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Nigella Lawson Denied Entry Into America, Whereas Matt Newton Is Living And Working There. Go Figure.

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Nigella Lawson had what must have been an embarrassing situation at Heathrow airport this week when she turned away from her flight because she has been denied entry to the US. It is thought her visa must have been revoked due to her confession in court that she has taken the illicit drug cocaine.

She has never been charged for any drug related offences however the USA can deny entry who have committed offences even when there have been no charges.

Nigella is a judge on the show The Taste and was apparently heading to the USA to try and capitalise on her exposure the show has given her.

The decision to ban her is ridiculous considering she is poses no risk of harm to any American resident.

On the other hand Matt Newton who has been up on several assault charges both here and in the USA has been able to live and work there. He was last seen acting in a production of Hamlet in New York. This was after assaulting a hotel receptionist and being involved in another scuffle in a bar in Miami.

Not sure how he has managed to stay there and I certainly don’t get it,  but maybe he can give Ms Lawson some advice.



April 3, 2014   16 Comments

And This Is How You Get Back At An Arsehole Ex-Husband

Nigella vogueNothing say F**k you like a Vogue Cover. Nigella Lawson gives an interview in the latest addition of Vogue UK. Does anyone else think she looks a little bit like Jackie O?


March 4, 2014   17 Comments

Charles Saatchi Needs To Get Over Nigella

Charles Saatchi is starting to look like a psychopath as well as a pretty piss poor public relations specialist. Every time he opens his mouth to spew more bile about his ex-wife Nigella Lawson he just make himself look like a complete and utter arsehole.

Today’s bit of vitriol aimed at Nigella is about their affair starting before her husband John had died.

John Diamond suffered from throat cancer for quite some time before he passed away.

The Mirror reports: (thank you for the link Little Petal):

In his most hurtful outburst yet, the art tycoon released a statement declaring Nigella betrayed John Diamond by starting an affair with Saatchi six months before John died of cancer.

His extraordinary comment also insinuated the TV chef lied in court last month – and Saatchi, 70, went on to make further damaging allegations about her drug-taking.

His claims were met with fury from Team Nigella, who say John in fact gave his BLESSING to a friendship between Nigella and Saatchi ­before he died aged 47.

Interesting that it was John who was close friends with Charles first and as he became more sick Nigella would go out with him more. Considering John died in 2001 and now Charles says he deeply regrets the betrayal. What bollocks, it is water under the bridge and seriously who cares?

Does Charles really think all his negative stories about Nigella are going to vindicate him for assaulting her in public?

January 13, 2014   36 Comments

So Nigella Does Not Cook Christmas Dinner – Who Cares?

nigella muffinThe Grillo sisters may have been found not guilty but they have ensured they are just about unemployable with the continuing to talk about the Lawson/Saatchi household.

In what is claimed to be shocking news is that Nigella does not cook christmas dinner and they get it catered for. Maybe because she is too busy and she is a brand. is reporting the Grillo sisters only saw her cook a Christmas Pudding once and never made a mince pie that she did for her show.

The article states:

The sisters told the The Sun how Lawson and Saatchi would relax and let their staff organise the festive season.

Francesca Grillo said: “We’d have a tree delivered then Nigella got a team to decorate it rather than do it with the kids. The tree was very simple – just lights usually and only one colour. She had this weird black fairy to go on top. She was very particular that we use that. It was very strange.

“One year she made cookies that were hung on the tree with ribbons. They were put in a drawer and used year after year. She never made fresh ones.”

Francesca added: “Caterers sometimes came in to do the cooking, then in the last few years the family ate out. From 2009 they went to her husband’s gallery on Christmas Day. They’d rent the entire restaurant and have people cooking and serving the food.”

The sisters also told how stress levels soared in the couple’s luxury home throughout December. Elisabetta, 41, who was the couple’s aide from 2001 to 2012, said: “Something would always go wrong and the tension would rise.

“Nigella was very busy so all the tasks would be passed to us and the other staff. It was a very stressful time.”

What the Grillo sisters may not get is that Nigella was busy working to pay their wages that is why she may have delegated the organisation of Christmas to the household. A lot of people would be more then happy to out source their christmas catering if they could afford to.

December 26, 2013   19 Comments

The Taste Season One Starring Nigella Lawson And Anthony Bourdain To Finally Air


Better late then never The Taste the food reality TV show starring Nigella Lawson and Anthony Bourdain will screen on GEM starting 29 December.

This is nearly a year after it premiered in the USA. It is a good move by GEM as Nigella Lawson is creating a lot of publicity with the news she has taken class A drugs. Apparently shocking for Nigella whereas her fellow co-star Anthony Bourdain made an international career BECAUSE he had taken hard core illicit drugs. In more bollocks apparently the police are going to review the evidence in relation to Nigella’s drug use. Interesting most other celebrities who admit in media interviews that they have taken drugs have not attract this law enforcement scrutiny. See full story on this issue here.

The Taste is perfect summer television viewing and highly recommended. I saw the first couple of episodes, the audition rounds,  when I was in the USA in January.  The show is based on The Voice with the judges picking a team based on blind tastings. They then mentor their team until there is a winner. Amateur and professional cooks compete against each other.

There is a season two which will premiere shortly in the US and judge Marcus Samuelsson is replacing Brian Malarkey as a mentor.

Here are the full details:

The Taste, an exhilarating cooking competition judged by four of the world’s most renowned celebrity chefs including Nigella Lawson and Anthony Bourdain, begins on Sunday, December 29, at 6.30pm on Gem.

 This exciting new series puts competitors, from professional chefs to home cooks, into a pressure cooker of a kitchen where blind taste tests of their creations are served to the international food experts. One bad bite and the celebrity chefs could march a competitor out of the kitchen.

Joining Lawson and Bourdain on The Taste are famed culinary experts Ludo Lefebvre and Brian Malarkey.

Bourdain, Lawson, Lefebvre and Malarkey will each mentor a team of four professional and amateur cooks as they vie to create the best tasting dish.

Each group will face team and individual challenges with a variety of themes throughout several elimination rounds.

At the end of each episode the mentors will have to judge the hopefuls’ dishes. With each judge blindfolded, they won’t know whose creation they are sampling, what they are eating – or who they could be sending home.

 The Taste: Premiering Sunday, December 29, at 6.30pm on Gem


December 23, 2013   5 Comments