains and brawn to win this series.

September 9, 2014   57 Comments

The Amazing Race Australia – The Marriage Proposal Was Not The Only Reason To Celebrate

Wedding proposals are becoming a dime a dozen on reality TV these days and last night it was Tyson proposing to Sally at the pit stop in Russia. Of course she accepted. It was an entertaining end to a good episode of The Amazing Race Australia.

They continued racing in Russia and they had to get the Trans-Siberian train to Kostromo. All teams were on the train and then it was a team challenge to find a full set of Russian doll. It was Australia versus New Zealand with Australia finishing first. Clearly John and Murray had tried to secede and did the challenge by themselves they were the last out.

Then the teams had to decide whether to boil that is like a fire and make a bath which they would have to get in or build a traditional Siberian wood stack. The ICU nurses went boil and were out first to the dog sledge course.

They were first to head to the pit stop but a wild ride with a taxi driver saw them spinning around on an icy road. Lucky for them the driver recovered and they were first there. They won a trip to Phuket and also a salvage pass which was either a one hour head start on the next leg or save the team who arrives at the pit stop last.

At the back of the pack were the three New Zealand teams all doing the build. Carla and Hereni’s log pile collapsed. But it was John’s arrogance that stuffed up his team, they had not built their stack wide enough so had to make it taller. Carla and Hereni’s collapsed and then just as they were thinking they were gone, John and Murray’s did as well.

In the end it was John and Murray at the pit stop and thankfully the Aussie boys decided not to use the salvage pass and the arrogant John was sent home.

September 2, 2014   10 Comments

The Amazing Race Australia – Is Not Getting A Fair Run

With SEVEN running a double episode last night of The Amazing Race it looks like they are going to kill the show off. Fans of the show are frustrated that they are stuck watching Bringing The Sexy Back each Tuesday night when this could be in prime viewing time.

Sure it is not rating well but what can they expect starting it after an over long The X Factor. The first episodes were fair but now the show is really finding its feet with the teams going to some interesting countries with challenges where the lead does swap around.

Dickheads John and Murray are still up the top of the pack but there has been some shifting. Last night in Namibia and in Russia the lead did switch a bit. Also there was the continued beat up and animosity between John and Murray and Jono and Emily. However after Jono collapsed and other bad luck they were eliminated and they seemed surprised about it.

New Zealand again came first at the pit stop in that leg with Carla and Hereni coming in first using the express pass John and Murray gave them. John and Murray came in second.

Then it was off to St Peterburg in Russia. Ashleigh and Jarrod are not going to be friends with Sally and Tyson as they took the taxi and did not send it back for them as well as giving them clues for the Roadblock that did not make a lot of sense. But maybe it did to Sally as she got through it pretty fast.

The ICU nurses can’t seem to take a trick. They finally get into the lead and then they get the incompetent taxi driver. They went from first to fourth. They had whizzed through the coat rack challenge using their brains but also getting lucky and then they did the intersection with Sally and Tyson.

John and Murray who were first there were waiting for someone else to arrive. Ashleigh and Jarrod were saying if they got there they would refuse to do it with them. Yep that resistance lasted less then a second before they were happily contorting themselves through laser lights.

Everyone appeared to be happy to be doing it with people who were athletic so clearly the team stuck with Jesse and Cat are not going to be thrilled.

In the end John and Murray hit the pitstop first again, but Grant told them they were to continue racing.


August 26, 2014   52 Comments

The Amazing Race Australia – Christie Certainly Was Not Zen

Aston looked like she was glad to get eliminated by the end of this leg in Thailand considering she had to put up with a bitching and moaning Christie for the whole time.

Not sure if it was the editing but Christie moaned from being woken up too early. Hellooo there is a leg to run and Aston’s anxiety about this might have been because another team had slept in the previous week.

Thankfully the massage in Krabi shut her up but then it was onto the beach to drill coconuts but it was all too hard and she even considered climbing the rocks. But no one look at that “I can’t climb very high” and she was back drilling the coconuts. Props to Aston for not bashing her over the head with one.

The other not very popular team is John and Murray, again New Zealanders, who are not there to make friends. Sure they came in first to the pitstop and got that holiday in Europe but they U-Turned Sally and Jarrod along the way and managed to have a tiff with Jono and Emily. The New Zealand mums will be there only friends as they gave them the express pass that they had to give away by the end of the third leg.

They might find when the going gets tough they will have no alliances to help them out.

The Amazing Race Australia Monday nights at 8.40pm on SEVEN.

August 19, 2014   51 Comments