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Lara Bingle and Cassi Van Den Dungen Are Their Careers Imploding?

Lara Bingle

Lara Bingle if the Sunday Telegraph is to be believed is being spruiked around as a potential reality TV star ala Paris Hilton. Emails sent around to TV Stations are asking $1 million for where she would allow  “The network, or its nominated production company, (would be) provided exclusive access to Lara’s day-to-day life to be used for a possible reality television series,”

Would her life be that interesting? Maybe I think it is time she went and did some further study.

Someone else who may consider getting a day job is Cassi Van Den Dungen.  Cassi Van Den Dungen who was last year’s Australia’s Next Top Model runner up but the one deemed to have the most modelling potential has managed to insult a huge international modelling agency according to the Sunday Telegraph.

The article says:

After finally landing a much sought-after trip to Paris for Fashion Week, the controversial Australia’s Next Top Model runner-up almost caught the first plane home with her builder boyfriend, virtually as soon as someone said “Bonjour” to her.

According to some outrageous posts on her Facebook page, she insulted the French and her international heavyweight agent, IMG.

Van Den Dungen, who arrived back in town on Wednesday, labelled the French “frog eaters” and “snail slurpers”. The immature posts were also scathing about “Frasians” (French Asians), labelling them as “idiots”.

As for IMG, well, “all these people are f***** in the head: the agency is trying to run me, not the other way around”.

Her long-suffering Sydney agent, Helena Vitolins, of Work Agency, said she just “wasn’t emotionally ready for Paris”. Clearly, she’s not prepared for other cultures.

For the full story on the Cassi Van Den Dungen Paris debacle go to the excellent fashion blog Frockwriter.


1 h&b { 03.07.10 at 10:43 am }

wow, that pic of Lara must be a few years old then? Talk about Lollipop-head-Syndrome.

Cassie sounds like a right twat – how stupid of her to act up and ruin any future opportunities. Paris? For Fashion Week? I’d be bucking up, smiling a lot and doing what I was told, and NOT slagging everyone off on Facebook.

At the risk of sounding like an old fogie, she reminds me of many of Gen Y that came to work for my former company.. and left within a short period of time, either due to their own indignance of having to work a little before asking for a $60k raise, or being let go due to simply not turning up every day. etc.

2 Anonymous { 03.07.10 at 2:53 pm }

Pretty faces but way overpaid (just like footballers and golfers)

3 Wurstsemmel { 03.07.10 at 5:58 pm }

That Bingle shot looks bungled. It looks like her head has been superimposed on a body (of course, it’s mine and I really must take issue with her). She looks old for her age and hard. Not a flattering shot at all. And a reality tv show on her life? We may all be reality tv tragics but even we have standards!

And the model? Guess we won’t have to worry about her chasing after Manu then.