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OPEN POST: The Voice Australia

How do I know The Voice Australia has started? It is because I get phone calls of people wanting to go on the show… Anyhow here is a thread if you want to discuss the current batch of contestants and coaches as the focus is on them just as much as the singing.


July 1, 2015   181 Comments

Sonia Kruger To Co-Host The Voice Australia Is This The End For Big Brother?

Motherhood is not stopping the delightful Sonia Kruger being on our screens, with news she will be co-hosting The Voice Australia. Darren McCullen and her will be sharing the stage. Well hopefully she won’t be shoved out the back in the green room doing the Vodafone interviews.

With Sonia being given this new role it would suggest that Big Brother Australia is not going to be renewed this year. It had poor ratings, not helped by the 8.30pm timeslot. The Voice’s ratings also dropped last year and they must be hoping the ever popular Kruger will be able to draw the viewers in.

NINE have got a lot of reality renovation shows happening this year and along with the rumoured new food reality show it looks like there is just no timeslot for Big Brother to slot into.

However in more important news tickets are now available for the blind auditions here. If you go you will be the first to see the new Coaches  line up which includes Ricky Martin, Delta Goodrem, Joel and Benji Madden and Jessie J.

The Voice Australia coming soon on NINE.

February 23, 2015   15 Comments

The Voice Australia – Jessie J Is A New Coach And Delta Is Back

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 9.45.47 pm

Pop singer Jessie J has been announced as the new coach on The Voice Australia. The pop singer who has a song in the charts at the moment with Ariana Grande has already been a Coach on two seasons of The Voice UK so she is no stranger to the format.

Delta Goodrem is also returning to the turning red chairs as both Kylie Minogue and Will.I.Am are not returning and are just going to be one season wonders. Joel Madden will be joined by his brother Benji as one team and Ricky Martin will be bringing back his smooth moves back to Australia.

With The Voice dropping in ratings last year Jessie J should ensure some younger people tune in.

January 13, 2015   14 Comments

The Voice’s Prinnie Stevens Off To Star In A London Musical Based On Michael Jackson’s Music


Prinnie Stevens has probably had the most successful career post The Voice with the season one contestant announcing she will be in the West End production of Thriller Live.

She will be one of five lead singers on the show which is a tribute to pop star Michael Jackson. The show will be coming to Australia.

I am not a fan of Jackson’s for obvious reasons but clearly there are still fans out there and Thriller was the biggest selling album of the ’80’s.

It is mildly ironic that Prinnie went to Brent Street, the performing arts school for a short time with Wade Robson, who is currently suing his estate. He is alleging he was molested by the singer when he was a child. Not the first of these allegations that Michael Jackson has been accused of. Around the time of the Rolf Harris conviction there was this thought provoking article on whether it is still OK to watch or listen to the art of these celebrities like him.

Prinnie says she just wants to focus on his music  and it is a great career step for her.

Source: Sunday Telegraph

October 26, 2014   17 Comments

Karise Eden To Talk About Her Breakdown On Australian Story

Australian Story this Monday looks interesting with Karise Eden being interviewed about her life after winning The Voice Australia.

She reveals she had a complete physical and mental breakdown and she is also pregnant as well as a new album out.

Compelling viewing for The Voice fans. Australian Story airs on the ABC this Monday at 8pm.

Here is what the press release says:

“If I could put one word on my journey over the last couple of years it would definitely be ‘turbulent’.” Karise Eden

“Once she won, everybody was wanting her.  She was the person of the moment.  She was being pushed and pulled.” Colleen Ward, friend

“It left people wondering what happened to her.  Was she okay?  Where was she?  What was going on?  This amazing voice we’d heard had vanished.”Jimmy Foster, sound engineer

The young singer who famously won the first series of Channel Nine’s talent show The Voice is finally revealing why she stepped away from the spotlight in the aftermath of her triumph.

More than three-million viewers watched Karise Eden named as “The Voice Australia” in 2012.

One week later, she had four songs in the top five ARIA singles chart, the first artist to achieve that since The Beatles in 1964.

But her national tour, a few months later, was cancelled after just four performances.

Now the 22 year old singer is giving one, and only one media interview to explain what happened.

In the exclusive with Australian Story, Karise Eden says she suffered a complete physical and mental breakdown.

“It’s been a huge secret.  This will probably be the first time I’ve spoken out.  Only my close family and friends are aware of truly what happened,” she told the program.

“I think definitely that was me saying ‘enough is enough.’  I’ve warned everybody.  I’ve been nice, I’ve been sweet, I’ve been assertive, I’ve been aggressive, I’ve been crying to you all, now I’ve hit rock bottom.”

“Shut up and listen to me.  I’m falling off, come and get me.”

In the long and frank interview with Australian Story, she also talks about her difficult teenage years after being made a ward of the state at age 13 and living in a series of refuges.

After learning to play the guitar, she discovered that she had a big singing voice and started performing in local clubs and festivals.

Now, three years after winning The Voice, she says she is finally ready to step back into the limelight.

 She has a new album of original songs coming out, a new baby on the way and she says she is now emotionally ready to take on the pressures of a music career in the public eye.

“Yeah I definitely feel like I’ve been living under a rock and I’m finally crawling out.  I’m excited.  I’m pumped.  I’m nervous.  I’m ready.”

October 9, 2014   7 Comments