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Masterchef Winner Adam Liaw Opening Restaurant In Sydney

Adam Liaw’s plans to open a restaurant  are well on the way. He has teamed with ex-tetsuya’s alumni Matthew Crabbe who is currently working in Tokyo. Also they have a business partner Nathan Smith.

Adam has said the location is highly likely to be in Sydney and the concept is going to be a isakaya bar. He is also currently working on his cookbook which will be released in April next year.

The SMH reports:

“It’s something we’ve been working on for a long time,” Liaw says over the phone from Tokyo, where he is packing up his apartment ahead of a permanent move to Australia.

“We had restaurant plans long before MasterChef. We had the business plans all ready but obviously these kinds of things take a long time to make happen.

“Over the last few months I’ve been designing the menus. We’re pretty clear on the concept and budgets but the launch is still a little time away.”

Liaw’s high concept, Japanese-inspired dishes stood him apart from MasterChef‘s series two field, as well as series one winner and proud home cook Julie Goodwin.

His signature Seven Lucky Gods dish in the yakitori style, served up in a top seven challenge that was screened in July, is a good indication of what diners can expect.

Liaw describes the two months since MasterChef wrapped as ”crazy” and “exhausting.”

Interesting to note in the same article Masterchef Australia runner Callum Hann has resisted a book deal because he did not feel ready. I think this is a canny move and will set him up for longer term career success.

He said:
“Financially it would be a good decision to do a book now but I don’t really want to do one at this particular time. To get one out for next year, you’re looking at a November deadline and that’s very tight.

“I also don’t want to rush it. I think I’ll be in a much better position [to write one] once I’ve spent more time in a kitchen. Adam and Marion (Grasby – another MasterChef finalist once favoured for the title) are older and more experienced than me and have much more interesting stories in terms of their food backgrounds.”

Hann, who lists an offer to spruik insurance as his strangest to date, is keenly aware of the pressure and scrutiny at The Press Club, which was given two chef’s hats at this year’s Good Food Guide Awards.

“These guys in the restaurant have gone through the [training] process from the beginning, whereas I’ve gone the easy route because I went on a TV show. I’m conscious of that, of course, but I’m also really excited.”

I will definitely be going to try out Adam’s restaurant and I am sure it will be a roaring success.


1 David Mifsud { 04.05.11 at 5:28 pm }

I think adam was the winner BUT Callum shared the spot light taking something away from Adam,Who was Julie Goodwins runner up! don,t care.Just maybe Adam might have went further and cared more if he was the only winner. I say that because I saw a lot of Julie on TV but I had to look at the net to see what happened to Adam

2 silvie { 05.06.11 at 9:31 am }

Here in Belgium we look now the serie that Adam makes a winner. I´ts May 2011now.
But her in belgium almost nobody knows that he is going to win. Some people look at internet and than they know Adam is the winner. I know now that he wins the contest, and I am SO HAPPY!!! Because he is my favorite, and I think in whole Belgium! We love ADAM LIAW the most!!!!! He looks good, and he cooks good!

3 silvie { 05.06.11 at 9:32 am }

ps And I buy his book too!!!! I hope I can get it here in Belgium!