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Posts from — March 2011

Spot The Amazing Race’s Phil Keoghan In The Air NZ Safety Video

Air NZ new safety video has gone viral because it has Richard Simmons in it. However I like it because The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan makes a few appearances in it, and who knew that he had the moves?

March 31, 2011   2 Comments

Reality TV Tip – Don’t Be A Former Dictators Daughter

Channel Ten have allegedly dumped former Ferdinand Marco’s daughter from the cast of their reality design show the Renovators.

Well that is why Bondi designer Analisa Hegyesi thinks is the reason she is no longer on the show.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Analisa who is a designer was rung by the production company Shine Australia last Monday to say she was no longer part of the show.

The article states:
The Channel 10 series  starts filming next week, with a team of professionals locked down in an apartment block and taken to various properties to make them over.

Hegyesi told us [Syd Con] she made it to the final cut after months of auditions and interviews – but was dumped after she mentioned who her father was to producers last week.

“The thing is that I’ve had to juggle my business and clients to make time for the show after I was asked to audition and was then chosen from hundreds of people around Australia”

“I was chosen on my own merits but then I was dropped due  to aspects of my private life which I will not discuss.

“I was told there was a fear, too, attention would be paid to me and not the show and other contestants.”

A Shine insider told Confidential that staff thought it was harsh to drop her for “the sins of her father” who ruled Phillipines from 1965 to 1986 before he was deposed in a people’s revolution.

“A lot of people think it’s really unfair,” the source said.

Hegyesi was born in Australia to her mother Evelin, a former Sydney swimwear model.

A Ten spokeswoman claimed Hegyesi’s ejection was routine.

“Casting has not been finalised and we are still speaking to a number of different people,” she said.

I think that is a bit rough, considering anyone under the age of 35 would have no idea about Ferdinand Marcos and what he did.

March 31, 2011   3 Comments

The Biggest Loser – Are Lara and Leigh Having Issues?

Now this blog post is just an observation from tonight’s episode, but is Lara and Leigh’s relationship coming under pressure from being in The Biggest Loser House?

After Lara weighed in tonight she went over and hugged Sharlene, but did not touch Leigh. It was the same again after the hill climb and tread mill in the immunity challenge they barely looked at each other.

Maybe they were just having a bad day. It will be interesting to see what happens to them after the show.

In other highlights (or lowlights depending how you see it) – Tiffany looked like she was about to have an exorcism when she was training Meg tonight. Ok so Meg had put on 4 kilos but she had won immunity.

Sarah Moon had her usual meltdown on the treadmill. Seriously why is she not dropping more weight.

And finally Joe who expressionless and monotone to camera said how excited he was to have won immunity.

March 31, 2011   69 Comments

Masterchef Australia Season 3 To Premier On 1 May

Good new for Masterchef Australia fans, the third season will be premiering on Sunday the 1st of May. I think we can presume it will be on at 7.30pm on Channel Ten.

It will be going up against the Logies, so it will be interesting to see the ratings.

Now what do we know about Season 3.

1. Donna Hay will have an expanded role as a mentor,

2. Expect to see a lot more of Matt Moran on the show,

3. This year the overseas trip is to Malaysia,

4. There is a food blogger on the show,

5. George Calombaris will mangle english,

6. Matt Preston will ham it up,

7. Gary and George will be much softer on the pretty girls, and

8. 90% of the contestants are hoping to get their own cooking show from their reality TV appearance.

Please feel free to add in what you think will happen this year on the show.

The Masterchef Australia website is also being rehauled.

The blurb says:

– Inspiring recipes to enliven your kitchen, with greater information on food.
– Expert cooking tips to help development your culinary know-how.
– Exclusive online-only videos and photo galleries.
– Promotions and competitions.
– Engagement with fans through both the website and social media.

Additionally, all your favourite sections will be back, bigger, better and more mouth-watering than ever before. Full episodes on Catch-Up TV, web-exclusive interviews, recipes from past seasons and of course the MasterChef Community Forums, where you can engage in dinner conversation with your fellow fanatical foodies.


March 31, 2011   21 Comments

Curtis Stone and Padma Lakshmi Out And About Together


I would love to start a rumour about the luscious Padma Lakshmi and Curtis Stone hooking up, however here they are at the Live At Bravo Upfront 2011 in Los Angeles.

Curtis Stone is the new host of Top Chef Masters which is premiering in the US in April, and Padma is the host of Top Chef.

I cannot believe I am saying this but Curtis looks very nice in this photo. Has he buffed up?

March 31, 2011   3 Comments