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Lara Bingle Married Or Attention Seeking?

Is Lara Bingle now married to her boyfriend Sam Worthington or is she just wanting to attract more media attention for her new tanning brand? Or in fact both?

Needless to say she has created a lot of chatter by changing her name to Lara Bingle Worthington on her Instagram account.

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 11.28.05 am

There have been rumours for 12 months that the pair have been married and also rumours for the past six months that she is pregnant. Neither of these have been confirmed by the pair.

Anyway a prediction for 2015 is that the media will continue to be fascinated by Lara Bingle in 2015.

December 31, 2014   4 Comments

Lara Bingle’s “Husband” Sam Worthington Arrested For Punching A Pap


Sam Worthington will appear in court in New York on an assault charge. It is alleged he punched a paparazzi in the face after the photographer had kicked Lara Bingle.

In the middle of this kerfuffle he appeared to confirm rumours that the pair had married telling the pap “You kicked my wife”. The pair have been wearing matching wedding rings.

The big question is if they married did they sign a pre-nuptial agreement? Because once all the sexual adrenaline wears it will be interesting to see if they can make it for the long haul.

By the way if the pap did kick Lara, and he too has been arrested, it is pretty outrageous and don’t blame Sam for reacting.

February 24, 2014   48 Comments

Lara Bingle Quitting Australia Due To Lack Of Privacy

Lara Bingle has decided to quit Australia as she says she gets no privacy here. The Daily Telegraph is reporting that she is sick of the paps following her around.

Here’s a tip Lara if you want privacy don’t post photos like this on your instagram account.

Screen shot 2013-12-27 at 10.29.34 AMOr pics of yourself with your boyfriend movie actor Sam Worthington. Newsflash Lara if you are not in the media you won’t attract those lucrative endorsements and clothing freebies you boasted about on Celebrity Apprentice Australia.



January 13, 2014   26 Comments

Lara Bingle – Claims Famous Magazine Put Cellulite On Her Thighs

Famous Magazine has switched on Lara Bingle’s bitch switch by allegedly photo shopping photos of her to make her look worse.

Lara unleashed about this weeks magazine cover saying they had used photos from Who Magazine and manipulated them to show cellulite and to make her bigger then she actually is.

Screen shot 2013-11-26 at 10.28.48 AMThe picture on the left is the Famous magazine cover which also claims Lara and her new boyfriend eloped in Europe and the picture on the right is her in Who Mag. Normally magazines are criticised for touching up images which gives unrealistic body image to their readers and it would be a new thing to alter them to make the celebrity look worse. If true it is truly outrageous.

Famous magazine claims they did not alter the photos. It could be embarrassing for Lara if it was Who Magazine who had touched them up. (Source: The Age)


November 26, 2013   24 Comments

Lara Bingle Interview In Good Weekend Was A Tad Light Revealed A New Lingerie Range

It was surprising to see an article in the latest Good Weekend about Lara Bingle. A profile in this magazine is normally quite indepth and covers more worthy people rather than just a celebrities.

The disappointing thing is there was not much new or revelationary in it, as Good Weekend journalists in the past were given time to do indepth profiles.

It was basically a puff piece that promoted her new lingerie range that is currently in the planning stages. This will assist her in achieving her aim “to have depth and substance” as she told the journalis the time has come “to stand for something, in particular one thing”.

Basically she wants credibility.

It would have been more interesting if they had talked to more former managers than just Max Markson and they tried to find out what happened to make the friendship break down between Hermione Underwood who was also in the reality show Being Lara Bingle.

Read the full article here.

November 26, 2012   3 Comments