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Farmer Wants A Wife – Marriage And Baby

Read this blog post with the music of Love Is In The Air going through your head, as Farmer Wants A Wife again proves that long term relationships can be found through the show.

As I have said before ditch RSVP and apply for this show.

Scott and Clare from series four of the show have gotten hitched. The Woman’s Day who had paid for the exclusive of the wedding say there was a Top Gun theme.

They are honeymooning at the Hope Estate in the Hunter Valley, where they met for the first time in April 2009 while filming the show.

In other news one of my favourite couples Farmer Damien and Rachael are having a baby. The couple who live on Damien’s farm in Tasmania are having a boy which is  due in June.

May 31, 2011   9 Comments

Masterchef Australia – Jay V Tony Howell

Tonight the immunity pin challenge was on Busselton Pier and it was visually fabulous, but whoever decided to shoot the cooking challenge there had obviously never heard of the “roaring forties” as it was blowing a gale.

I would love to have known how they kept Matt Preston’s hat on, and for once George Calombaris must have been glad he was bald.

Tony Howell the Executive chef from Cape Lodge was competing with Jay, and they were cooking Western Australian Seafood Stew. Jay had 70 minutes to replicate it

The whole episode was about the adductor muscle, which was pronounced abductor, and “inductor” by George.

Tony had used the wrong scallops not the ones with THE muscle off so in the last few seconds he was scrounging around trying to cut them off.

Jay’s plate was judged first.

The marron was cooked perfectly, however scallop over cooked and the “inductor muscle” was still on it. But they did like his bisque better.

Plate 2 was Tony’s:

Again they found an adductor muscle in it, and there was not enough aioli, but guest judge Hadley Troy said the cooking of seafood on plate two was better.

Jay scored 22 and Tony scored 23, therefore no immunity pin for Jay.


May 31, 2011   37 Comments

Masterchef Australia – The Margaret River Challenge

The winning red team were showcased tonight down at the Margaret River region of Western Australia. The episode must have been sponsored by WA tourism as they mentioned the Margaret River 50 million times. But I don’t have a problem with that if it gets the viewer interesting challenges and locations.

In fact The Block should take lessons from Masterchef on product placement. Tonight there was no elimination, but the opportunity to get a double immunity was up for grabs. First you got to miss the next challenge in the Masterchef kitchen, and also grab an immunity pin in the celebrity cook off.

First the ten chefs had to draw to see which protein they were going to cook with. Kumar pulled the proverbial short straw and got the emu eggs. He was a bit unsure what to do with them. He did make me laugh after he finally cracked the egg that “It was like seeing a child born”, what did his kids look like when they were born?

Sun the former vegetarian that cooks meat did not want the venison and also for the judges to  “stop looking at her as a vegetarian who cooks meat” She was going to stuff it but Gary advised her it might be a cooking issue. She took his advice and just seared it.

Peter spent the whole 60 minutes shelling his crab. And Kumar spent all of his 60 minutes making egg crepinettes.

I loved the guest judge Jake Drachenburg – talk about saying it like it is. His views were articulate and constructive.

Rachel – Lamb rump on rainbow chard with roasted beetroot. Her lamb was over cooked.

Jake said ” beetroot not peeled, and lack of seasoning”

Jay – Garden of Marron – poached marron with baby vegetables plate looked very high end.

Jake said “Great job took a beautiful product and turned it into something better.”

Matt Preston said “Restaurant quality dish”.

Peter – Crab Salad – George said spectacular just needs a bit of re- plating.

Sun – Venison in a Red wine sauce with roast beetroots and pumpkin and potato mash.

“Simple precise with really good flavours, done it justice, ” said Jake. Matt thought it needed a killer sauce.

Kumar – Roasted Garden vegetables with an egg net. George said I like it but I don’t love it. However Gary loved it. I would have queried whether he showcased the main ingredient enough.

Adam made a lobster bisque – “lobster well cooked but flavour

Ellie  who mad pork was told “more crackling it would have been a great dish”.

Billy had  veal and he was told he had detracted from the core ingredient because the the sauce was tart.

Dani  got told from George. He said “Glad you didn’t over cook it, however never ever chop up a scallop like that again.”

Michael – “Olive oil poached goat is spectacular,” said George Calombaris

The best two dishes were Michael and Jay’s.

And after a to camera piece by Kumar predicting Michael will be the winner, Jay won.

May 31, 2011   27 Comments

The Amazing Race – Team Dickheads Triumph

Clearly Joey and Richard don’t believe in karma, as Joey brushed away her overtaking Mel and Alana in last week’s episode as “some people are just too emotional”. There was some karmic payback when they got the dodgy taxi driver from Hong Kong Airport who took them to Aberdeen Tunnel, rather than the Aberdeen dock.

However from then their luck did turn for the better.

The teams had to fly from Vietnam to Hong Kong get a taxi to Aberdeen Marina Club and then get a ferry to the Jumbo Chinese Restaurant where their own table was awaiting them with 1000 fortune cookies on them with one cookie holding a clue.

Tyler and Nathan were the first of the teams to leave the pitstop. However, all the teams were on the same plane from Ho Chi Minh so it was a level playing field.

The farmers were finding Asia not their scene. One drawled “I could handle the pace of Melbourne after this”.

Sam and Renae the models from WA were saying they we are not blond bimbos, however they did not prove it when they said “Where is Hong Kong? Singapore?” Wouldn’t you inhale an atlas if you knew you were going on the show?

The first ferry to the restaurant left the dock leaving Christina and Anastasia at the there – did he say the f word?

“Left muscles and Bambi their shaking their fists” said Dave from biker couple. I am loving their laconic sense of humour.

All the teams caught up at the Jumbo Floating Restaurant after biting into the cookie they then had to read out the middle.

For Team entrepeneurs or as I have termed the Team Fuckwits this was inspiring as it was all mantras. She was yelling out “you will be a winner” and unfortunately she found the clue first, and it was a fast forward which meant if they did it they could fast track to the pit stop if they completed one challenge.

They are clearly not well liked, as one team yelled out “come on guys someone has to follow them.” And it was Mo and Mos. I love Mo and Mos, but I would not be putting money on them to win the race. They bumble around at the bottom of the pack most of the time. Put it this way I was not feeling hopeful they would catch them.

The fast forward at the temple was the first team to get their head shaven would win the fast forward and then race to the pit stop. Joey who confessed she loved her hair so much she had brought her hair straightener on the race was all for doing it. But the way she said to the monk “I have hair extensions” in a bad chinese/french accent as if that makes it so much easier to understand…..NOT.

Of course she had to yell “bring it” and do fist pumps while it was being done. I would love to know what they think of their edit.

The pit stop was the A Ma Cultural Village and of course Richard and Joey were first to arrive.

All the other teams went for the detour it was a choice between Dancing lion or Kung Fu, both involved learning moves and replicating them, however Kung Fu had the added issue of breaking six tiles.

Mo and Mos had to go back to the detour, as they said “we were so in love with coming in first” they had automatically gone on the Fast Forward but missed it.

Tyler and Nathan meanwhile were at Kung Fu and they were struggling to remember the routine. As were most teams.

In fact Ann-Marie and Tracey left Kung Fu to go to the lion dance.

Nathan and Tyler ended up being the first to leave the detour, and head to Macau unlucky for them a lot of the teams caught up with them on the ferry terminal.

Mo and Mos were doing the dance and were hilarious they said “I had to stick my head near parts of body I don’t want to stick my head near”. Once they got to the gambling tables at the Casino they again said “they were not good muslims.”

I was amused that Sam who was a VIP dealer at the Perth casino had no idea how to play baccarat. Actually even after seeing them all play I still don’t get it. By the way props to Renae for the way she smashed the six tiles back at the detour.

At the Casino Alana and Mel were the first to get out of there. Renae and Sam were the next, but they got the bad taxi driver .

The Roadblock was having to put the the Chinese Astrology in order. Alana and Nathan worked together and completed it efficiently and ran to the pitstop. Making them second and third. Dave and Kelly were team number four, followed by the Farmers.

Renae and Sam cracked at the Roadblock and used their express pass to get through. Personally I thought they panicked. Mo and Mos gave up and did not complete the Roadblock and took the  4 hour time penalty. Meanwhile Ann-Marie had to keep on plugging away but decided to default as well and her and Tracey were eliminated from the race.

Mo and Mos when called onto the pitstop said there is nothing to celebrate here. It was a bit of a lacklustre finish by both of them. They will have to get lucky next week as they will start 4 hours behind the eight teams.

May 30, 2011   14 Comments

Dancing With The Stars – Occy Eliminated

Well the over forty surfie chicks and Track Magazine fans could not keep surfer Mark Occhilupo (Ochy) on the show any longer. It was his time to go, but boy did Samantha Armytage dodge a bullet her and Channel 7 staffers must be hitting the phone lines. Her performances have been mediocre at best.

We can see by Brynne Edelsten’s dancing she was never a Las Vegas showgirl, as she does dance like her legs are filled with lead. Who cares vote for her she is fabulous and likeable. However, I thought it was a bit strange that Brynne’s mum did not sit next to her son-in-law Dr Geoffry. She scored 16.

Again Lara Bingle, Manu Feildel and Brynne danced in the last three spots to ensure everyone kept watching until the end of the show.

Dan Ewing and Luda kicked of the show, and Dan said he was having the “most fun I have ever had with this beautiful lady”. That  is not going to kill those romance rumours. In yesterday’s paper she denied romances with both Manu Feildel, and Dan. Go for it I say.

How much longer can Samantha Armytage stay in? Her Rhumba was the most unsexy every. She needs to find her inner flirt. Contrary to newspaper reports her partner did lift her.  The Sunday Telegraph wrote he was refusing to do lifts as her as he had a dance competition in a few weeks. Which was code she was too big to lift and he was scared of pulling a hamstring. I think she looks fine, but he body shape is one that would make some of the higher lifts awkward. Not every one is 45 kilos like Luda, I am sure I have carried backpacks heavier then that.

Joshua said about Sam  “he felt he was getting the same mediocre performance each week”.

Todd’s score said it all he gave her a two.

Damien Leith’s  quick step was fantastic he really does have some rhythm, and the Fred Astaire type routine suited his gawky style. They scored a high 27 points.

Nick Bracks certainly knows that he has to beat Dan Ewing in the hunky young things stakes. And this time he took his shirt off. He definitely shows he got his father Steve Brack’s hotness gene. I find it ironic his chosen charity is Beyond Blue the depression organisation is the one former Liberal Premier of Victoria started. They scored 21.

Occhy’s quick step was very average but hell not as bad as Sam Armytage’s Rhumba, clearly channel 7 staff had been told to hit the phones to keep her in.  He scored a 15. He looked like he knew he was walking the plank.

Hayley Bracken is breaking to of the golden rules of Dancing With The Stars. One you cannot have had too much dance training and you have to be celebrity. For those reasons I feel she should not be in the competition. She did amp up the sex appeal this week and scored a high 28 which will keep her in for another week.

Manu Feildel is the best performer,  in the competition, and he looks at ease in that environment. It was not the best routine of the night as he did look like he was doing a disco routine at one stage when it was meant to be a quickstep.

I didn’t think Lara Bingle’s routine was that bad, Todd thought it was messy and that the choreography was thrown together. I was hoping her wig would fall off in the lift. She scored a 17.

Bottom two were Luda and Dan, and Occy and Jade. And no surprise Occy was eliminated.

May 30, 2011   11 Comments