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Masterchef Australia – Masterfake Callum Allowed To Re-Plate Dish

I know this blog has been accused of ramping up too many conspiracy theories, mainly unproven, however the Sunday Telegraph today appears to have proof that things are not as real on Masterchef Australia as they appear.

The article says the contestant’s on the show are allowed to re-plate after the clock has been stopped.

The questioned the shows producers after they spotted the difference between what Callum had plated up for the Phillipa Sibley challenge and what was presented to the judges.

The article said:

On Tuesday night, Callum Hann, 20, was lauded by judge Matt Preston for the presentation of a caramel parfait glace dessert, his attempt at pastry chef Philippa Sibley’s signature dish.

Hann was given one and three-quarter hours to complete the dish before the same plate was supposedly presented to the MasterChef judges for a blind tasting against Sibley’s version.

But viewers were not told that Hann was allowed to re-plate the dessert and perfect a key component – the spoon-shaped quenelles of chocolate mousse – off screen.

When the dish was presented to judges Preston, Gary Mehigan and George Calombaris, it clearly looked different to the version viewers had seen on screen at the completion of the challenge moments earlier.

Hann’s roughly finished mousse ovals appeared smooth and evenly shaped, and a richer, darker colour, while the dessert base also looked different. It was suddenly flawless, no longer cracked and broken on the edges.

Preston was full of praise, telling Hann: “Three quenelles exactly the same size. A beautiful crisp, square, sharp-edged block of your light sponge. A little caramel base. Those are the things that made your dish stand out.”

The Sunday Telegraph noticed the differences in the dish and questioned executive producer Margaret Bashfield, who was adamant Hann used his original mixture to create the new quenelles, despite colour discrepancies on the screen.

Bashfield confessed TV trickery was occasionally employed in the series – which carries $100,000 prizemoney and a cookbook deal for the winner – and dishes were sometimes “re-plated”.

“Due to the duration of the filming process, on rare occasions both the contestant and the celebrity chef in MasterChef’s Celebrity Chef Challenge are offered the opportunity to re-plate dishes between the completion of the challenge and the tasting,” she said.

“This occurs with elements such as ice cream, sorbet and sauces, which can deteriorate under the studio lighting before the tasting can take place.

“The only elements that are made available to them are those prepared during the allocated challenge time.

“This process is completely transparent to all parties involved in the challenge and is part of the studio process to ensure the quality of the dish presented to the judges is the same as when the challenge was completed.”

Interesting I had not noticed this, but I have noticed at other times in other challenges that a jug of sauce that was previously not there had appeared.

Have you noticed any discrepancies on the show?


1 Heléna { 05.09.10 at 6:28 pm }

I was surprised that was the difference -I had noticed another difference the other night but not with Callum’s dessert

I am happy with their explanation and figured that they must allow them additional time, especially in the case of desserts, given that they usually have to taste so many or due to delays in filming

2 Fiona { 05.09.10 at 6:45 pm }

I have no problem with them re-plating certain elements of their dishes if there is a time delay before tasting. In fact I have often thought it is a distinct disadvantage for some to have to wait ages to be tasted and they have either gone cold or melted.

3 t { 05.09.10 at 9:10 pm }

I have no problem with replating except the invention taste that they all cook but only 5 are tested. Whats that all about?

4 KC { 05.10.10 at 12:38 pm }

I think it makes sense since cold things do melt 😀

5 sourkraut { 05.10.10 at 2:32 pm }

I questioned this issue during MC 1 when it was obvious with shots of plates 10 seconds b4 pens down that there was a monumental difference to that later presented to the jedges.
Its all part and parcel of 10s deciding in advance who is going to win.
Live with it!

6 Muru { 05.10.10 at 7:53 pm }

They just featured this story on A Current Affair.

Honestly, with the amount of attention that Channel Nine (and Seven, for that matter) is giving MasterChef Australia, they may as well become official promoters of the show! Bad publicity is still publicity; they should know that.

I don’t really mind if contestants are allowed to replate if their dishes have been sitting on the bench for 10-30 minutes. It makes sense, actually, but of course people love blowing things like this up to mammoth proportions.

7 sourkraut { 05.10.10 at 10:33 pm }

Its a matter of reality vs bullshit. take your pick. With all the blathering that goes on from the 3 wise men about presentation etc and timing, surely the best Masterchef should be judged on that as well. How fair would it be that some contestants finished on time and others who were then mismanaging their time were allowed to finish with extra time Ha.

8 Shauna { 07.13.10 at 6:04 pm }

Why wasn’t Jonno allowed to replate his “Lust” dessert then!