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MasterChef Australia – MasterClass -The Calorific Episode

If you are at Weight Watchers you really did not want to see this episode. This episode was all about fat. Christ I am not eating sausages again – Gary Mehigan was making gourmet ones and it was one third fat, with a huge amount of salt. Too much information.

I love the way Gary when he was cleaning out the sheep casings for the sausages he said you should wash them out so they have no “taint” in them. Obviously a much more polite way of saying faeces or poo.

Putting the casing on the sausage machine made Justine dissolve into laughter, like I used to do in personal development classes in high school, when they were demonstrating the condom on the banana. They were called Frenchies in those days.

It was then George Calomabaris turn to do his Greek baked beans. It was not his mother’s recipe for once. Clearly it must be compulsory if you are a gourmand that you don’t like commercial baked beans, because Chris did a “I don’t usually like baked beans  but”. Also Poh was positive about them. Did anyone else think that Poh looked bored shitless throughout the whole episode.

Next Gary cooked Roast Salmon with jerusalem artichokes and red wine. This again had a bucket of oil and duck fat in it as well. I just have two questions related to this dish:

1. Considering Justine is the ‘french’ cook why would you get her to assist in the MasterClass wouldn’t you get someone who was weak in that area?

2. Gary and Justine filleted the salmon in about 5 minutes, which begs the question why did it take so long (like hours) for Andre to prepare the ocean trout dish in the Observatory Hotel, Martini Bar challenge? 

Lastly George made chocolate cigars with sabayon. The machine he used was interesting that it heated and spun at the same time. Considering croquembouche tins sold out at gourmet food shops in Sydney, I suspect these machines plus sausage makers will be in demand tomorrow.

After all the banal questions I have had to sit through on Friday night’s I thought it was interesting that no one in MasterClass asked how you make the Sabayon without the special machine. Now that was something I would like to know.


1 sourkraut { 07.11.09 at 12:15 am }

It took hours to fillet the fish because they use the wrong equipment and do it the wrong way. I ‘ve filleted hundreds of trout with the same bone pattern and you always leave the head on for grip till the end, then start at the tail and work up, and use a very thin long FLEXIBLE knife so that when you cut along the dotted line and the fish talks to you, you can make the blade follow the contours without wasting half the fish!

The red wine sauce looked like it would overwhelm a delicate tasting salmon, probably quite nice but Port wine cmon??

as for the Arty Chokes ( bugger cant remember the punch line of that one) why use 18 cloves of garlic? talk about revolting. I wouldn’t go near the consumer with a 50 foot barge pole and anyway what else would one be able to taste?

On another thread, why duz the show waste 3 minutes cranking out the same old intro with the same corny jingle (you’re in and you’re out, it couldn’t be referring to poh, so it must mean something else BUT WOT?, and who is doing the kissing and making up? so all the gossip is true?)
isn’t it great to see News ltd does not use dirty tricks to get the news. Yep Credibility is a wunnerful thing!
Felt sorry for a change for Julia She was virtually ignored by g&g tonite. What does this mean?
Chris I would have loved to see you wash down geo’s supercalifragelisticexpeallidociously (hope I spelled it correctly) tasty beans with a Squires, give a polite burp, squeeze out a musical note and say Gard dang it George that hit he spot!

Justine: Polly want a cracker! ” Yes its all the tastes”. Gary: Xmas in July? Justine “awwkk xmas in july awwkk” Enuff

PS I loved the sound made by the snag casing when gary gave it that loving squeeze, I just knew there and then that i was gunna enjoy the beans

2 Reality Raver { 07.11.09 at 12:36 am }

Sourkraut – LOL. Can you audition for the show next year to provide some personality.

3 TDK { 07.11.09 at 10:39 am }

i noticed Poh was bored too

4 sourkraut { 07.11.09 at 11:31 am }


I dont think it was so much boredom, More like annoyance at not being one of the “helpers”. And why did they make/ she choose to … dresss Julia up in such a plain outfit with no make-up. I don’t like her much but she is an attractive woman when when well presented like one of G&G’s french dishes with just the right drizzle of sauce.

Ha ha loved your comment on the frenchies. I remember 100 years ago in my youth we used to fill them with water and throw them at each other after football games. (well you’ve got to admit it beats defecating in a hotel corridor!) probably we were frustrated at not getting a chance to put them to better use . Ah well that’s life when your an engineer.

R R Or Injera I think it was
The shop that they collected the food I THINK was Coles at chatswood chase, a very newly renovated “poshed up” store. I was there this morning and took special care to look for duck breasts, guess what … they were nowhere to be found and nor was the very attractive young check-out chick . HALLELEUJAH (as Geo would say)

5 sourkraut { 07.11.09 at 11:33 am }

Reality raver
It’s not personality its over 50 years of B. T. C.

6 TDK { 07.11.09 at 11:49 am }

Re. Julia, I thought she looked plain too.

7 Anonymous { 07.11.09 at 1:31 pm }

Heaven forbid Julia looked plain, after all, it’s the women that are up to be consumed, not the food, right? *rolls eyes*

8 Injera { 07.11.09 at 3:05 pm }

Raver, I’ve never been in any doubt as to the fat content of sausages. Love them, eat them, am planning another choucroute garnie to celebrate the Tour’s arrival in the Alsace next week. This time, planning to add duck confit to the mix, too. Booking my suite in the cardio theatre (at the hospital, not the gym) in advance!

Agree that choosing Justine to help out with the salmon was odd, but I really can’t get a grip on who they choose for tuition and why. It could be putting the winner into the spotlight, or it could be setting up for a fakeout. Or Gary just wants to be close to Justine.

Julie really is messy in the kitchen, isn’t she? After weeks of the direct approach from the judges, it was good to see Gary just metaphorically throwing his hands in the air about it: “make sure you get some in your shoes so you can walk it into the carpet, too!”.

Julia asked a sensible question (do the black beans have a different flavour to the white beans) and what did George say? “Not necessarily”. Is that yes, or no?

At first, when the M-arse-terclasses seemed to be pitched way too low to be of value to ‘straya’s best amata shefs, I figured they were pitched at what Ten thinks is its viewers’ intelligence and aptitude. So, what to make of last night’s sabayon recipe? I’m with you, Raver, in that I don’t have a $1000 Thermomix, so would have been interested to see them make it with utensils found in most kitchens. Great viewing: put the ingredients (which we’ve measured out and prepared earlier) into this machine and it’ll be ready when you want it. No wonder most of the final however-many-it-is-by-now only looked interested when the bar was opened.

Sourkraut – thanks for being on the case with the Coles! I’m guessing they had no marrow bone in stock, either. And I’d be surprised if I could taste any salmon once it was cooked with red wine vinegar, red wine and port, too. Don’t think I’ll waste a big hunk (sorry, tranche) of salmon finding out…

9 Aussie-Chinese Home Cook { 07.11.09 at 3:24 pm }

The sausages were a real disappointment. The cut of pork used was already fatty, so that 30% pork fat was not necessary. I would fry the spices in 1 tablespoon of healthy olive oil to develop the aroma before making the sausage instead of relying on the added pork fat to do the job during cooking. If the purpose of the fat is making sausage tender and juicy, then perhaps the producers should have Poh demo her grandma’s (or equivalent) technique in marination and meat bashing as seen in the Hong Kong episode. Instead of 300g fat, you only need a small teaspoon each of sugar, cornstarch, soy sauce/maggi seasoning, wine and oil.

I wouldn’t mind a good custard making segment in Masterclass, as I still need tips to perfect the dish (even after close on 40 years cooking). Home cooks can’t afford that $1000 machine for sabayon!

10 Injera { 07.11.09 at 4:01 pm }

ACHC – I must admit to nodding off a bit during the sausage-making: did they add 30% fat as well as the fat in the pork? Oh, now I see why people are having contact coronaries…! Good point that a cornstarch mix keeps meat moist and tender – I’d never have thought of using that technique for sausages.

Interestingly, having never seen a Thermomix before last night’s Masterclass, there was Frank Camorra offering a “sample of Spain” as part of Gabriel Gate’s “Taste le Tour” and using a Thermomix for his Gazpacho with Broad Beans!

It’s well down on my list of things to buy…

11 Kyvyny { 07.12.09 at 1:17 am }

Nobody asked how you make the sabayon without the machine because the product placement edited that out. That’s a sound reason as any otherwise they’re all in for the unitasker fix.

12 sourkraut { 07.12.09 at 2:58 pm }

Good point re Julia and eye candy. My point was that for some reason they had “plained her up for this ep, which seemed unfair to me , given the basis the judges seem to use for jedging. So that was not really supposed to sound as chauvinistic as it possibly did.
Gotta go the koftas for 2nite are browning in the oven. Bet they’re better than G&G’s