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My Kitchen Rules – Veronica and Shadi Win

It was no surprise who won tonight on My Kitchen Rules. The judges were always going to favour the nice married couple from Queensland over the young boys from Melbourne. Also there had been an article planted in TV Week last week on how Shadi and Veronica had struggled last year, and people had not paid him etc etc.  Also in tonight’s episode they were talking about how winning would be a life changing experience.

Having said all that I was barracking for the Qld team to win.

However I thought Clint and Noah’s menu was technically harder, and it was out of their comfort zone. Conversely I thought Veronica and Shadi were well within their comfort zone. It was a menu of flavoursome meditterarean food.

The prize was $100,000. Now had we heard this in previous episodes, or was this the first time it was announced.

And it is an easier $100,000 to win on this show, then the three months and multiple challenges you are put through on Masterchef Australia.

I thought George Calombaris got it right when he told TV Week his view on My Kitchen Rules when he said “Why wear a fake rolex when you can have a real one?”

Yes My Kitchen Rules was a good filler, however did it have the excitement or pace of Masterchef Australia? No.

One thing I would have liked to have seen on the show was the teams having to a cook a menu not devised by them. Just so we could gauge how talented they are as cooks.

The final challenges was a three course meal prepped and cooked over five hours.

When Clint squwarked  “Have you spiced the duck?”, if I had been Noah I would have decked him. Noah had been frantically prepping the main course of Duck ala Orange with red cabbage, and Clint was just rolling out the pastry for the dessert of Hazelnut tart with raspberries. He must of spent at least 2 hours of the whole five hours cooking time for the meal with a rolling pin in his hand.

Lucky for them the judges thought the pastry was perfectly cooked.

Clint and Noah would have been stoked about being in the final just to get to work with that superb piece of tuna, which they turned into carpaccio served with a fennel salad with garlic crumbs. For me I like my carpaccio plain and simple so the quality of the produce sings, however I will give it the benefit of the doubt, as the judges were very complimentary about it. The only criticism was more oil was needed to be drizzled on it.

Veronica and Shadi’s squid with garlic aioli was thought to be perfect. Also I must say I was very impressed with the way Shadi was cooking the seafood. He cooked the squid perfectly, then he cooked the swordfish beautifully as well. Quite a feat considering he had to cook about 20 pieces.

Their main was swordfish served with anchovies and eggplant, which looked good. But I thought the duck ala orange looked sensational. I thought at one stage it was not going to be ready to be served in time. Also  very brave thing to serve a traditional french dish to a french man.

The duck was about the only drama in the whole episode there was no culinary disasters, and the judges were mainly positive about the food as can be seen by the high scores.

Pete thought the boys dessert was the best one he had tasted in the competition, and also he like the Qld team’s dessert of Orange Blossom Custard with Katarfi pastry,once he had tasted it with all its components.

The scores for Clint and Noah were:

  • Karen Martini -8,
  • Tobie Puttock – 8,
  • Jacquie Gowan – 8, 
  • Guy Grossi 9,
  • Manu Feildel – 8, and
  • Pete Evans – 9

For a grand total of 49.

Shadi and Veronica scored:

  • Karen – 9, 
  • Tobie – 8,
  • Jacquie – 9,
  • Guy – 9
  • Pete – 9 and
  • Manu – 9.

This gave them a total of 53 and they comfortably won.

Veronica was very happy, as she had expressed dissatisfaction with her current work place and implied that she would like to go into the food industry. She may want to buy her work mates a coffee tomorrow considering she called the workplace beige.

I did not get the feeling that Clint and Noah ever thought of cooking as more then a serious hobby.

I doubt Veronica and Shadi will get the endorsements, Masterchef Australia winner Julie Goodwin received, but then they did not have to do as much to win. Since we only got to see them cook four times we were not able to make the emotional connections we made with the Masterchef Australia contestants.

Will you be watch Season 2, which if I was a betting woman will be shown at the end of this year.


1 CG { 03.22.10 at 11:57 pm }


Oooohhh, Manu you were so sneaky saying the winner was gonna be a surprise!

Looking forward to MC so – as you say RR – I can develop some emotional connections – because this one left me cold as…. DA DUCK!

2 Culinary Boner { 03.23.10 at 8:56 am }

Hopefully they ban Mossy from further TV appearances.

His banal narratives of what was happening before our eyes was tedious in the extreme – “Well your Honour, said contestant was seen adding strawberries to the pork and fennel sausages, thereby committing a crime against cooking. I rest my case, your Honour.”

The better team lost.

3 wallah { 03.23.10 at 9:31 am }

Was that it? They really need to do a lot better next season. Meh.

4 Fides { 03.23.10 at 11:12 am }

I must admit I enjoyed the final more than I thought I would. Could be that I had low expectations or that I just wanted it to be finished as these episodes in the MKR kitchen quite tedious. Quite liked the kitchen stadium crowd – that injected a bit of life there. Imagine having people cheering for you just for stirring custard…

Call me slow, but I finally get why MKR keep saying they’re totally different from MC. MKR is not about being adventurous and thinking on the spot – it’s about cooking something familiar, that you know you can cook and hoping it works on the night with the extra quantities and pressure. Totally different philosophy to MC, but it would be nice in MKR to see a bit of variety to their challenges where they have to do something more spontaneous.

Agree – it’s an easier way to make $100K. (what, cook a maximum of 5 times?) MC should up their prize money.

5 akris { 03.23.10 at 11:15 am }

I don’t think George should be going around saying stuff like that.. even if masterchef wasn’t as good as MKR he just got the luck of the draw… i’d gladly have Pete or Manu instead… the only judge that really became a “star” out of Masterchef is Matt “Cravat’ Preston. Out of all the guest chefs during Masterchef season 1 I thought both Pete and Manu stood out (along with Adriano Zumbo).

Agree MKR was too short to feel any attachment to the contestants.. but I did love Shadi and Veronica.. they were the obvious winners based on feel good factor.. i agree that the boys extended themselves more and I really thought they were going to win because of Manu’s ‘surprise’ comment.. but I love the type of food that Shadi and Veronica make, it’s just good simple delicious food and not too pretentious.. I would definitely go to their restaurant.. as like Reality Raver has already said they are more likely to go into the industry and use their winnings to finance it. Also, glad Veronica won because how hard would it be to go into work after what she said.. hehe.. don’t think the boss would be too pleased.

6 Wurstsemmel { 03.23.10 at 11:39 am }

Yep. What Manu said was just a load of carpaccio. No surprise that V&S won. Much as I really like the couple, on the night I tihnk the boys outdid them. I don’t understand why the boys scored all 8s when the judges raved over the duck and the dessert. Much more marketable though than the two new boys. Well, good luck to them.

The outcome was fairly obvious from the appearance of the two teams on Sunrise yesterday morning . V&S were grinning ear to ear, the boys much more subdued.

LMAO@CB. You captured the Mossy moment so well. Agree, we can definitely do without more of those. I don’t think Mossy or many of these other contestants would last a moment in MCA.

Talking of which, those persistent Julie Glad Wrap ads are getting on my nerves.

Well, glad that’s over. I still can’t believe series 2 is going ahead. Needs some major shakeups but, even if that happens, believe it will always be a poor relation of MCA.

7 Ursa { 03.23.10 at 7:45 pm }

My brother said that the MC ad was better than MKR. I agree that being unable to form an emotional connection to the contestants was a big drawback to MKR. Though I enjoyed the show, I really didn’t care who won and I like to play favourites.

I think the fact that S & V’s made a great dessert no one had ever tasted before won them the comp. Same reason Poh got so far in masterchef.

8 dmc { 03.23.10 at 8:47 pm }

While I think MC is a better product because of the different challenges, I too would gladly swap George with one of the MKR guys.

9 sourkraut { 03.23.10 at 11:25 pm }

Nope still not

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