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Design Star On Lifestyle Home Has An Australian Contestant On It

Design Star is an enjoyable competitive design reality TV show which is now in its 7th season. The prize is to win your only show on the TV network.

It is the usual format a design challenge to a certain timeframe and then they have to a piece to camera about their  design. This series is set in Los Angeles.

The show is currently screening on Lifestyle Home on Thursday nights at 9.30pm, it is the second episode tonight.

One of the contestants in this show, 40 year old Jordan Capella is Australian. Well to be fair he has lived in the US for sixteen year but he was raised in Sydney. He currently owns a candle and furniture line. Here is a blog post from him that tells the viewer a bit more about him. However be careful there are spoilers on his blog.

If you like design shows and have pay tv this one is quite fun, they cast interesting personalities and americans are great on shows like this they just don’t hold back.

It will be awhile before we get another Australian based reality design show on our screens as the last view like The Renovators and Top Design did not pull big ratings, but there were other factors that also saw a small viewership.

Why do you think design reality TV shows don’t work in Australia?

Design StarLifestyle Home Thursday nights at 9.30pm.

November 15, 2012   2 Comments

Design Star – No Top Design But Still A Lot Of Fun

This year appears to be the year of the design reality show, and Lifestyle have gone one better and launched a stand-alone home and design entertainment channel called Lifestyle Home.

Design Star is one show you can watch on this channel.

The premise of the show is twelve designers compete in an elimination type competition to become the Design Star.

However, the bizarre thing about the show is the prize is not  cash to start up your own design company, but your own TV show.

This did make me a bit cynical about the actual “design talent” on the show. However the casting of the contestants is great, with a mix of personalities, and styles. In fact they have more charisma than the host and judges of the show.

Vern Yip, Candice Olsen and Genevieve Gorder all remind me of home shopping hosts. They just have one expression and energy level, with not a lot of repartee between them.

Also there is no wit nor do we get to see them deliberating about how they reached their decisions.

Even their own personal style is more low end. They are no Kelly Wearstler, or Jonathan Adler from Bravo’s iconic Top Design.

Despite all this the show is a lot of fun, and this is because of the challenges and the dynamic between the contestants.

In the first episode the designers have to pair up with another contestant to design a bedroom space for them in a small white space. The budget is $500, and they have to shop at a Chinese store.

Some of the results are amazing, others are tragic, particularly Julie’s goose feather rug. “But it was meant to be conceptual” she wails.

Obviously certain contestants get more airtime than others. Watch out for Nina, Tom, and Michael.

If you like design shows this one is definitely worth a look see.

Design Star Series 5 premieres on Lifestyle Home Sunday 6 March at 8.30pm.

March 6, 2011   Comments Off on Design Star – No Top Design But Still A Lot Of Fun