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Park St Has Worst Debut Ever

Park St the semi-scripted reality show set in the magazine offices of ACP has had a disasterous start. It had barely over 6000 viewers for its first episode screened last Wednesday on Arena TV.

I hope this won’t mean local production houses will give up on semi-scripted reality shows, as I think there is a lot of potential in this genre. However I think the show needs to show more of the dynamics that are going on in the offices.

In the first episode one of the girls shut the door on the cameras as she was kicking someones butt. Now THAT is the scene viewers really want to see.

However, I presume to get permission to film in the offices there must have been an agreement on what could be shown.

Also I think if they had set the show in the more fast pace weekly gossip mag environment they may would have had the opportunity to develop a lot more tension.

Let us hope Channel 7 who are making Jackie Frank’s reality show set in Marie Claire’s offices are taking notes on how to make their show more watchable.

The Daily Telegraph reports that ACP are embarrassed by the rating figures.

They write:

“There was a lot of expectation here, but it was a disaster,” said one ACP insider. “The joke is, the only people who were watching it were those of us who work here.

“It was about as exciting as waiting for the printer to get fixed – and we’re betting that will be the plot of next week’s episode.

“It was just terrible and embarrassing.”

An Arena spokesman played down the disastrous debut while pointing out that Park Street will move to Monday night at 8pm.

“There are several encores of last night’s episode between now and [next week], as is the strategy with all our local programs, giving our subscribers multiple chances to sample the programs,” the spokesman said.

February 25, 2011   4 Comments

Park St – It Must Get Bitchy In Mag Hag Land

The first episode to the much awaited Park St, was really an introductory one of the cast and a little bit on how the magazine industry operates. It is fabulous PR for ACP and the five magazines featured.

What I did learn was you must have to be thin to work in magazines and fairly attractive. I would love a bit more time on the work place relations, because it must get pretty competitive and bitchy in that all girl environment.

Gemma Crisp the charismatic editor of Cleo said they had a big influence on women. I am presuming what they buy, hopefully not what they think.

Jessica the Cosmo editor said most people think the mag is just sex and relationship mag, but there is more to it then that apparently. However, she admitted the  sealed section was the most important part of the mag. It is ironic that Jessica looks so straight for such a raunch magazine.

Carolyn the creative designer I liked as she was so direct. However even though she gave us the drill on what she actually does, I still did not quite get it.

The two plot lines in tonight’s story were the Cleo swimsuit edition launch, and the late arrival of Jessica Mauboy at a photo shoot.

The Cleo launch was managed by “nearly a reality star” Roxy Jacenko. Her show was canned by Channel Seven after filming it, I am presuming because it was boring.

Whilst the Jessica Mauboy shoot got me wondering what exactly all those people did on one, as it looked like a cast of thousands.

I want to see more of the anal retentive Madison editor I reckon she could fire up and kick butt.

Also I think I went to ante-natal classes with Justine the editor of Shop ‘Til You Drop.

A good first episode, but I hope it amps up a bit in the next few weeks to retain viewers interest.

The Park on Arena TV at 9.30pm Wednesday nights.

February 23, 2011   12 Comments